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BeachBody Crusade update
Wednesday, July 17, 2013      1 comments

Finished ChaLean Extreme and Turbo Fire prep schedule. Working on Fire Starter ... Read more
Beach Body Crusade
Tuesday, November 13, 2012      1 comments

I've decided that I must finish something. I'm a big 'not finisher'. So, I am launching a crusade through the beach body headliners. I ordered ChaLean Extreme last Sunday and I can't wait to preview it. I should be starting it on December ... Read more
75 Days in Purgatory
Monday, January 16, 2012      0 comments

new www.crazyshrinkingchefpa
nts.blogspot.com is up. enjoy,... Read more
how i got here
Friday, January 06, 2012      0 comments

new www.crazyshrinkingchefpa
nts.blogspot.com is up. Read enjoy share comment.... Read more
Saturday, December 31, 2011      0 comments

well, its got to be a damned site better than 2011.... Read more
Thursday, December 29, 2011      0 comments

a couple new blog entries up www.crazyshrinkingchefpants.
blogspot.com new options back to some cooking... Read more
the lowdown on the low down
Monday, December 19, 2011      2 comments

the new www.crazyshrinkingchefpa
nts.blogspot.com is up and if you've been wondering where I've been you'll understand when you read the last 2 entries. Read it and cringe friends because there is now where but up from ... Read more
First Goal
Monday, December 05, 2011      1 comments

new entry at www.crazyshrinkingchefpa
nts.blogspot.com is up, and another one is scheduled for 9AM. Let's see if it works. leave a comment and your spark name and I'll send you a sparkgoodie.... Read more
Herbed Steak Rolls with Goat Cheese and Capers
Saturday, December 03, 2011      0 comments

new entry at www.crazyshrinkingchefpa
nts.blogspot.com Yay! 6 pounds in 7 days, something has changed and I'm on a mission.... Read more
Fears, anxiety and a christmas party
Friday, December 02, 2011      0 comments

new entry at www.crazyshrinkingchefpa
nts.blogspot.com ... Read more
Island Pork and Sweet Potato Toss
Saturday, November 12, 2011      0 comments

nts.blogspot.com ... Read more
Lab Day
Tuesday, November 08, 2011      2 comments

Another lab day done, ugh. made horchata, which is a rice drink. Its got potential. I'm thinking tofu instead of rice and make it a protein shake. new entry up on my blog. www.crazyshrinkingchefpa
nts.blogspot.com ... Read more
Brick number 5
Wednesday, November 02, 2011      0 comments

So week five of healthy new habits and Sherry is trying to get to bed early, this is going to be harder to beat than chocolate. Catering job tomorrow. A little extra money helps out, worried about the couple weeks between semesters that the ... Read more
Been Away Awhile.
Wednesday, November 02, 2011      0 comments

School is rolling along. Getting time to start cracking down on the studying. Will be spending more than a little time getting recipes together. Rebooted my blog. By reboot I mean I deleted the old unfocused one and started a new one. N... Read more
Wow Time Flies and Yet it Doesn't
Tuesday, October 11, 2011      0 comments

So, its Tuesday. I'm up like 5 pounds and I'm frustrated and tired. Started getting more consistent with workouts and forced myself to put in that hour today. I usually blow it off on Tuesday because its lab day and my long day at school. Bu... Read more

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