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7/11/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Saturday, July 11, 2020      1 comments

7/11/2020 TODAY'S TIP Get an accountability partner Working out in groups can offer more benefits than working out alone. Find your go-to person for exercise and weight loss support. Exercise together, share tips and swap encourageme... Read more
7/10/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Friday, July 10, 2020      4 comments

7/10/2020 TODAY'S TIP Today is a bit out of the norm for these SparkFamily Tips. Yesterday was my GrandSon's 19th Birthday. So instead of sitting at the Word Processor, reviewing my thoughts and tip's from the previous 40 - 50 years, and ... Read more
7/9/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Wednesday, July 08, 2020      5 comments

7/9/2020 TODAY'S TIP Follow the 80/20 rule Eat healthy 80 percent of the time. Indulge occasionally, but make sure most of your choices are healthy. https://www.sparkpeople.
icles.asp?id=26... Read more
7/8/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Wednesday, July 08, 2020      4 comments

7/8/2020 TODAY'S TIP Create measurable goals you can check off These should be smaller things that take you only a couple of weeks to accomplish. You can have your ultimate goal, but if it’s years out, motivation can wane. ... Read more
7/7/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Tuesday, July 07, 2020      3 comments

7/7/2020 TODAY'S TIP Indulge in small portions. When a craving strikes, it’s best to find a reasonable, healthy substitute that might still appeal to you. If not, allow yourself to indulge in a craving, but do so in small portions. Re... Read more
7/6/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Monday, July 06, 2020      4 comments

7/6/2020 TODAY'S TIP Don’t be afraid of fat Healthy fat, that is. MUFAs, or monounsaturated fatty acids can actually keep you satiated and aid in weight loss. Nuts, seeds, olive oil, olives, avocados, and dark chocolate all make the cu... Read more
7/5/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Sunday, July 05, 2020      3 comments

7/3/2020 TODAY'S TIP Use the right footwear Make sure your footwear is suitable for your workouts. Everything from ankle, knee, and hip pain can be aggravated or even caused by improper footwear https://www.sparkpeople.... Read more
7/4/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Saturday, July 04, 2020      3 comments

7/4/2020 TODAY'S TIP Don’t DIET Reverse the letters in the word and EDIT what you eat. Make it a lifestyle change toward healthier foods, not a deprivation plan. https://www.sparkpeople.
ti... Read more
7/3/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Friday, July 03, 2020      2 comments

7/3/2020 TODAY'S TIP Eat mindfully Pay attention to what you are eating. Ask yourself if you really are hungry or if something else is going on that’s causing you to turn to food. The HALT Method can be helpful – ask yourself if you ar... Read more
7/2/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Thursday, July 02, 2020      2 comments

7/2/2020 TODAY'S TIP Try circuit training Circuit style workouts combine multiple different exercises and charge your metabolism while helping you shed pounds. https://www.sparkpeople.
les.... Read more
7/1/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Wednesday, July 01, 2020      4 comments

7/1/2020 TODAY'S TIP Eat more greens Spinach, broccoli, Swiss chard or leafy greens. Greens are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals to protect you against disease. https://www.sparkpeople.
com/blog/blog.asp?post=the... Read more
6/30/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Tuesday, June 30, 2020      5 comments

6/30/2020 TODAY'S TIP Cook at home as much as you can You’re better able to control all the ingredients and stay away from excess calories. https://www.sparkpeople.
p_calm_and_dont_burn_the... Read more
6/29/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Monday, June 29, 2020      1 comments

6/29/2020 TODAY'S TIP Follow your favorite fitness gurus Follow fitness accounts of your Spark Family, Blogs, and SparkTeams and use them as daily motivation, inspiration and encouragement. https://www.sparkpeople.
com/... Read more
6/28/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Sunday, June 28, 2020      3 comments

6/28/2020 TODAY'S TIP Plan ahead Use Sundays as prep days to eat healthy all week. Get enough produce and staples needed for the week. What meals you can prepare, box, and refrigerate in advance Sundays the day. https://w... Read more
6/27/2020 TODAY'S TIP
Saturday, June 27, 2020      1 comments

6/27/2020 TODAY'S TIP Don’t forget to warm up. Without a proper warm up for your body, you’re likely to exacerbate joint and/or muscle pain and cause injury during your workout. https://www.sparkpeople.
com/blog/blog.as... Read more

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