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1st Closet Purge
Wednesday, February 14, 2018      10 comments

Tonight I tried on everything in my closet. I couldn't believe how many items are too big for me now. Out of the closet with them! Twenty-two clothes hangers removed. Some of them had more than one item (shirt & pants). This is one more way to v... Read more
Thursday, February 01, 2018      4 comments

I make my oldest daughter an apron every year. Some are sentimental (like the one made from her sons old clothes) and she never uses, others she uses. ... Read more
Wednesday, January 03, 2018      9 comments

Pants: smaller & smaller & smaller: whoo hoo: Jan 2017; June 2017; Jan 2018... Read more
5 month journey
Wednesday, November 08, 2017      7 comments

I started this journey to a healthier me a few years ago. I didn't take it serious, nor did I do a very good job at making changes. So no permanent wei... Read more
Saturday, October 14, 2017      10 comments

Granddaughter! Sometimes a granddaughter that you've raised for 12 yrs can be agrevating. Sometimes it can seem like she didn't learn one good thing fr... Read more
Monday, September 11, 2017      5 comments

This picture is several years old. It was my mom's birthday and a mini family reunion. I have 7 brothers and 2 sisters. Yes there are 10 of us. There w... Read more
Monday, September 04, 2017      6 comments

Rocky has been my companion for almost 9 yrs. My husband wo... Read more
2 months journey
Wednesday, August 16, 2017      14 comments

2 months into my healthier me journey: brown tank top (size 5X) taken 6/17 @ 235 lbs - white tank top (size 3X) taken 8/16 @ 213 lbs. On my way.... Read more
Need new scale
Saturday, July 22, 2017      11 comments

As I weighed myself today, I realized that obtaining a reading would be a lot easier if I had a digital scale with large numbers. The eyes are not as g... Read more
Counting weight loss
Tuesday, July 04, 2017      8 comments

I find I need to physically see my progress. I decided to set up a system to use as a visual account of my progress. I took two jars similar in size. ... Read more
Making a new effort
Thursday, June 22, 2017      2 comments

I started on Spark People several years ago, but I wasn't very disciplined and didn't make much effort. I have recently decided that I am worth every effort it takes to get myself to a healthier place. In-order to accomplish this, I know I must ... Read more
New beginnings
Thursday, June 15, 2017      3 comments

I have tried to start a weight loss diet several times now. Dieting has not worked for me. I am making a new attempt at weight loss and improving my nutrition intake. I am approaching the entire subject differently this time. I plan to make life... Read more