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30 day challenge September edition!
Monday, August 29, 2011      8 comments

Back in July me and my sister tonia_t hosted a 30 day challenge. We were so pleased by the turn out and the positive comments we decided to do it again! So here we go again! Join us today for For Real This Time's 30 day challenge-September editi... Read more
1 day left to sign up for the 30 day challenge!
Thursday, June 30, 2011      8 comments

We have a great group of people so far! We appreciate the interest in our challenge! Sign ups close today. I hope you'll join us! When me and my sister tonia_t designed this challenge we wanted to tackle the often forgotten mental aspect o... Read more
I told you I had something up my sleeve: Join the 30 day challenge!
Friday, June 24, 2011      37 comments

Starting July 1st, me and my sister tonia_t want you to join us in our 30 day challenge! Each day we will have a new challenge for you to do. Instead of throwing a bunch of stuff at you to do on day 1, we have created small challenges for y... Read more
A confession
Monday, June 13, 2011      16 comments

Spark friends, I haven't been doing well. I know many of you have said I motivate you so I'm sorry if this is a downer. But I felt the need to share because this is life. Also I need a vent a little ;) I haven't exercised in 6 days and my... Read more
BLC NOW BLOG-No more excuses
Monday, May 30, 2011      6 comments

I'm extremely proud today that I worked. I had every excuse in the world. I woke up with a headache, I was busy all day, walked through Ikea and various furniture stores which made my knee bug me and on Sunday I dropped an exercise bike on my to... Read more
BLC NOW Blog: Guilt
Sunday, May 29, 2011      5 comments

There is a big difference between constructive self criticism and self flogging. I tend to self flog when I eat really poorly. Today we did our memorial day celebration and I had burgers for lunch and brisket for dinner. Normally I'd be guilty ... Read more
BLC NOW Blog-Knowing your struggles
Sunday, May 29, 2011      3 comments

I think myself as well as others have a real hard time with first knowing our struggles and then knowing what to do about them. My struggle is my diet and now that I've started Insanity I need to take in a lot more calories. While I'm doing... Read more
NOW(BLC) Blog-Self Preservation
Friday, May 27, 2011      4 comments

Today I did things for myself. I tend to try to push myself to do things for others which is fine until I stress myself out over it. So today I took a day for me. Although I felt guilty at times I pushed the thoughts away and reminded myself I... Read more
Goal weight anxiety.
Wednesday, May 11, 2011      4 comments

So today I m only 11lbs from my goal weight and believe me it feels great but the rest of the journey is daunting. There are many obstacles but I'm prepared to tackle them like they stole my purse. Obstacle 1: I'm tired of this. I'm t... Read more
When I feel like I'm about to fall off the wagon I....(fill in the blank)
Wednesday, May 04, 2011      9 comments

I want to hear what you do when you feel yourself slipping. What do you do to get back on track? For me, I remind myself that I am an EXAMPLE. If I fail what will the people looking at me as an example do? If I fail that will erase all the... Read more
What better to do when you're blue than to re-examine your goals!
Monday, May 02, 2011      7 comments

Ok so my morning kind of sucked. I had big plans this morning and I just knew things were going to go right and when they didn't I was crushed. Not to mention newborn birds outside my window making noise well before it was time to wake up, PMS... Read more
Let's go back to the beginning.
Wednesday, April 27, 2011      8 comments

So most of us have had the "I need to lose weight" revelation. We tend to dive head first into it, proclaiming that we're going to eat right and we're going to exercise! That's all well and good and I love it but what about the beginning? ... Read more
New goals!
Tuesday, April 19, 2011      8 comments

My goal is to start a Fit club by July! It's an ambitious goal so I want help staying on point. Motivation, a kick in the butt, anything. I have a lot of work to do. I have to master these exercises. In the fit club we will be doing beachbo... Read more
BLC 16. Final blog of 1st challenge
Monday, April 18, 2011      3 comments

I made it through! I am listening to you ladies and I really am proud of myself! All 4 days of the challenge I worked out in some way even though 3 of the 4 days I was sick. I tracked food for all days even though on some days I was... Read more
BLC 16. Another day to reflect on.
Sunday, April 17, 2011      3 comments

Today I felt better. My congestion has gone up which has bad breathing cumbersome at times but overall I feel better. I hope tomorrow is an even better day as I want to go to the group exercise class before work. So let me break down my ... Read more

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