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Had a great Friday the 13th!!
Saturday, July 14, 2012      2 comments

I had my yearly appointment with my doctor and she had not seen me since I was 213 pounds!! Normally I hate going to the doctor but I was so excited to show off my 90 pound weight loss! She was very proud of me and told me I'm at a good wei... Read more
Wedding Update!!
Wednesday, June 20, 2012      2 comments

Since the weight is almost all the way off, and I'm in a better place, physically and emotionally, we've started the wedding planning. Finally!! Unfortunately he proposed right when I got sick and things just kept getting worse. He has been so a... Read more
Throwing Out the Fat Clothes
Saturday, June 16, 2012      7 comments

When I hit 89 pounds lost, I decided it was time to donate the fat clothes I had to buy over the past two years. What a waste of money - gah! It felt so good to purge those clothes. I'm not sure why I was hanging on to them. But it was tim... Read more
I need to brag for a minute....
Saturday, May 12, 2012      9 comments

I'm at 127 pounds, down 86 total. We'll see what tomorrow's weigh in is. But I am 7-12 pounds from my goal. I'm in single digits!!! I seriously cannot believe I'm here. I'ts been a long road, and so much work. Wow - I'm so proud of myself!... Read more
Ugh. My first weight gain.
Wednesday, April 11, 2012      6 comments

Ugh. Made it through over a year of holidays without gaining any weight, and now from this Easter ....I'm up a pound! I find it hard to believe it would show up so fast, but who knows. In fact, throughout this whole journey, 14 months, I haven't... Read more
Phase 1 - Down!
Saturday, March 31, 2012      3 comments

Finished up Phase 1 of Jillian Michaels' Total Body Revolution last night. I start Phase 2 on Sunday - I can't wait! I'm so excited, but so nervous. I have no idea what's coming!! I can really feel my strength increasing and my body is really ch... Read more
Jillian Michaels Total Body Revolution
Saturday, March 10, 2012      3 comments

I started this program on March 5th - the day after my birthday! Just what I needed to kick my bootay with after all the cake I ate! The weights workouts for phase 1 have made me sore! I was surprised as I've been working out hard for a bi... Read more
My birthday, reflections and 80 pounds gone
Saturday, March 03, 2012      1 comments

I'm one day away from my 27th birthday and I think it is a good time to reflect on all I've accomplished the past year. Last year on my birthday I was 205 pounds. Over 200 pounds!!! I still can't believe I was ever that huge. This year I am... Read more
Friday, January 20, 2012      0 comments

Ugh, so depressed. Seems this weight loss journey has been pretty easy for me, losing an average of 1-1.5 pounds a week, consistently (down 73.5 pounds). I finished 3 weeks of Turbo Fire the other day, and I am totally in a plateau. I thoug... Read more
SO Excited!!
Monday, January 09, 2012      1 comments

I'm so excited!!! I hit "healthy" BMI today!!! I've been waiting and waiting for this day - I am so pumped! Feels so good to get some more motivation. 73 pounds down! 10 away from first goal 25 away from ultimate goal Yeah... Read more
Week 1 of Turbo Fire finished!
Wednesday, January 04, 2012      0 comments

Last night my fiance and I finished week 1 of Turbo Fire! I am exhausted...and tonight we have to do the 45 minute DVD (I am following the class schedule). I'm worried we over did the first week....I was panicking that just doing the Turbo ... Read more
70 pounds lost and update!
Thursday, December 29, 2011      1 comments

Hit 70 pounds lost yesterday!!! I'm so incredibly excited and proud of myself!! My fiance has been on this journey with me as well, and he's lost 45 pounds!! He is already at goal, but he is still tracking his food, paying attention to what he e... Read more
This is taking forever!!
Friday, December 09, 2011      5 comments

I've hit 65 pounds lost. I'm happy, but impatient. Do you all find, that the closer you get to your goal, the more impatient you become?! Now that I'm so close, I just WANT TO GET THERE!! I'm so close, that each pound seems to take forever (even... Read more
Some Venting and Random Thoughts
Thursday, November 17, 2011      3 comments

Was feeling really good about my weight loss and then those feelings came to a screeching halt. It's amazing how much other people's words/actions can make you feel. I hit 60 pounds, I'm feeling proud, amazed, dare I say it...happy. I can now... Read more
Cardiologist Appointment!!
Thursday, October 20, 2011      1 comments

I am so happy today. So happy! I had my follow up cardiologist appointment today and she took me off beta blockers!! Last year when I put on a ton of weight and suffered from a lot of stress and anxiety, my heart rate went bonkers. I was h... Read more

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