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Feeling tired and whiny today, having chemo again this afternoon
Tuesday, August 24, 2010      2 comments

Please feel free to enjoy some cheese to go along with my "whine" today! Last night the allergy symptoms were pretty bad, so I took a Benadryl at bedtime. I was hoping it would help me sleep too, but no such luck, even though it makes me sl... Read more
My day: shopping, allergies, and won a pair of jeans
Monday, August 23, 2010      15 comments

I made it out of bed by 8:30am this morning, and with the problems I've had sleeping lately, that's early for me. Lately the hot flashes at night have been worse than usual, I think it's one of the side effects of the chemo. It never fails, ever... Read more
Not a good day with the pain or the allegies
Sunday, August 22, 2010      16 comments

Today was not the productive day I had hoped it would be. Really feeling the sciatica pain today. Even though I took a pain pill, it didn't help much; kind of had to limit myself to activities that didn't require me being on my feet for long per... Read more
Spent the day not doing much at all
Saturday, August 21, 2010      11 comments

We didn't get any bad storms last nights, (though other parts of the state did), but we got a lot of rain. There was one inch in my rain gauge from overnight. It was nice to hear the rain on the roof though. Today I didn't really do much of... Read more
Hot and humid Friday; keeping an eye on the weather
Friday, August 20, 2010      10 comments

First, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful compliments on my new haircut; those words made me feel just as good as the haircut did! You all made my day! And I think that each and everyone of you are beautiful too. Had a difficult tim... Read more
Got my hair cut today
Thursday, August 19, 2010      18 comments

Back in April, when I found out I was going to have to go through chemo again, I was faced with the possibility of losing my hair again also. My doctor thought I'd lose about 25% of it, and while it's thinned out some (and still shedding), I don... Read more
Tried a new workout and 2 new recipes today
Wednesday, August 18, 2010      13 comments

It was so nice to just stay home today, and I was able to sleep in this morning also. Did some laundry and a little housework. The weather is not as nice and cool as the past two days were, but still not too bad for August. I tried 2 new ... Read more
30 minute walk today!
Tuesday, August 17, 2010      10 comments

It was so hard to get up again; I had my appointment at 10am at my oncologist's office, to get my blood drawn for my weekly CBC. (I have it done there, instead of the hospital lab, because I have a port.) I had my alarm set for 8am, but didn't g... Read more
Beautiful weather, new shoes and a walk today!
Monday, August 16, 2010      18 comments

I didn't make it up and out of bed as early as I had wanted to today; didn't head out the door to Meijer for my groceries til almost 10:30am. I prefer to leave the house by 9am on my grocery shopping days, before the place gets too busy. I ... Read more
It's been one of my better weekends
Sunday, August 15, 2010      11 comments

I have to say, this weekend has not been bad; one of the better ones since starting chemo. I've had to take my pain pills, but I only took a half one yesterday morning, and although it made me a little tired, the relief lasted all day. I took an... Read more
Recipe: Wonton Tacos
Saturday, August 14, 2010      11 comments

I made these for dinner last week; the recipe is from a Hungry Girl newsletter. They were so good! The newsletter said they were an appetizer, but I added a tossed salad full of veggies and made a meal out them. The leftovers were good the... Read more
Bad day yesterday, bad side effects from a new med
Friday, August 13, 2010      15 comments

Well, the Remeron is not going to work for me. I took a half a dose of it Wednesday at bedtime. All day yesterday, I was dizzy and light headed; I felt like I could barely function. I didn't even get up til after 11am, and I got up then becaus... Read more
Wednesday, August 11
Wednesday, August 11, 2010      11 comments

Just couldn't come up with a good title for my blog today, tried but too taxing on my brain today, lol. I slept better last night, and it wasn't as hard to get up today. I met my friends from my former workplace for our monthly lunch out at... Read more
Was sick last night, and had an appt. at the pain clinic today
Tuesday, August 10, 2010      14 comments

Well, I never did do my stability ball and strength training exercises while I watched tv last night; I ended up feeling sick instead. Had a very bad attack of my IBS, I am thinking maybe I got a touch of food poisoning at Big Boy yesterday; had... Read more
Busy day; breakfast out, shopping, and a little cat sitting
Monday, August 09, 2010      10 comments

I went to bed at midnight last night, and still had a hard time getting up this morning; still waking up a lot during the night because of the darn hot flashes. I had my alarm set for 8am, and I was meeting a friend for breakfast at 9:30am. You ... Read more

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