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#458: The "Good" Bathroom
Wednesday, February 23, 2011      26 comments

I have been having a few things repaired and upgraded around the house the past couple of months emoticon. One has ... Read more
#457: Where is the Patience?
Wednesday, February 16, 2011      23 comments

Yesterday I had several errands to get done. It seemed as if every traffic light was against me and I spent long periods waiting for a green light. When I got to the bank I had to wait in line at the drive-through. The grocery store? Waited in l... Read more
#456: Become the Best "You" You Can Be!
Saturday, February 12, 2011      27 comments

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and having lunch with several members of Team Orlando -- CWYNN01, SCOUTMOMMY2025 and VALLEYGIRL18002. ... Read more
#455: Fill Up With These -- No Calories!
Tuesday, February 08, 2011      31 comments

Twinkies, ice cream, cakes, pies, cookies, fast food...the list goes on and on of things that taste so very good but contain high levels of sugar, calories, fats, salt. Have you ever wondered what can be filling while not being loaded with ... Read more
#454: If I Can Lose 40 Pounds (so far), So Can You!
Friday, February 04, 2011      41 comments

Today I passed the 40 pounds lost milestone. Not looking for pats on the back but want to say, if I can do it, most anyone can, too. There is nothing special about me that is different from most other SP members. I do not belong to a gym. I... Read more
#453: Simple Question. Difficult Answer
Sunday, January 30, 2011      24 comments

Procrastination seems to a trait common among many people. You know the scenarios: We forgo kissing our spouse in the morning because we're late for work. We forget our child's soccer game or play or recital and swear we'll make it up ... Read more
#452: One Streak Ends, Another Begins
Friday, January 28, 2011      14 comments

My weight loss streak ended today. But I am not deterred. I am more determined to lose the 1.2 pounds I gained this past week plus the one pound I advocate we aim for at a time. For 17 consecutive weeks my weight went down, sometimes ... Read more
#451: Do Not "Hope" For Weight Loss
Wednesday, January 26, 2011      24 comments

Do you hope for an end to hunger or homelessness or cruelty to people and animals or hope for many other aspects of the world to improve? If so, you are to be commended. But when we refer to our weight loss efforts, hope is not going to hel... Read more
#450: The Lesson of the Kitchen Cabinets
Sunday, January 23, 2011      20 comments

Our lives are complicated, aren't they? We fill many roles every day -- parent, employee, sports teammate, cook, chauffeur, gardener -- and many more. I thought of this today as I cleaned out one of my kitchen's cabinets. We all have... Read more
#449: Three Things (Thanks to others for this idea)
Saturday, January 22, 2011      20 comments

I read this on several blogs today and found it interesting. So...here goes. The names I go by: * IUHRYTR ~ here on SP * Lou * Uncle Screwy by some nephews and a niece ... Read more
#448: A Terrific Day!
Friday, January 21, 2011      18 comments

I followed my friend feed suggestion this morning to find joy in everything today. On every drive today ... Read more
#447: Happy Losing 8/10ths of a Pound
Friday, January 14, 2011      26 comments

This week's weight loss was 8/10ths of a pound. Am I disappointed it wasn't more? Not at all. Since 9/16/10 I am down a total of 38.6 pounds toward my goal of losing 64 pounds, so I am more than half-way. I am happy with what might seem like suc... Read more
#446: Doctor's Orders For a Shorter Life
Monday, January 10, 2011      27 comments

Suppose, at your next doctor's appointment, you are told she or he has a foolproof plan for you to shorten your life. Would you listen? Or would you be mad as all get out and tell that so-called physician to take that plan and, well, d... Read more
#445: Ten "B"s For Weight Loss Success
Friday, January 07, 2011      26 comments

We can all be winners in the weight loss game if we keep these "B"s in mind: 1. BE REALISTIC: Our excess weight did not accumulate overnight and will not disappear overnight. The more overweight we are, the longer it may take to reach our g... Read more
#444: Three Words of Advice for 2011
Saturday, January 01, 2011      38 comments

JUST DO IT! ... Read more

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