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The Power of Imagination
Thursday, August 06, 2009      4 comments

The power of imagination makes us infinite. - John Muir Whatever you can imagine, you can accomplish.... Read more
Recovery Is In Progress
Tuesday, August 04, 2009      5 comments

First, let me apologize to all for my unusual absence for such a long time. Without going into detail, I will tell you that I have been hit by illness some three times in the last 4-6 weeks, but I am well on the road to recovery now. I will try ... Read more
Meet the Granddaughter
Thursday, April 30, 2009      12 comments

Hello everyone - this the the beautiful Lochlyn Anne Whitmore. Lochlyn arrived Monday 4/27 at 4:52pm, weighed 7lbs 7oz, and was 20" long. Mother and baby got to go home from ... Read more
Grand daughter is here!
Tuesday, April 28, 2009      8 comments

Oh, we are truly blessed... she's beautiful - and mom and baby are fine. Will write more when I can think straight, and include some pics, too.... Read more
Grandbaby due soon!
Saturday, April 25, 2009      3 comments

Our daughter (OK, technically my step-daughter) will be giving birth to a baby girl in the next few days... can you spell excited? I never even had kids of my own, but Sara has been part of my life for the last 10 years, and I show up as a 'pare... Read more
WooHoo - Spring is Almost Here!!
Sunday, March 15, 2009      7 comments

I am elated... I just love the 'newness' that life takes on at this time of year. I am especially excited, also, because I love tracking, feeding and watching the Ruby Throat Hummingbirds, and have one feeder out, as they have already been spott... Read more
Thought I would share my thoughts this morning...
Sunday, November 09, 2008      7 comments

I was standing on the front porch, and watching the leaves fall. Such a peaceful way to start a day! Anyhow, I'm not a poet, but this came to me from somewhere: As I watch the leaves gently spiraling down, It occurs to me they have to hit... Read more
Update on Life
Thursday, October 09, 2008      5 comments

OK, I really don't want to do this, but I owe an explanation to so many people, it just seems the best way to deal with it. The last two months have been hell - literally. For two years (after I left my job), I became the caregiver for my ... Read more
Just a Quick Run-Down on Events
Wednesday, August 13, 2008      6 comments

Hi everyone, I know I've been offline for days on end, and I apologize for that. Last Thursday morning, I was unable to gain entry into my FIL's house... as his primary caregiver, that gave me a little more than heartburn. I called the dh, who... Read more
MDMNINA had a suggestion
Saturday, July 12, 2008      5 comments

And it is - of course - about the cats. She said I should blog more so that her kitties could get to know my kitties... well, all right - I can't find a thing in the world wrong with that! So here goes... and I will start at the beginning of '... Read more
Starting Over
Saturday, April 05, 2008      5 comments

Well, Tazzie gave me idiot-proof directions on getting the ticker to display what I wanted it to, so here I am - starting over. New goal, new attitude, new motivation. Gonna get there this time! I am going to ignore the last four months, and jus... Read more
*Finally* getting off the plateau
Saturday, January 12, 2008      0 comments

Gosh, that was 5 weeks of nothing; I read where it could happen, just never thought it would happen to me. Anyhow, the spell is broken, and I am once again on the 'southward' path of weight loss and fitness - yay. I can only say that I am grat... Read more
The New Year's Pledge
Monday, December 31, 2007      3 comments

Take the pledge! Keep in mind, that a healthy lifestyle includes a healthy self esteem! I________, pledge to speak kindly about my body. I promise not to talk about how fat my thighs, or stomach, or butt are, or how I have to lose 5 ... Read more
And so this is Christmas...
Tuesday, December 25, 2007      3 comments

Listening to John Lennon sing perhaps the sweetest Christmas song ever produced; love it. It occurs to me that this is a great day to pause and reflect on the past year, as well as the upcoming year... so I will split this into two groups. Thi... Read more
Catching a Second Wind
Tuesday, December 18, 2007      3 comments

Oh, my - have been terribly remiss. All I talked about was the DH; shiite - one would think he was the one on the life-change journey. I went to Doc myself today, and found out that I'm in pretty impressive health for an overweight 40-somethi... Read more