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Not resting was probably not the best Idea I've ever had
Monday, April 30, 2018      4 comments

But it was a very nice warm day so I went to do part of the local shop hop. I admit to be very tired tonight and the dog keeps trying to get me to lay down....guess I'll listen. Not a great day for food but drank way too much water. ... Read more
Just such a huge uphill battle to get over this stuff.
Sunday, April 29, 2018      3 comments

Everytime I get this pneumonia or the nasty cold thing or whatever you want to call it, it seems like the getting over it part is harder and harder. Today was again a little bit better but if I get out of breath or try to do something to fast i... Read more
Might actually recover
Saturday, April 28, 2018      4 comments

Today I had several times when I felt almost normal and then I would realize my brain isn't quite acting with all the batteries working full time. But I do know that my fever broke last night so I'm going to start feeling better and better I ho... Read more
No turn around yet...
Friday, April 27, 2018      1 comments

Not better still miserable and all those other lovely terms I can think of to describe being congested with you nose dripping and your chest burning every time you cough. I'm going to take enough drugs to put me to sleep and hope I sleep most o... Read more
Not a simple cold.....
Thursday, April 26, 2018      3 comments

I really don't get a simple cold. So I did give in and go to the clinic today. Saw the first doc available. The pressure on my face felt like my head was in some kind of vise grip. After prodding and poking it was decided I again have walkin... Read more
Just can't tell for sure...
Wednesday, April 25, 2018      3 comments

I'm not sure if I have a cold or brochitis. Did not go to the doctor today. I really don't like the way the clinic works here. If I want to see my regular doctor I have to wait at least 10 days to get an appt. with her but you can go to the w... Read more
Down and out today.
Tuesday, April 24, 2018      4 comments

That sore throat I had a couple of days ago turned into a nasty cold this morning. I did go clean out the car but all that bending and picking stuff up seemed to make breathing really hard so I came in the house and tried to just sit quietly to... Read more
Going to have to start a list of...
Monday, April 23, 2018      4 comments

I think I need 3 lists. ....Good days, bad days and got by days. Today was a good day. I finished the laundry but still need to do some bedding and chair covers. I also made 2 fleece blankets for the quilt store. They ask people to make litt... Read more
Nice sunny almost warm day out
Sunday, April 22, 2018      2 comments

I slept really hard last night and woke up with a sore throat. I've had more than a little bit of everything on hand to drink or suck on and still have the problem. Hoping it's just better tomorrow. I did do some of the work I set out. ... Read more
What a difference a day makes.
Saturday, April 21, 2018      5 comments

Don't understand why having to be up and out of the house shortly after 8 leads to not sleeping well. I guess I wait for that alarm to ring fearing I'll be late. I'm also stiff today. Might just be a little arthritis acting up but I did get m... Read more
A really good day at home..
Friday, April 20, 2018      5 comments

I am really enjoying the warmer weather and not having to worry about things blowing over outside because the wind really bothers me for some reason. Winter brought lots of very cold wind but now that we have finally reached spring it seems to ... Read more
Today came complete with lots of smiles....
Thursday, April 19, 2018      4 comments

The sun was bright and the temp was near 50 so I didn't even need a jacket. Just wore a long sleeved shirt when I went out. Not quite warm enough to sit out on the porch but certainly warm enough to enjoy a bright blue sky for a change. I'm g... Read more
Doing the happy dance...the snow missed us.
Thursday, April 19, 2018      4 comments

I would not want to be living down along the I 90 freeway tho because they got hit hard today not as much as last weekend but enough. So I did go to guild lunch today and enjoyed it so much. It has taken about 2 years to not be afraid to talk ... Read more
And yet again...here it comes.
Wednesday, April 18, 2018      3 comments

We are of course under another snow advisory.....that means 5 to 8" from early Wed. morning until evening. Like we really need another 5" of snow on top of the 20" we got last weekend. I'm not feeling very positive about this happening again. ... Read more
Surprise Surprise
Monday, April 16, 2018      5 comments

That nice man that helped me when my shoveling family was out of town a couple of weeks ago came by today with a friend equipped with a plow truck of some kind and got my car out. So now before the storm on Wed. (6 to 8") I can go pick up a cou... Read more

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