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Still No Answer
Wednesday, July 25, 2012      7 comments

So, my last blog found me excited about the new PCOS meds that the doctor had put me on. I was feeling great and thought it was the answer I had been looking for....WRONG. A few days after I wrote that blog, I started feeling extremely ex... Read more
Saturday, June 16, 2012      3 comments

As i'm typing this now, i'm planning my workouts and meals for the next week. I'm going to buy the food today, and prepare it all tomorrow for the whole week. Since i've started feeling better, i've noticed some huge changes. #1: I ... Read more
8 Weeks Later...
Monday, April 02, 2012      3 comments

It has been about 8 weeks since I found out that I have hypothyroidism. Some people might think that hypothyroidism is an excuse for being fat and lazy or that it's not f... Read more
It All Makes So Much Sense
Wednesday, February 15, 2012      5 comments

Since i can remember, i've been posting blogs on here about how tired and sick feeling i am all the time. I knew there was something wrong with me, but i thought it was just a slight hormone imbalance. On February 7th i went to the OBGYN t... Read more
January Goals- 31 Day Jumpstart
Sunday, January 01, 2012      1 comments

So, i decided to set goals each month. I have a lot of things i want to accomplish in 2012, so i figured if i broke it down by month, i could really get a handle on everything. 1. Track my food every day. 2. Track my workouts. 3. Eat w... Read more
2012 Here I Come!
Saturday, December 31, 2011      3 comments

2011 has brought so many changes. Some of those changes were good, some were not so good, and some tested everything I believe in. Through these triumphs and struggle... Read more
I'm a Teacher!
Saturday, September 24, 2011      5 comments

So, i started my new teaching job almost two weeks ago and i absolutely love it! The company i work for has partnered with the school district out here in order to raise the graudation rate which is currently hovering around 50%. So sinc... Read more
Joe and Sylvia's Wedding Picture Montage (video blog)
Saturday, August 27, 2011      9 comments

So, i wanted to share my wedding pictures with everyone and this seemed to be the easiest way. When the wedding took place i was 15 lbs down from my highest weight. Enjoy!... Read more
The Scale Says What?!
Monday, August 15, 2011      7 comments

So, lately i've been reading a lot of message board posts talking about how people are frustrated because yesterday they weighed less now today they weigh more, and how th... Read more
So Exhausted!
Saturday, August 06, 2011      4 comments

For those of you who don't know, Joe and i moved. We were going to rent a house, but with the market the way it is, homeowners are losing their houses left and right. The last thing we need is for a homeowner to pocket the money we're paying an... Read more
Keep Your Pants On!
Wednesday, July 20, 2011      4 comments

So, i haven't weighed myself in almost 2 weeks, and i'm pretty sure i'm losing a bit of weight. For the second day in a row, my running shorts kept riding down. Yesterday i thought that it was just the shorts, but today i wore my favorite pair a... Read more
Tuesday, July 19, 2011      1 comments

Do you ever take the time to reflect on the changes that occur in you throughout this journey? Not only are the changes on the outside, but there are changes on the inside as well. What was my inspiration for writing this blog, you may ask?... Read more
Another Adventure- Lots of Pics
Sunday, July 17, 2011      5 comments

I'm at a loss for words. Today i went on, what turned out to be a 3 hour hike, and it was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen/done. Let me start by saying that i live in Nevada...not even the green part, I live in Las Vegas. I had do... Read more
Confessions From An Addict...
Wednesday, July 13, 2011      4 comments

Okay so you are all going to think i'm insane, but i'm pretty much addicted to a lot of things right now. I posted a blog several weeks ago about how i thought i was going to die when i climbed this mountain, and now i'm actually consideri... Read more

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