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A letter to myself
Thursday, September 05, 2013      5 comments

Dear Self, What are you doing to yourself? You have let yourself go. You are 243 pounds. You need to change something. Fast. You have 3 beautiful little boys who want to grow up with their mommy. Your body deserves better. I kno... Read more
Holy binge night, batman!
Thursday, September 05, 2013      2 comments

I ate way too much tonight. I just couldn't stop for some reason. I need to reevaluate why I am on this journey to begin with. I think I am going to write out exactly why my body needs this... why *I* need this. Everytime it starts to get ... Read more
Starting the day off right! : )
Tuesday, September 03, 2013      0 comments

I am determined to get through my slump. So today, I got up, got the kiddos and myself breakfast and off to school, then stuck the baby in the stroller and off we went. We walked 2.7 miles, half of which was up hill. My legs burn! And I LOV... Read more
Extreme Weight Loss
Monday, September 02, 2013      0 comments

I love this show. I also love The Biggest Loser. They keep me motivated. They go through the same struggles that I do and come out stronger on the other side. Today went pretty good for me. I drank 6 cups of water and walked A LOT. I made ... Read more
Not sure how, but I'll take it!
Sunday, September 01, 2013      1 comments

I lost 3 pounds this week! I don't even know how... but i'll take it! Im planning on dropping atleast another 2 this week. I can't wait to get out of the 240's. My goal is to be at 230 by October 12th. Im not going to obsess over it thoug... Read more
Something I found out this morning.....
Friday, August 30, 2013      0 comments

I don't really care for multigrain waffles. I honestly dont even know why I thought I would considering I don't even like regular waffles unless they are chocolate chip... and that's not exactly healthy. lol. BUT, I tried. Now I know. I di... Read more
Come on Rain!
Thursday, August 29, 2013      3 comments

It finally looks like we might get some rain. I hope we do. My lawn is so dry that if I tried to mow it, I would probably set it on fire. I have my food planned for breakfast and lunch. Not sure what I am making for dinner yet, but I have ... Read more
Dont give up!
Wednesday, August 28, 2013      2 comments

This is what I keep saying to myself. It has reached that time of the night where I mindlessly eat just because I am bored. I have already taken a handful of cheese its... but thats it. I have actually done really well today. I still need ... Read more
Making today count
Wednesday, August 28, 2013      2 comments

I sat down last night and really thought about my goals. I also thought about how I feel right now. Right now, I am tired. I am tired ALL THE TIME. When I went to the dr and got blood work done, everything came back normal. I need to find a good... Read more
Just a Motivational picture! : )
Tuesday, August 27, 2013      3 comments

I SO need to remember this!... Read more
Almost got there...
Monday, August 26, 2013      3 comments

I tried so hard today to stick to my calorie range... I ended up binge eating tonight... Looking back on the day, I think I realize what I did wrong.. First off, I had a SMALL breakfast. Egg sandwich with water. For lunch, I had a p... Read more
Day 50- Why??
Sunday, August 25, 2013      4 comments

Why is it sooo hard to lose weight and keep it off? But yet its so easy to put it back on? I am spiraling out of control again. I need to get my butt in gear... I bought some new shoes today.. I hope to break them in this week by starting on my ... Read more
Day 46- One step at a time.
Wednesday, August 21, 2013      1 comments

So far, this week has been FAR from perfect. I am still not tracking like I want. I started the 30 day shred, and REALLY don't want to continue with it. I think I jumped into it too soon. I DID go on a walk tonight for the first time in a while.... Read more
Day 44
Monday, August 19, 2013      1 comments

I woke up with my motivation back in full force. I love feeling like that! I could not find my chest band for my heart rate monitor. I will def still search for it... I guess I will just have to go without it for my work outs while im sear... Read more
Day 43- Back on track!
Sunday, August 18, 2013      4 comments

I have been slacking BIG time these past 2 weeks. Fortunately I have mananged to maintain until this week. I gained .2 pounds this week. Not horrible.. but its still the first gain ive had since starting this journey. It has been 11 days s... Read more

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