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Friday, April 10, 2020      4 comments

I keep coming back to this place, my health is heavy on my mind and one of my biggest stressors, I know I need to get the weight off I have heard it most of my life. I need to change my thinking and reframe it all. What that will entail I d... Read more
Things are coming together
Saturday, March 02, 2019      6 comments

I have not updated in awhile, my husband and I are doing better, he is making more of an effort to find work nothing yet but it will come. We went on a marriage beach retreat with our church group last weekend it was wonderful, we came back v... Read more
Making headway
Saturday, January 19, 2019      2 comments

Well this has been a pretty good week, I had a breaking point last week , with our car it started acting up and I had to pay for repairs that really hurt me financially I am stressed a little where the money is going to come from to pay for my ... Read more
Did something I never thought I would have to do
Saturday, January 12, 2019      6 comments

Today started out well, I was going to a womens event at church with my mom, after that all went downhill, my car was acting up, I had to pay for repairs in which I am only living on one income. Good news I had the funds to pay for the repair... Read more
Not sure where to start
Saturday, January 05, 2019      6 comments

This seems to be a never ending battle with me, 2018 was not good at all, I am thankful I still have a roof over my head, and my job, and I finished school, in some ways my health has not gotten worse. I am back to small steps, stress is s... Read more
Goals for May
Sunday, April 22, 2018      3 comments

I have been working on giving myself more compassion on myself, I give and give to others but neglected to be good to myself, I am very hard on myself and sometimes I am not very nice to myself. My goals for May are , I am going to take ti... Read more
Self Compassion
Sunday, April 08, 2018      2 comments

I have been experiencing some rough waters in my life, and I had gone to a very dark place and I never want to go back there. Depression, anxiety , just took over my mind and I was not the same person. I went for help and I am in counseling... Read more
My Support Team
Saturday, August 05, 2017      1 comments

I forget to write in here, because I also have another blog that I am writing down my thoughts during this health journey. I am almost out of the 370s so this up coming week will be a big week for me, to protect myself from self sabatoge to me... Read more
Keep Moving Forward
Saturday, July 22, 2017      1 comments

I am at this point in my journey , where I am discovering old hurt emotions from my past. From people who shunned me and ridiculed me because of my size. But now they all act as if they were always my friends way back when. Today is a reunion ... Read more
I have choices
Tuesday, July 04, 2017      3 comments

Happy fourth of July! I am grateful for the freedom of our country, I am grateful I have the day off to relax, and reassess my journey. I am working on looking forward not only from past but things that are current, that may dissapoint me... Read more
Sharing good moments
Sunday, July 02, 2017      4 comments

I have been away from this blog for about a month, and during this time I was contemplating what it was I truly wanted in my health journey. I want my good health, and I desire it. I went on a ten day herbal cleanse to get my digestive s... Read more
This is the day the Lord has made!
Thursday, May 25, 2017      4 comments

Today I am resting in the love and grace of our Heavenly Father, when things get to hard I sit back and breathe and focus on the awesome things He has done and is doing in my life. I am on a health journey , it is not perfect, in fact it s... Read more
Phase 2 of Atkins
Monday, May 22, 2017      0 comments

Today is Monday its beautiful and sunny. I am down 5.2 lbs now , I am starting phase 2 of Atkins, I am going to 25 grams of carbs a day . I can have milk, proteins, fats, melon, berries, or cherries, and nuts and vegetables. no whole ... Read more
Can I control this?
Thursday, May 18, 2017      10 comments

Todays lesson is Emotional eating. I have found my downfall and that is yes i am an emotional eater. This week has been full of anxiety and stress and i am working on channeling that stress, but okay, this emotional eating has to stop!! ... Read more
Wednesday, May 17, 2017      3 comments

With stress and negative things going on in my life I choose to dwell on the positive. I have a good job, and I pay the bills, and my mortgage. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally. I have loving parents. I love the ... Read more

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