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New Day...
Friday, June 12, 2020      3 comments

Yesterday was a fail on my first day back on Sparkpeople. Went to Walmart after work, by the time I got home I was so hungry, I went over my calories. Didn't get my water in or walk on the treadmill. I am going to do my best today to do better. ... Read more
Weight be gone...
Wednesday, June 10, 2020      3 comments

I have tried in the past to get this weight off so many times. I am not a quitter, but not sure where to start? My weight is the highest it's ever been186.6. I love my new job, well not new I have been there a year in May. It is very fast paced,... Read more
Week # 1 of 6 week goal
Monday, April 20, 2020      4 comments

Starting again trying to get to feeling better. Starting weight 184. Wanting to drop 6 lbs in the 6 week. First week I am going to try and take out sugar from my diet.... Read more
Gained weight...
Wednesday, April 10, 2019      9 comments

Well I haven't done so great since I lost my job almost 3 weeks ago. I was working in the garden and hurt my back. I have to pick myself up and start up again. Start weight 182.5 Todays weight 173 Hopefully the next blog will be a good one. In l... Read more
Starting a new #6 week goal...
Friday, March 29, 2019      6 comments

This 6 weeks I would like to increase to 2 minutes on modified plank slowly. Continue with treadmill and bicycle crunches. The Mediterranean diet has really help me, so sticking with it. Starting weight 182.5 Todays weight 168.5 6 Month goal w... Read more
6th week in 2nd week #6 goal
Saturday, March 23, 2019      4 comments

Lost 2 lbs this week. Starting the plank next 6 wks. Going to keep doing the same thing this last week. I got fired from my job after just 3 weeks. Wished I would've stayed at my last job! Feel really sad tonight. 😢 But it's not going to help t... Read more
5th week in 2nd 6 week goal...
Friday, March 15, 2019      7 comments

I was surprised I lost 1.5 this week. I have went over so many times this week. I am going to try to do better, but I going to the 3rd new office since I started my new job. This will be my staying office. I am just going to continue on this wee... Read more
4th week in 2nd 6 week goal...
Friday, March 08, 2019      5 comments

I lost 1.5 lbs this week. I was afraid the stress from starting a new job would hinder me this week. I am going to continue on as last week. Starting weight 182.5 Todays weight 171.5... Read more
#3 week in 2nd 6 week goal...
Friday, March 01, 2019      5 comments

I didn't loose anything this week. I am blaming it on stress from starting a new job this week. Hopefully once I get settled down I will start doing better. Starting weight 182.5 1st #6 wk 176 Todays weight 173... Read more
2nd week in second #6 week
Friday, February 22, 2019      6 comments

I weighed yesterday had gained a half pound from last week. But since today is the official weigh in for the week, I went ahead and weighed again, I lost a pound over night. But for the week not so good, as I am only a half a pound lighter than ... Read more
Update on the Mediterranean diet...
Thursday, February 21, 2019      7 comments

First I would like to say so far it has been very easy to follow. Second, I do feel a difference in my bones and joints, my pain over all has gotten better. Except my lower back when I walk on the treadmill it gets a little perturbed. Lol I have... Read more
Update on the Mediterranean diet...
Monday, February 18, 2019      8 comments

Okay yesterday I was all gong ho on this diet, it sounded just what I need. But this morning when I tried to put it in action, it didn't work so great for me. I made steel oats, was looking for away to season them, no sweetners, no butter, no sa... Read more
Mediterranean diet...
Sunday, February 17, 2019      7 comments

I am not real well at following a certain diet. But I was looking at foods that help with inflammation, this diet was on the article I was reading it. I am ready to try something new, as what I am doing isn't helping a great deal. I am going to ... Read more
Second #6 week goal
Saturday, February 16, 2019      6 comments

Today is the end of the first week goal. Happy to say I actually lost 2 lbs this week. I am going to continue as planned for the remaining of the 6 weeks and see how it goes. Starting weight 182.5 Todays Weight 173.5... Read more
Thursday, February 14, 2019      8 comments

I have spoke with my medical doctor about this, he just blows it off that I am just getting older. But I see so many women my age who has so much energy. I am not talking about being tired after a workout, but extreme fatigue. I thought eating ... Read more

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