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progress on decluttering and weight loss this week
Saturday, January 06, 2018      9 comments

yesterday was going well until I fell asleep and my son woke me up in the middle of the night. At that time I felt a little hungry and had "the cliche" midnight snacks. I slept in some this morning and later I managed to get a walk in. The go... Read more
Tasks for today and getting out in the cold?
Tuesday, January 02, 2018      7 comments

Got an early start this morning...Managed to take my new dose of thyroid medicine and wait 45 minutes now instead of 30. That is hard but doable. Also, went for my 30 minute walk early this morning. Yes, it was cold but I did it!! I want to l... Read more
Recap of today's activites and best of luck to all of you.
Monday, January 01, 2018      4 comments

I did measurements today. Also, It will take some time to get into good habits again. I suppose its a matter of patience. I did walk today which is easier to get going than the food thing. However, off to a good start. I plan on getting somet... Read more
A bad cold
Wednesday, November 15, 2017      4 comments

Has not been a good few weeks for me. I caught a bad cold which I've had since before Halloween. Really put me out of commission. Today i ate a decent meal and could actually taste what i was eating. I've been focusing on getting better. I ap... Read more
Back after some time and hopefully I can keep it that way!!lol!!
Tuesday, October 17, 2017      8 comments

Since I have a few moments and need to get back on SP, I have decided to write this blog. I have to say the hurricane season has set me back a few months and of course I have put on some inches and weight. The good news is I have been trying t... Read more
Progess this weekend on decluttering
Tuesday, August 01, 2017      2 comments

Well basically finished the foyer just have to replace the blinds(easy fix) and go on a very creative hunt for the perfect shoe rack. lol...Started the kitchen on Friday...Cabinets on the inside are clean and organized, stove is done and some ex... Read more
Progress regarding decluttering
Friday, July 28, 2017      6 comments

In response to a blog: "Funny...recently started cleaning and decluttering. I started with the foyer and not to mention it is good exercise if you're really doing a deep cleaning!! I have a list for each room and have been working on it a littl... Read more
The well known path...
Monday, May 08, 2017      5 comments

Well, this is a blog to get some advice and support from fellow Sparksters. I have a well known path that I exercise early in the morning and sometimes at night. There are many benefits to this route. One example, it involves my "go to" exerci... Read more
Just an update on my plans
Saturday, May 06, 2017      6 comments

Since it is now the weekend i have some extra time to get caught up on some neglected house cleaning. I plan on helping my daughter get her room organized. She hasn't been feeling well and got behind on cleaning her room. She hasn't been able... Read more
A turn in thought...gratitude...
Wednesday, February 22, 2017      10 comments

Today is one of those bad days with family relationships. Daughter, son and grandson all going wacky and setting my nerves in a frenzy. Just when I think I am at wits end and feeling sorry for myself my thoughts take an odd turn. Its weird to sa... Read more
David and his wife Michal
Tuesday, November 29, 2016      6 comments

In the Bible, in 2 Samuel 6:15-17, I remember a story of David's wife and her jealousy about David celebrating the ark coming into town. He was celebrating and she despised him. She needed to be out celebrating with him and participating inste... Read more
Pre planning Thanksgiving...
Saturday, November 19, 2016      7 comments

As usual Thanksgiving for most people is a time to down all that food. Well, I had to rethink that this year as I'm cooking at home. I thought "Do I really need to make all that food?" I decided "no". So, I'm making a simple meal of a chicken ... Read more
My story--being grateful
Tuesday, September 27, 2016      8 comments

My journey has been a little rough the past few months. I know people go through alot more than I have and have succeeded. However, I thought I would tell a little story about my struggle. My son and daughter as adults are having a difficult t... Read more
Momentum needed
Sunday, September 25, 2016      9 comments

Well today is the day. It is shortly after midnight on the 25th and I managed to get a cup of detox tea. I put a tablespoon of lemon and honey in it. This is more of a symbolic tea as it helps me get into the mindset that I'm serious. I need to ... Read more
Gratefulness post
Monday, September 19, 2016      4 comments

Grateful for God, waking up early and exercising(which I have a horrible time doing) and a few moments of rest and relaxation, and a working body that does so many functions automatically without me even thinking about it. Thank you God for a br... Read more

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