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AND Last night was terrible
Tuesday, January 15, 2008      3 comments

I was creepy and crawly and antsy and angry and tired . I was HALT so I ate. Duhhhhh! Today's another day.. I am eating the most AMAZING Fruit salad. Yummy... I found that I am willing to eat bananas mixed with pineapple and Raspberries. To... Read more
Next project!
Tuesday, January 15, 2008      0 comments

I need to get over my resistance to doing the laundry. I need to clean the bedroom. I need to de-dust.. It's all a part of moving in the evening which I am against on principle. I think I need to bring in the radio and listen to something insp... Read more
Healthy Reflections - My very own stop signs
Monday, January 14, 2008      1 comments

I'm thinking about the healthy reflections e-mail. What do I use in my life as an excuse to stay where I am? I use my arthritus to avoid exercise. I use my insanity to avoid personal growth. (or does it just happen that way) I think the con... Read more
I exercised today...
Sunday, January 13, 2008      5 comments

I am wicked proud. I walked around the block. Which is actually like 2 and 1/2 blocks because of how the house is situated. If I feel okay, again tommorrow if not Hell or high water the day after. It's Sodredge's fault. I figure if he can wa... Read more
Watch out for NYRDS!!!
Wednesday, January 09, 2008      4 comments

Don't fall victim to NYRDS - New Years Resolution Discouragement Syndrome (NYRDS) - Don't allow normal adjusting to new eating lifestyle, new exercise lifestyle set you back to bad habits, weight gain and general unhealthy eating. NYRDS can str... Read more
I Mopped Halleluia!!!
Wednesday, January 09, 2008      3 comments

I Mopped. I moved my butt. It wasn't even that hard! I wonder if I could swiffer the bathroom tonight, maybe crawl around and clean it up close. I wonder if I could play with my new electrolux. Is it possible? I need to move my butt every... Read more
I'm having trouble moving my butt
Tuesday, January 08, 2008      4 comments

Hopefully tonight I will actually move my butt. It's my fondest wish. I keep saying I'm going to move my butt but tonight I really want to do it. Butt Moving is good! I wanna move my booty yeah.... Go ahead Egg me on. Move Butt, Move Bu... Read more
Healthy Reflections - Appologies.
Monday, January 07, 2008      0 comments

Clearing up disagreements--no matter how far removed--frees both parties to move forward in a more healthy way. Not to mention it improves relationships of all kinds. I know it's kind of hard to believe because of my online persona but som... Read more
Finally my DH is letting me know
Friday, January 04, 2008      7 comments

I was so worried and he's finally fessed up what is going on. He's found a group of four friends and they get along great and they talk endlessly. This from a guy who wouldn't tell me what's going on. They get together and talk and walk the be... Read more
Healthy Reflections: Childlike
Thursday, January 03, 2008      2 comments

"Delight in the experiences of your youth today. " I have been thinking about how over serious I have become. I need to find ways to play and especially fun things to do with the hubster. I have to get my health back and pronto. I wond... Read more
I would be lost without my friends
Friday, December 28, 2007      4 comments

I have to remember to ask for help... If I am alone and scared I have to ask. When I need a ride to buy groceries. I have to ask. When I need to vent I have to ask. I love you guys on here and I realize how much smaller my world would be wit... Read more
This is what's up...
Wednesday, December 26, 2007      3 comments

I think he's found an ameteur guru and they are meeting at someone's house on the beach to meditate and stuff, then he stays all night. He says that he will tell me what he's 'decided' in a couple of days... I guess if he wants to pay rent... Read more
My other Best Friend Turned on me too.
Wednesday, December 26, 2007      5 comments

I'm down to cleaning. My DH is working on getting up the courage to leave me. He has to be all angry and stuff to do it. I'm making it difficult by being nice and reasonable. I need to find out how much it cost and how quickie is a quicky di... Read more
My Best Friend Turned on me!
Sunday, December 23, 2007      0 comments

I can't believe it. After all this time. My best friend turned on me. My always with me best friend has turned it's back. I cannot eat. Oh God! I was just blogging somewhere that certainly we could miss a meal, we could skip a meal if the... Read more
Christmas Wisdom
Wednesday, December 19, 2007      17 comments

I've been looking around and I've noticed a pattern. People are feeling terrible about the upcoming holiday.. Thier houses are not decorated enough Their relatives are not festive enough, they themselves feel a lack of the joy they for... Read more

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