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A new way to take control of my life
Friday, October 03, 2014      3 comments

I've managed to be pretty disciplined about my diet. I can control what goes into my mouth. But when I go to my computer, my inbox is overflowing with messages. I had tried to control it with a "follow up" folder, but now that's overflowing. ... Read more
Foodie resolution
Thursday, August 21, 2014      2 comments

I am one of those unlucky individuals who is sensitive to wheat. Whenever I eat it I get brain fog ... and sometimes I even get so exhausted after eating I have to lay down.... Read more
Artificial Sweetener Disease
Friday, August 15, 2014      0 comments

I read an interesting post about artificial sweeteners: worldtruth.tv/artificial
-sweetener-disease/ . Artificial Sweetener Disease (ASD) is sweeping across America, affecting tens of thousands of consumers, and Western medic... Read more
Before and After 2014
Tuesday, August 05, 2014      5 comments

Here's a dramatic comparison of how much DH and I have lost so far. We're not quite finished but we're proud of what we've accomplished. The down side is that we have to carry this photo on our phones in order to convince immigration agents... Read more
The Shocking Truth About Wal-Mart
Monday, August 04, 2014      3 comments

DH and I did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday, on a mission to buy diet-compliant foods, which means no sugars and no starches for the next 3 weeks. We started at Wal-Mart, which is conveniently in the same plaza as our gym. It's grea... Read more
How to Fake a Mojito
Sunday, August 03, 2014      1 comments

Okay, I know I'm stretching it, but when you're on a mission to save calories and limit carbs, creativity is a virtue. For the record, a mojito is a rum cocktail that contains mint muddled with sugar, lime juice and soda water. Since ... Read more
Who's from a lost tribe, anyway?
Saturday, July 19, 2014      1 comments

I was reading about the ten lost tribes of Israel, how there are groups worldwide who claim they are descended from one of them, yet DNA tests don't show any relation to the Jews. Now, I'm no geneticist, but I don't think that proves anyth... Read more
New week, new scene
Sunday, June 08, 2014      1 comments

Here's a photo that we took while we were living in Panama. It's a beach on one of the islands in Panama's Bocas del Toro province. I hope you enjoy it. Are you a be... Read more
Phase 2, Day 3
Wednesday, June 04, 2014      2 comments

Three days of monitoring my foods. So far, so good. I'm starting to see some results. I have dropped 3.2 pounds since Day 1. More importantly, the scale says my fat is down .5, BMI has dropped .6 ... and my water is up .4. So far my bone a... Read more
Day 2
Sunday, June 01, 2014      1 comments

Well, I've done it. I've made it through Phase 1 of my diet. I've eaten myself sick with more fat today than EVER in my life. I ate everything: dip, chips, avocado, steak, ice cream, and more. Fortunately I only had to do it for two day... Read more
Back to losing more weight. Day 1, random thoughts
Saturday, May 31, 2014      1 comments

Phase 1, Day 1 The first two days of my diet fly in the face of all the other diets I've been on. Along with taking the prescribed medication, I am to spend the first two days completely overindulging on fat-laden foods, to the point that ... Read more
Why losing weight is a really bad idea
Saturday, May 10, 2014      3 comments

I was listening to a podcast yesterday and the speaker (Colin F. Watson) said something really wise: None of us really wants to lose WEIGHT, what we actually want is to lose FAT. How true. I mean, who wants to lose muscle, right? I hav... Read more
Adjusting my calories
Thursday, May 08, 2014      0 comments

I've been limiting my calories since March. Very happy with the results: 15 pounds! Now we are planning a trip out of the country and I'll not be able to track all my calories as much as I have been. So what I've decided to do is to gradua... Read more
Time Out!
Friday, May 02, 2014      2 comments

I get it. Routine is important. Scheduling exercise into our days helps us stay on track. But there's another consideration. It's also important to rest. Heck, even exercise routines recommend weight training every OTHER day to give mus... Read more
Changes to SP Next Week
Monday, April 28, 2014      1 comments

SP is improving SparkTeams, take a look! youtu.be/TcqPQi_75tw ... Read more

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