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face it, the goal was unrealistic
Saturday, June 04, 2011      4 comments

Lovely weather reprieve, thank you mother nature. And with the word reprieve comes a fresh look at my situation here. I arrived in 2007. I have not made lifestyle adjustments smooth enough to be fit and trim as intended. I mean, I almost... Read more
Memorial Weekend 2011 (hi and bye)
Sunday, May 29, 2011      1 comments

So What? emoticon Is anyone else a big procrastinator here? I push away from responsibilities which increases a... Read more
Can Honestly Still Self Delude but Never Give Up
Friday, May 13, 2011      4 comments

I am so very grateful for life. A comment made on an old blog written 3/4 of a year ago brought my attention to what I wrote back then. I read it, too. I had better sense going then than now. I fought to be where I was. My life was so ou... Read more
Yesterday I Hit the Wall (thank goodness)
Friday, March 25, 2011      3 comments

So it's March 25, 2011, big deal. Just a number along the ending of another winter; my first winter in the condo. I had been eating ON calories of fat. But yesterday I no longer wanted to keep the compulsion going. My last gorge (ordering w... Read more
Let The Clean Air Blow Truth Into Me
Wednesday, March 16, 2011      3 comments

The truth. With any compulsive activity, the threat of addictive justifications lingers in a hovering craft above my daily living, shadowing choices from moment to moment. So the truth: I don't have to understand the truth, analyze it, or cha... Read more
REMEMBER (a post lesson turned blog entry)
Sunday, August 29, 2010      3 comments

I am supposed to sign ownership to a condo apartment in 2 days that I feel depressed about. I have not found the prospect of living there feeling good and it's opened pandora's box from 1972 when I left NYC to move to Columbia Maryland. The st... Read more
Summer's End of an Era
Wednesday, August 18, 2010      1 comments

"How rapidly the decades mount upon each others' backs." (- dale kane) A friend who shares daily food intake and weight measurement with me has this belief in his head: If he can figure out what he is afraid will happen to sabotagu... Read more
16 Emotions can trigger Eating
Tuesday, March 09, 2010      7 comments

I am extracting a 16 point list from EE and placing it here so I don't lose sight of the information. Last month I talked about addiction and this month I am sabotaging my own plan to be within 10 lbs of goal before vacation time. I hope we al... Read more
Easy Does It, Does It!
Sunday, February 21, 2010      2 comments

Hey, we lived through our double snowstorms, near what, 50 feet? lol -- more like 50 inches! The temps are helping us melt some of it down. Yet after this week, with the ground saturated, we will get hit again. And what does that have to do ... Read more
The Cycle of Abuse called Addictions
Tuesday, February 09, 2010      2 comments

We have had 38.3 inches of snow in my city with last week's snow fall. Today and tomorrow we will get another 12-20 inches. It is all beautiful. I did think of smoking yesterday and ate too much. I know I am feeling stress in my house an... Read more
Out goes 2009, and Out goes the 160s!
Wednesday, December 02, 2009      3 comments

It's been two weeks since my first touching this scale number of 161.5 but in between I went back to the familiar 163.5 set point. Now it returns just in time for me to align the stars, the gods, the internal dialogue and the universal energies... Read more
11/10/99 My last nicotine use, 10 whole years ago!
Wednesday, November 11, 2009      4 comments

Last evening I arrived. After a dozen years of being in the fellowship of nicotine anonymous learning how to live with the help of the tools and the family of members, and paying the same forward to others, I arrived at this day. The WhyQu... Read more
The Five Dark Months are about to begin
Wednesday, October 28, 2009      4 comments

This coming weekend the clocks change and I call what follows The Five Dark Months. I am grateful that there was an adjustment to the length of time we have dark moonths, so saying 5 means it is a smaller part of the year than the light months.... Read more
Bumpy but good is my path to freedom
Friday, July 17, 2009      2 comments

I have read a few other blogs and was impressed. One woman spoke just beautifully on my behalf. I thought that perhaps I could put down my own pen (metaphorically speaking) and ride the shirt tails of others' wisdom. I know better than to... Read more
A Food Plan Journey With Essential Traffic Lights
Monday, July 06, 2009      2 comments

First, I want to report that there is progress in my management of self treatment choices. I am improving as I practice navigating myself through life. I have read the variety of responses to threads about body trust in emotional eating. S... Read more

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