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no more leftovers! 29 more days
Saturday, November 26, 2011      0 comments

I did very well tracking and getting out for a run and doing lots of strength exercises what i didn't do well with is the amount of leftovers - including mashed taters, stuffing, pie - at least I tracked what I ate - usually when I know I'm... Read more
back on track - 30 more days
Friday, November 25, 2011      1 comments

I feel blessed - our DD is back and healthy; we had a great thanksgiving with family and friends. I was able to get out and exercise for 3 hours at the gym and hiking in between lots of cooking. Today and the rest of the weekend is more of ... Read more
34 more days - have been bad lately!
Monday, November 21, 2011      1 comments

I think with all concerns of our daughter, and with cold weather here, i've had all the excuses I needed to do less, eat more and not track.... I keep saying tomorrow I'll get back on my game, but then tomorrow comes and I blow it again. ... Read more
38 more days - gotta get back on the horse
Thursday, November 17, 2011      3 comments

OK - yesterday started and ended with little motivation - after the continued stress of driving 3 hrs almost every day to spend with her in therapy sessions, and trying to keep up on some work and exercise, my DH and I are exhausted. Last ... Read more
39 more days - couldn't do the treadmill
Wednesday, November 16, 2011      3 comments

I just couldn't do it - I got on and tried running slowly for 20 min and gave up - no motivation to keep going as i was worried about being late to work - decided it was better to give up, give in, and try harder tomorrow!... Read more
11/15 40 more days-gym day
Tuesday, November 15, 2011      2 comments

We've been back and forth every other day (3 hr drive one way) to be with our DH who is doing better but still in the hospital. We hope she will be released by the weekend. Meanwhile I've done a decent job tracking food and exercising each day. ... Read more
42 more days-hiking still in nov
Sunday, November 13, 2011      1 comments

we are blessed with such beautiful rocky hikes behind our house and lucky enough that we can still hike without it being too snowy and muddy - so got out there for an hour this am. I've been really good about tracking food - probably 90% o... Read more
11/12/11 Pushing through "I'd rather curl up on the couch"
Saturday, November 12, 2011      1 comments

Woke up to strong winds and cold temps and I SO wanted to sit on the couch and read a good book. It's so easy, especially when dealing with hard times like we are with our DD to make an excuse to eat a lot and not exercise. Fortunately I ha... Read more
11/11/11 - what a date...44 more days
Friday, November 11, 2011      1 comments

Things are better than yesterday - spent all day with docs, therapists and teachers and though teary and no time (or will) for exercise, at least we understand better what is next. Have taken a few days off from work and rearranged my schedule t... Read more
45 days till xmas and a horrible last 24 hrs
Thursday, November 10, 2011      4 comments

I had a really tough 24 hours. I picked up my 14 yr old DD yesterday afternoon and all hell broke loose within five seconds - ended up taking her to an emergency session with her counselor and she was admitted to a psych place for depression and... Read more
46 more days - gotta work harder!
Wednesday, November 09, 2011      1 comments

Well - yesterday, a day before weigh in, I ate a bunch of peanut m+m's at the office, so not too pleased - I had been so good all week. Anyway did lose 1/2 pound this week but was hoping for more. At least going in the right direction. All ... Read more
47 days more till xmas
Tuesday, November 08, 2011      2 comments

I'm hoping I don't jinx myself by missing a blog. It really does help to publicly write each day and commit! I'm hoping if I can stay good today, track food and stay within the low part of my range, I will have a good weigh in tomorrow - I need ... Read more
48 more days till xmas
Monday, November 07, 2011      1 comments

I did well this weekend - tracking, staying within range, not snacking at night in front of the tv. And lots of different exercising. Today I'm staying home an hour before work to do running (intervals-ugh) and walking on the treadmill.... ... Read more
49 days till xmas
Sunday, November 06, 2011      1 comments

Yea - I did well yesterday, tracking food, staying within limits, running and other exercises and sleeping well. Today, Sunday, I should be able to continue this trend (is it a trend if it's only been 1 day so far?)... Read more
50 days until xmas
Saturday, November 05, 2011      2 comments

I keep saying I'm going to really push hard and take that last 5-10# off - when I think we only have 50 days until xmas I want to take advantage of EVERY DAY! Today I ran almost 8 miles and though it was exhausting I'm proud to have complet... Read more

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