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  • .. Day 81/365

    3/22/2019 7:31:57 PM, by I-AM-TITANIUM

    I went to U-Haul today ..for the 7th time. The Regional Manager pulled out all the old wiring .. the control box for the lights .. pulled... Read more

  • Working Outside

    3/22/2019 7:24:34 PM, by BILLTMAN

    It's been a beautiful day here in Birmingham, Alabama for the past several days. The deck coming off the back porch was in dire need of rebuildin... Read more

  • Friends with Reality - Day 18

    3/22/2019 7:19:54 PM, by SPICY23

    Reality: Spring Break here next week, so I will be AWOL. Reality: already, what plans we had for this break have been completely upended. Sh... Read more

  • 3/22/19

    3/22/2019 7:10:40 PM, by MACRATDOLL

    Almost all green today just going to miss floors but have well over 13K steps and achieved my steps per hour goal. Got in a great 15 min treadmil... Read more

  • Lose the fat

    3/22/2019 7:02:33 PM, by PAMMIEG2259

    I make it a habit never to take pictures I do not lik... Read more

  • R&R

    3/22/2019 6:47:41 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    ... Read more

  • Securing My Retirement

    3/22/2019 6:38:47 PM, by ONEVOICE128

    I started my current job when I was 30, and I'm 32 now. All this time, I had been contributing only 5% (roth, though) of my paychecks toward my ... Read more

  • 2019-03-22

    3/22/2019 6:36:54 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    You may notice that a couple of these links have been waiting to be added to a blog for a bit of time... they may or may not still work... they m... Read more

  • Sun shine shining

    3/22/2019 5:58:56 PM, by AHTRAP

    Just a comment on the weather outside. Not quite warm enough to go out in t-shirt and shorts, though I did grab the mail in that garb, but maybe ... Read more

  • question 4

    3/22/2019 5:53:36 PM, by KITTYHAWK1949

    I was surprised that not many SP friends have a dog. That being said, I'm not sure if I'll get another one once something happens to Pebbles. I... Read more

  • Still here

    3/22/2019 5:43:30 PM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    Woke up weepy with gratitude this morning. I hav... Read more

  • Liquid DIet

    3/22/2019 5:28:56 PM, by N0RTHB0UND

    Coming back home for the first time in months - saying goodbye to suitcase life - hasn't been smooth. Airport, gas station, and travel food in ge... Read more

  • Shalom means Peace!

    3/22/2019 5:24:06 PM, by SUNNYCALIGIRL

    Shabbat Shalom from Northern California, March 22, 2019. Read more

  • IT IS FRIDAY!!!!

    3/22/2019 5:08:48 PM, by ELLFIN3

    I am ready for the weekend! I hope everyone is having a great Friday! Enjoy!! Luv U Guys!! ((HUGS))... Read more

  • Documenting a Lapse in Energy

    3/22/2019 4:47:30 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Woke surprised by how much I slept last night. Ten hours even. Have not slept that much in 2 weeks. Energy level today is definitely not ... Read more

  • Week 2..... how did I do....

    3/22/2019 4:46:22 PM, by MAGICAL13

    Week 2 Swing Into Spring I was 2nd Biggest Loser for Week 1..... Read more

  • Punctuation

    3/22/2019 4:25:50 PM, by HAPPYDAZ1

    I saw a sign posted in front of a local shop today that made me realize how important punctuation is. English is my native language, so I would ... Read more

  • I need better fitting shirts

    3/22/2019 4:24:42 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    Schwoo… It's been tough few weeks. My new schedule puts something active on Monday - Thursday evening and Saturdays, and most weeknights I'm not ... Read more

  • Friday weigh in

    3/22/2019 4:17:00 PM, by KHALL911

    Down another 3.2 pounds! I'd say that's a great week! Doing my happy dance. Now I get to go post that to my SparkTeams altogether I'm down 16 p... Read more

