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Thursday, October 15, 2009      5 comments

Hi gang: Went swimming today. Outdoors in a heated pool. It was great till i got out. I mean the pool was outside with out an in closer. Just a little chilly. ha..ha.. Brrrrrrr. Joe... Read more
Tuesday, October 13, 2009      5 comments

This is very good weather for walking, ruining & Football. There are no more 90% days. I do love this time of year. How about you??? ... Read more
"The Spark"
Thursday, October 08, 2009      4 comments

I have ordered the book. I know it will be of great help. A great reference book. I hope you all order one. And take advantage of the reduced cost. Best wishes on your journey to a better you. And may God Bless. Your Friend, Joe... Read more
Spark Points
Friday, July 31, 2009      12 comments

Hi: I just noticed I have broke the 50,000 Spark Point barer, With the 30 lbs I have lost. And my many friends. I'm rich. Thank SparkPeople, I love you all. By the GRACE of GOD may i be help and support to all. Joe... Read more
Monday, June 22, 2009      5 comments

Let's take care in this heat. Grab your water bottle. Let's stay hydrated Be sure to wear a hot or some kind of head covering. And do not forget the sunscreen. Have a safe and healthy summer. Joe... Read more
Thursday, May 14, 2009      1 comments

Good afternoon team: As summer is upon us we will be outside. Walking, hiking, ruining, playing games, doing more than we have done all winter. Let's go slow STRETCHING is more important now than ever. As you work muscles that may not have b... Read more
Wednesday, May 13, 2009      4 comments

Hi Team: It's time to get out the hiking boots and you walking poles and get back on the trails. Where will you be hiking this Summer?? I have a plan to spend sometime at Yellowstone National Park. Let's walk in the boots and get the legs us... Read more
Spark people
Thursday, May 07, 2009      2 comments

I have been having so much fun here. That i lost fact of the fact that i have lost "30 pounds". It may sound silly bet, i lost track of that fact. That is what happens here at Sparkpeople. You get so involved in what's going on in the site. You ... Read more
New Beginnings in 2009
Friday, January 02, 2009      2 comments

I started 1/02/09 with a bang. I set my alarm for 6:00AM. Jumped out of bed went straight to the shower. Ate a light breakfast. Went down stars (in my apartment building). Gave everyone a big smile. I think about half thought i was nuts. Drank ... Read more
Thursday, December 25, 2008      2 comments

MERRY CHRISTMAS! ! emoticon ... Read more
Friday, December 19, 2008      3 comments

Hi Friends: I have been sick. My head is in a sever pain cycle. And i can't see very well. My we bless Spell Check. So I'm taking some time off. Please bear with me. Your Friend, JOE... Read more
Sunday, November 16, 2008      4 comments

Hi: I don't have a title yet. But, i will. I have been a team leader for some time. I love all my team mates,As if they were my family, because they are my family. We get pissed at each other from time to time. We cork it out and get back o... Read more
Wednesday, October 29, 2008      6 comments

Hi: I went walking with a friend yesterday. The wind was blowing so I left my cane in the care and walked 1.32 mile without it. It was a great feeling. The Lord teats us all. it's how we handel the situation, that makes the difference. ... Read more
Fall is here!
Monday, October 27, 2008      2 comments

Hi: Boy I do love this time of year. The wind is blowing. The leaves are falling. Nice brisk time of year. I've been out walking, it's great to be out. The air is clean, the sky is clear. All the pollution seems like it's on hold. You c... Read more
Monday, October 20, 2008      7 comments

Hi everyone: I went hiking over the week end. This is big thing for me. My friends picked me up. They had 2 walking poles for me and a backpack. I did not think I could use the pack. But, it really stabilized me. I was surprised at that ... Read more

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