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Monday, April 07, 2008      3 comments

1st 1/2 marathon done! It was fantastic. Cloudy, windy, cold and I was extra slow, but I finished and I feel great, and I had a fantastic time. (and I love my medal!) All the women were so supportive of each other, and I had forgotten how beauti... Read more
1/2 Marathon Tomorrow!
Saturday, April 05, 2008      4 comments

I heading to NYC in a few minutes, yeah! This is the first race I have done that is big enough to have an expo. I am so excited. And, more importantly, I actually feel ready. Now when I get home, I really have to focus on my Marathon training.... Read more
1/2 Marathon This Weekend
Monday, March 31, 2008      2 comments

Woo Hoo, I'm excited and nervous. I ran 12 miles yesterday, so I know I can do it. I'm not even that sore today. I can't believe it's this weekend already, that means my whole marathon is coming up soon, YIKES!... Read more
Starting Fresh
Thursday, March 27, 2008      1 comments

Okay, I have had a really bad couple of weeks. Eating too much. I hurt my ankle so I haven't been running enough, which means I haven't been doing any form of exercise. I was doing really well, feeling really good, losing weight, running furth... Read more
9 miles
Wednesday, March 12, 2008      1 comments

Wow, I did 9 miles on Thursday and it felt good! Eight miles felt horrible, but 9 was great. I might just be getting the hang of this, I went for a 3 mile run last night and ended up doing 6. I know now that I can complete the 1/2, that feels re... Read more
7 miles
Sunday, February 17, 2008      1 comments

I did 7 miles with my running group today, and it felt good! That's the farthest I have ever run (I did walk some, but I'm okay with that). I thught I would be exhausted, but I could have done more. That's more than half way to my 1/2 Marathon! ... Read more
Thunder Thighs
Monday, February 11, 2008      0 comments

An amazing thing happened today. I have always HATED my legs, they are short and stocky. Not what I pictured as ideal legs. Anyway, today I bought new jeans. When I got home and put them on I looked at my thunder thighs and thought they looked ... Read more
Tuesday, February 05, 2008      2 comments

Yuck, I've been so lazy the last couple of days. I need to run today, and I really don't want to. I will run the 1/2 and whole marathon. I need to train. I am just so tired the last few days. Maybe I'm not eating enough of the right foods. I k... Read more

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