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Get This Back on Track!
Tuesday, May 10, 2016      2 comments

On Sunday, April 10, I officially moved out of the apartment my boyfriend and I shared and into the house by the park. On Wednesday, April 13, I found out that the "owner" of the house was being asked to leave. Apparently she did not actually ow... Read more
Week 11:Day 2 (72)
Tuesday, April 12, 2016      1 comments

It has been a busy week! Last Wednesday I had my first doctor's appointment in FOREVER. It was mostly just to establish a relationship with a local doctor. My parents have their fair share of health issues and I am going to try my best to get/... Read more
Week 9:Day 2 (57)
Tuesday, March 29, 2016      3 comments

I try to post updates every Monday to keep myself focused and motivated. Sort of a record of my successes and failures. But I missed the Monday a week ago because I had some emotions I had to work through. And I forgot to do it yesterday because... Read more
Week 7:Day 1 (43)
Monday, March 14, 2016      2 comments

On Friday I learned the result of that big mistake I made at work. I am pleased to say that I am able to keep my job, I only got a verbal warning. I will take it! And not make a mistake like that again... My stress has noticeably dropped. On Sat... Read more
Week 6:Day 1 (36)
Monday, March 07, 2016      4 comments

I admit this time that I've hit a wall. I've kept up with logging my food and I've stayed within my calorie range, but it's hard right now to keep focused. A mistake was made at work about three weeks ago that could cost me my job. That has had... Read more
Week 5:Day 1 (29)
Monday, February 29, 2016      1 comments

Well I'm over the flu, pretty quickly really. I started sneezing and feeling sick on Wednesday. I called out of work on Thursday so I could take my time and go to the doctor. I slept in, showered and as I ate breakfast I started to think I was f... Read more
Comments for Today
Thursday, February 25, 2016      2 comments

Well my new year of health is getting off to a rocky start. I started this February 1st and the next day was at the doctor's office with a sinus infection. I counted my calories and stayed within goal all week though. 24 days later I'm down 10 p... Read more
Week 4:Day 1 (22)
Monday, February 22, 2016      3 comments

Not much has changed or needs updating. I've been cooking a lot more, trying to plan meals for the week. I don't live or work too far from Walmart, Pub... Read more
Week 3:Day 1 (15)
Monday, February 15, 2016      5 comments

Well I did really well the first 2 weeks. I weighed on Friday and was down 8 pounds. I was super excited. And then the weekend came... My boyfriend had to go out of town on Sunday, Valentine's Day, for work; so we decided to celebrate early. On ... Read more
Week 2:Day 1 (Day 8)
Monday, February 08, 2016      0 comments

Week 1 did not go as planned. I began on Monday and on Tuesday I felt a sinus infection coming on and went to the doctor. He prescribed me some medication and recommended I take Wednesday off, but due to staffing issues there was no way I could.... Read more
Week 1:Day 1
Monday, February 01, 2016      2 comments

I did a search for a food journal in the Google app store and downloaded one that seemed to be highly rated. I didn't realize it would have so much more to it. I think by offering the blog posts I may be more likely to keep up with this thing, w... Read more
My Life Short Story
Monday, February 01, 2016      0 comments

I turned thirty about four months ago and I weigh more now than ever before. I say that, but my weight hasn't changed in the last few years. I'm very good at maintaining my bad weight. According to the charts you see all over the place, my "idea... Read more