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Spring has Sprung!!! :)
Wednesday, March 03, 2010      0 comments

Well spring came in like a lamb; but I am not complaining... I have been walking my dog up to an hour a day and just seeing the sunshine makes me smile. I live in the frozen north in Canada and it is not unusual to have -30 degree celcuis weath... Read more
Frustrated Frustration
Friday, February 26, 2010      5 comments

Good morning Well here I am in a slump or almost a slump... I know that loosing weight takes as long to loose as it does to gain at least that long if not longer... I have been feeling so frustrated so I start that bargaining in my head. You ... Read more
A weekend to forget...A monday to remember!!!!
Tuesday, February 23, 2010      1 comments

Firstly I lost another 3 lbs woot woot for me, but I was also very surprised as I had a terrible weekend food and exercise wise... I did not exercise at all, our house is so flippin busy with the kids, dogs and extended family, I barely get... Read more
cudos" to my buster -- "cudos" to ME!
Friday, February 19, 2010      1 comments

Yesterday, I decided to ride the stationary bike-well actually I didnt decide, I was going to sluff off all activity so I called my "excuse buster"; who incidentally is my life partner and best friend in the whole wide world... So I call and ... Read more
Baby steps
Thursday, February 18, 2010      1 comments

Well it has been a while since I have written a Blog - there is so much to do and so much activity; my middle daughter is home from university... my oldest daughter is having a baby (woot woot) I am excited about that... and my youngest daughter... Read more
It is I
Tuesday, February 16, 2010      1 comments

I must say this journey on the Spark has been pleasant and enlightening. I feel for the first time in a long time that I can do this; I can loose weight... What a great feeling. I cant imagine how it will feel once the weight is gone but I bet ... Read more
A lot to learn
Tuesday, February 09, 2010      1 comments

This journey we are on is trying to say the least... I just got back from a weekend out of town watching my stepson curl AND I did my best to stay on the healthy eating track BUT I did stumble now and again and then I found by the last day (yest... Read more
Try and try again!!!
Wednesday, February 03, 2010      1 comments

Its been a few days since I have written anything BUT I have been very busy... I fell off the food wagon yesterday and it caught me off guard but once I thought about it I realized what happened. The cycle of overeating happened! ... Read more
Lessons learned.....
Monday, February 01, 2010      0 comments

Well it is Monday; another work week ahead of us but I am feeling OK I started this last week and when I weighed in I lost 4 pounds... that made me smile first thing this morning. I am getting the hang of it and I know this will work - it ... Read more
Where did my weekend go?
Sunday, January 31, 2010      0 comments

Its Sunday morning and I am sitting and enjoying my cup of coffee; and cant believe the weekend is over per say. I can enjoy today BUT need to get to bed early and knowing that I have to work tomorrow makes it feel dooming... Not that I hate wo... Read more
One small step
Friday, January 29, 2010      0 comments

Here it is Friday; AND I was positive yesterday was going to be a day where I didn't meet my goals... The more I do this tracking and blogging the more I am aware of what is happening to me and my stomach...AND my mind!!! I MADE ALL MY... Read more
Best laid plans of MICE and ME~! often go awry.....
Thursday, January 28, 2010      1 comments

Mid day crisis Not really a crisis but more realizations and more truths... It is apparent I don't know how to eat, its apparent I eat to many calories and too many carbs.... I logged my lunch and breakfast and I have already ate... Read more
The Truth Hurts
Thursday, January 28, 2010      4 comments

Okay, here I am at day 2, very early day 2 but I have a truth... my truth is that I have been kidding my self on the amount of calories eaten per day... take yesterday for instance.... I am waiting for my manfriend... (boyfriend so inappropriate... Read more
this is the first day of the rest of my life....
Wednesday, January 27, 2010      3 comments

Here we go; or I should say here I go... we go through all the steps... first read everything you can; collect all the information; develope a plan; set a goal; then you have to do it... So here I am doing it. I am feeling like I have given mys... Read more