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Might be Indian Summer here.
Sunday, November 12, 2017      3 comments

Yup today it was sunny and over 40 tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer as is most of this week. Yea a break from waiting for the SNOW. Didn't do much today. Lazed around all morning. Then ran to town to pick up some stuff and back ho... Read more
It's a wonder I survived yesterday
Saturday, November 11, 2017      3 comments

I was in bed by 10 last night and although the dog had other ideas several times during the night I stayed in bed almost 13 hours. I knew I was tired but that is weird for me. Tried to do an experiment on my embroidery machine and messed... Read more
Shopped until I almost dropped.
Friday, November 10, 2017      3 comments

It was a long day. I left here at 9:15, filled my car with gas (because the little light said I only had 18 more miles to drive before empty), got my hair done and started on my trek. Stopped and picked up the first pattern but didn't b... Read more
I almost got a cleaned up house.
Thursday, November 09, 2017      3 comments

The kitchen got a good scrubbing including the floor and the dining room did too but the living room got left out. I'll have to do that another day. Looking forward to tomorrow and getting out to see people. I've been home alone with th... Read more
A good day at home finally finished
Thursday, November 09, 2017      3 comments

This is the latest masterpiece but I won't tell you were all the little problems are. But it is bright and the back is purple zebra print flannel. ... Read more
Feeling nostalgic tonight.
Tuesday, November 07, 2017      4 comments

There were so many dreams when we were little. My sisters and I were exactly 4 years apart so we always had each other. Both of them are gone now and with mom gone I sit here and want to dream with them again. How many babies we would have, w... Read more
I am probably the tortise from the fairy tail.
Tuesday, November 07, 2017      6 comments

I go and go and go and don't always get al lot done but at least I've moved and done something. Tonight my leg and ankle are still sore. The doc wants to try heat packs several times a day for a couple of days and if I don't see that helping I... Read more
Getting old is not for sissies!
Sunday, November 05, 2017      3 comments

This whole getting older thing is the pits. Sometimes when I don't chew really good or swallow to soon I choke on food. I really need to get new dentures. But before I spend that amount of money I'm going to check into implants. Not here...w... Read more
Here we are waiting for Monday morning again.
Saturday, November 04, 2017      3 comments

My to do list is getting longer and longer. First call the ortho doctor about getting some new xrays and then call my regular doc and let her know about the fuzzy headed feeling because it's getting hard to remember to keep my head and eyes on ... Read more
Another day full of trials and almost errors....
Friday, November 03, 2017      2 comments

I did drive to my class today but left an hour early because I was so droggy I didn't think I'd get home in one piece. Then the dog tipped over the coffee table with my pills, water and all the remotes. As I'm trying to keep my feet under me h... Read more
I am failing to understand what is going on with me.....
Thursday, November 02, 2017      8 comments

I spent half of last night in horrid pain up and down my left leg. But the doctor says there is nothing wrong with me. At least I can fill my heavy duty drugs tomorrow. The US's crackdown on opiod I making pain management a horror movie for t... Read more
One trip pony here.....top speed Sloooow Mootion
Wednesday, November 01, 2017      3 comments

I really thought I could drive up to have lunch with my aunt and cousins today but since it was well after 5 this morning when I finally got some pain meds to work diving was out of the questions. For some completely unknown reason sittin... Read more
Slept on and off ever since I got home yesterday....
Tuesday, October 31, 2017      3 comments

But when I woke up about 3 this afternoon I couldn't even remember what day it was. Then the power went out. At least I have one good enough friend I can call and say I think I plugged too many things into one extention cord and then not laugh... Read more
Remind me never to call the doctor on Monday morning again.....
Monday, October 30, 2017      5 comments

After a long conversation with a friend who is recovering from cancer I gave in an called the doctor 1st thing this morning. Within a hour of calling to check and see if I needed to be seen or what should I do I was there. Let's see if I can r... Read more
Have been wondering what I caught...
Sunday, October 29, 2017      3 comments

Just read the article about cold vs. the flu. Well I didn't catch either of those. Here are my reasons why. My sore muscles are only in one leg (odd I know). I don't have a sore throat or an upset stomach. Eating and drinking are just fine.... Read more

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