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Overcoming Obstacles
Tuesday, March 15, 2016      21 comments

Today I woke up at 10 a.m, and was frustrated; once again. I am not seeing any headway in weight loss. It is time to take an honest inventory of what I am doing. I meet with my dietician on the 22nd and I would like to have this all ready to di... Read more
Loving Who We Are As Woman
Sunday, March 13, 2016      24 comments

As I was going through the week, a constant theme came up in many of the blogs I follow. They were either frustrated because they weren't able to make progress or they were waiting to be thin to enjoy life. That's right- Can you imagine that! ... Read more
Mindful Eating
Friday, March 11, 2016      19 comments

Thanks to everyone for the comments on yesterdays blog. I am not the best techie, so I will be redoing the substitution chart and reposting it in legible format. Thank you for the feedback! Today I found an article entitled. Controlling... Read more
Thursday, March 10, 2016      19 comments

There are many of us here on Sparkpeople who have a lot more than 25 pounds to lose. That puts us in a group of people who have to look at a long term approach. For myself, if I lose my goal of 50 lbs, I will be at my pre-retirement weight. It a... Read more
Tuesday, March 08, 2016      18 comments

I am in Week Three of a 4 Week Stress Busting Challenge. WOW!! It is working! I have been denying I am a stressed person. My personal badge of honor... Read more
Dieting compared to Lifestyle Changes
Monday, March 07, 2016      9 comments

I continue to be a WORK IN PROCESS. www.sparkpeople.com/reso
sp?id=620 I thought todays arti... Read more
Friday, March 04, 2016      12 comments

Sparkcoach exercise for today was to vision out 1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals. WOW. I am barely getting through each day. So needless to say initially it felt a little overwhelming. Then I realized it was actually very easy! ... Read more
Thursday, March 03, 2016      11 comments

I like to thing of Thursday as Friday Eve! This week has been one of just keeping on keeping on! I would like to thank everyone who is sending prayers for my Granddaughter. They are much appreciated! I woke up this morning with a swol... Read more
Walking Backwards Up the Stairs
Monday, February 29, 2016      10 comments

Good Bye February This was certainly a month of Challenges. But with each challenge I found an inner blessing. Granted, I had to look really hard for a couple of them. I found myself falling into a dark space, I was overwhelmed, and I ... Read more
295. Working towards More Activity
Thursday, February 25, 2016      13 comments

I sent my first two weeks reading into my Endo Nurse. She called back and said I was doing OK, but to increase my morning dosage of metformin, then sen... Read more
Back Pain 1 Hr Chair Yoga Class: Banishing Back Pain Naturally with Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT
Monday, February 22, 2016      10 comments

watch?v=2KeLM1VGnOk I have a lot of back pain, and standing for long periods of time isn't something that I can do. I found this You Tube video that is designed to improve posture, relax and st... Read more
Balance Exercises
Monday, February 22, 2016      6 comments

ur-balance?page=8 ... Read more
Portion Control & Snacking- Part 1
Monday, February 22, 2016      8 comments

As I am stepping through this journey I run across articles from other websites that I really want to keep track of. Here is one on snacks for diabetics. This is a great website that has lots of information. ... Read more
I got the Rebounder!
Sunday, February 21, 2016      14 comments

The blessings continue to pour in. I had a search on Craigslist for a Needak Rebounder. As I mentioned in a previous post, when we sold everything to move into and travel in our Motorhome, I sold my Needak rebounder. Hindsight, being 20/20, I... Read more
Saturday, February 20, 2016      17 comments

I haven't blogged for a couple of days. I didn't have much to say, and I wanted to spend my time getting a handle on the ins and outs of handling food as... Read more

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