  • Words of Wisdom

    3/22/2019 4:12:15 PM, by CLO333

    It Takes 5 Minutes to Relieve Stress With This Japane... Read more

  • Friday afternoon

    3/22/2019 4:07:57 PM, by PICKIE98

    Tomorrow is TAX DAY! I always stress about it, hand-wringing, losing sleep, fretting. This year I grabbed all of my documents that i put ... Read more

  • Highlight Of My Day #21

    3/22/2019 4:07:00 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    The highlight of my day today, was taking Zeus (the wonder dog) with me to pick up his medication refill at the vet's office. Zeus is a wonderfu... Read more

  • Friday

    3/22/2019 4:04:11 PM, by COOP9002

    Trying to enjoy a rare day off with nothing to do. Hope your day is going well. Blessings... Read more

  • Prayer

    3/22/2019 4:03:04 PM, by BOLAFICATION

    Prayer... Read more

  • hectic

    3/22/2019 4:02:14 PM, by YEAAAA

    There's a lot going on this spring- lots of money is go... Read more

  • Exercise is better than I thought

    3/22/2019 3:47:15 PM, by JAROL7

    Typically, I hate exercise except for table tennis. Last fall my wife and I applied to the University of Iowa for an exercise research project be... Read more

  • Sleeping so well I hate to get up....

    3/22/2019 3:45:48 PM, by TEDDYTEDDY

    Feeling much better now that I can breathe at night. I actually had a dream last night so I know I’m getting better sleep. I was waking up abou... Read more

  • How I Know I'm Healthier

    3/22/2019 3:44:18 PM, by HEREKITTYKAT97

    For today's premium coaching task, I'm supposed to blog on all the ways (other than weight or BMI) that I know I'm getting healthier. So here goe... Read more

  • Friday

    3/22/2019 3:41:59 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    The weekend is here!!! I am sooo glad....going to get a facial after work...weather is beautiful today...should be raining this weekend though...... Read more

  • Big fail today

    3/22/2019 3:35:50 PM, by 2020NEWB

    First time since I started this that I’ve gone they a drive thru for anything. But when my granddaughter asks for chicken nuggets. Well anyhow. ... Read more

  • Snow storm

    3/22/2019 3:28:27 PM, by NEWME2BSKINNY

    Its snowing hard and it sticking to our trees and lines.Trees are starting to hang and the roads are a mess..Going to be long night the power wil... Read more

  • March 22nd

    3/22/2019 3:27:45 PM, by BRANDI1809

    Having a quiet day today ready for a busy weekend.... Read more

  • Starting over

    3/22/2019 3:21:09 PM, by JANATHAMES

    Starting over is never easy but here I am one more time. I got off here for a while and stoped tracking my food and everything else. I did not ga... Read more

  • Baby steps

    3/22/2019 3:20:57 PM, by KEERAKYRAM

    I am slowly adjusting my calorie range back to the recommended range. I know if I just jump back to the lower range I will get super hungry. So a... Read more

  • Friday thoughts

    3/22/2019 3:13:42 PM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    Had a great day shopping and walking around in Me... Read more


    3/22/2019 3:06:29 PM, by RSSSLHB

    Tell the people... Read more

  • Starting Again

    3/22/2019 3:03:04 PM, by JAYLANJACKIE

    I’ve had a very ruff winter I gained weight but I’m trying to get back on track. I could feel the difference because I didn’t have the same energ... Read more

  • it's friday

    3/22/2019 2:55:31 PM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great workout at the gym this morning with my personal trainer! i meet up again with my trainer tomorrow afternoon at the gym. i find tha... Read more

  • there are always trade-offs

    3/22/2019 2:19:07 PM, by CMORRIS60

    Learned that I will need to work even harder at increasing my intake of foods high in potassium. I'm doing great with limiting sodium, but will h... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    3/22/2019 2:18:47 PM, by RO2BENT

    Jog was a little difficult yesterday but that’s what happens when that’s all you do. Was awake for 1.5 hours last night, but feeling ok today ... Read more