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Suckers....with cute faces
Sunday, November 04, 2012      1 comments

Read my title.... Those would be my kids! All three of them! My 12 year old, still likes his momma time, and I am NOT going to mess that up...soon enough he will disown me. My 9 year old lost a special friend at school, he was 4! They were paire... Read more
November goals
Thursday, November 01, 2012      4 comments

For the next thirty days... Gulp- attempt to not have a one, that's right not a single soda! Bring on the coffee, cause when I am out at 3 am I don't need coffee... To help me with this, I will find a cool water bottle! I would like to ... Read more
Reiki love
Thursday, November 01, 2012      1 comments

We can always say we are doing something amazing for ourself... But really doing it is another story. I took a Reiki I class, not really believing in that whole thing. By the end of the class, I was humming with energy! I cannot wait until MIL t... Read more
Me, me, me
Wednesday, October 31, 2012      3 comments

So a friend of mine has lost an amazing 90 pounds! She is a Zumba instructor, BB coach and all that! I am so happy for her so looks great! Her mentor has also lost 80 pounds and looks amazing.... Their stories are very much like mine. Kids, fami... Read more
Shame shame
Monday, October 22, 2012      2 comments

Holy crap, where did this past month go?? I have been busy outside of the computer. Football and field hockey are now over!! So proud of my kids. Basketball starts soon, and I am coaching my daughters team, this should be interesting. If I am... Read more
Today is just today, not the future...
Friday, September 14, 2012      1 comments

I am super excited that when I stepped on the scale AFTER I ate breakfast, my weight for the week didn't budge! This is a good thing because that ever irritating, almost always faithful visitor visited. I behaved! Well, for the most part.... Yes... Read more
Frack you, fracking frackers....
Thursday, September 13, 2012      2 comments

My community is up is arms and being torn apart due to this whole frack or no frack issue. It is being made up of more than it should be, people will just simply stop caring about it and stop fighting for what they feel is right. That seems to ... Read more
A day to remember
Tuesday, September 11, 2012      1 comments

Where were you.... 11 years ago? Sitting at home, with my oldest son, still a baby sound asleep. I was sitting enjoying a cup a coffe, much like I am today. The phone rings, too early... nothing good comes of an early AM phone call. It was my ... Read more
Monday, Monday you crack me up
Monday, September 10, 2012      0 comments

emoticon The baby woke with the older kids, so no workout..YET Trip to the Endo for my daughter was good, her ... Read more
Foggy Mornings
Sunday, September 09, 2012      2 comments

The air outside is tinged with fall smells. The fog is thick and laying a beautiful blanket in midair. The storms from the past few days have left their mark, from downed trees and branches to a roof in the neighbors pool, we can learn from Moth... Read more
Weekends are tough.... Still
Saturday, September 08, 2012      4 comments

Oh my goodness, I missed being on here yesterday! We had storms go through Thursday afternoon and tear up the county... No phone, no Internet... But I am proud to announce I stepped on the scale yesterday and it read 4 pounds down! I had lost... Read more
Shake shake shake; shake shake shake; shake your.....
Thursday, September 06, 2012      1 comments

BOOTIE! I love that line of the song! You can't help but DO IT! So shake your bootie today! I sit here this morning, feeling the work of yesterday, enjoying the rest I found last night and thinking why does this have to be so hard! My good... Read more
Wednesday 2 of 2...
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      1 comments

Well, the energy lasted until about 1:30 ish. So I got on here, and did a ten minutes pilates workout.... Now I am just waiting for the kiddos to get off the bus from their first day. My mind seems sharp, but my body feels tired. Ahhh the bus!!,... Read more
Hump day! More like slump day.....Post 1 of ?
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      0 comments

emoticon first day of school! They've been gone almost an hour... It is soooooo quiet here! LOVE IT. The baby is st... Read more
Good music=good mood
Monday, August 27, 2012      1 comments

Do you ever find that equation to work for you? This morning I sit on my bed, just did a heart pumping circuit, no sweat drippin (which is probably good as I messed around for about an hour today, and kids will be here soon for day care) but ... Read more

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