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  • We all fall down

    2/27/2020 7:10:55 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    It’s how we stand back up that shows character ... Read more

  • Let’s see what 40 days will look like

    2/25/2020 11:50:17 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    ... Read more

  • Bon Chanz. Happy Mardi Graz

    2/24/2020 6:36:30 PM, by JVANAM

    Laissez les bons temps rouler.... Read more

  • Fuel that’s all

    2/22/2020 7:21:36 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    It’s not entertainment.build a better you... Read more

  • Reunion time

    2/22/2020 10:25:39 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I was part of a city championship team.i will see my teammates in 10 weeks so my goal is to walk-in to this reunion on my own motivation is a powerful thing ... Read more

  • Hard hat required beyond this point

    2/21/2020 7:16:55 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    it’s time the universe pas got me to just this moment. I had a dream that my life would be set up to allow me to focus on building me here it is my time is now 360 His little guy your days are numbered... Read more

  • To know me

    2/21/2020 12:06:11 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Love to special kind of guy I am... Read more

  • Take a walk

    2/19/2020 8:45:57 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Pain is real jaw keeps throbbing so walking is today’s exercise it will pass I will make it Oh please don’t get it confused I went to the dentist yesterday he had to use a little force to take out my temp to finish working on the million dollar smile thank you everyone for the concern . I apprecia... Read more

  • The million dollar smile

    2/18/2020 6:25:47 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Part of fixing me means the teeth to I have hopefully 2 more visits to complete my smile 😃 this pain is hard to deal with happy pills tonight... Read more

  • Guess this is why we raise them, huh?

    2/18/2020 8:48:12 AM, by KVD08844

    Somewhat emotional weekend, seeing my younger son off to Nashville to be with his girlfriend. They're happy together, and let's hope it stays that way. Of course, I'll miss him being around, but it's time for him to move on and start his life. Please forgive the melancholiness(?) of this blog... Read more


    2/17/2020 12:22:56 PM, by JVANAM

    HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY. Which President is equal to your Fitness Minutes today? 1 min. = George Washington (1st Pres.) And so on.... Read more

  • Who do you think I am

    2/13/2020 6:25:19 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I don’t have a bat signal! I am Twisted. I feel that old spirit has returned! This is my warrior spirit focused on rebuilding my greatness any who try to stop the process deviation is your reward. I am now the member of 2 gyms it is a problem In these streets... Read more

  • Nothing can stop me

    2/13/2020 6:01:25 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Going on my path this is my time g... Read more

  • Who is sabotaging me?

    2/12/2020 7:23:01 AM, by TCARRIGAN21

    I have said that I am my biggest saboteur… but there is another... While my husband is my biggest supporter he is also my biggest saboteur. He will help me in anyway he can .. he does most of the cooking and he will cook 2 different meals so that he can eat what he chooses and I can stick to my ne... Read more

  • New Spark Team - rebranding Cooking Light Team

    2/11/2020 1:42:17 PM, by AMSHARK

    I am currently one of the leaders of a spark team for fans of Cooking Light Magazine. Attendance on the team page dwindled over the years, and the magazine itself has now gone out of print. I thought I'd keep the page to discuss old recipes, but there really isn't much to say. I was thinking ... Read more

  • Self REflection, know yourself

    2/11/2020 8:02:43 AM, by KVD08844

    Good morning. Today SP has an article on defining your own success. (https://www.sparkpeople.com/r
    s.asp?id=2567) Boy, does it hit home, and make me reflect on myself and people I've come across. In particular, the "comparison trap" where we look at others' su... Read more

  • It’s your move

    2/11/2020 5:27:40 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    ... Read more

  • Healthy Workplace

    2/10/2020 11:46:12 AM, by AMSHARK

    I really do work for a good organization - especially when it comes to encouraging healthy habits for its employees. For years we've had a small conference room with "tread desks" - treadmills that allow you to walk at a slow pace while working on your laptop. (You can't go more than 2 mph, but ho... Read more

  • fresh mon

    2/10/2020 5:51:35 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    this is the question that keeps me going... Read more

  • Life

    2/9/2020 5:24:47 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    This life is real funny make the best you can with the time you have... Read more

  • We got this

    2/9/2020 12:08:53 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    You don’t train a beast you unleash it put the women and children to bed let’s get nasty... Read more

  • Good week

    2/8/2020 6:46:32 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Had my ups and downs but I made it hit the gym 4 times this week proud of me ... Read more

  • Lifting each other up...

    2/7/2020 9:56:48 AM, by TCARRIGAN21

    So last week I posted in the spark people FB group that I was feeling frustrated because I was not seeing results even though I am in calorie deficit every day and working out 5 days a week. I am just curious how many of you have felt this same frustration? I know it happens and I didn't let it ... Read more

  • What is that smell

    2/7/2020 5:33:49 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Every time I fart 💨 I say popcorn. This healthy living has me saying popcorn a lot but lord I keep air spray close lol... Read more

  • Life is Good

    2/6/2020 11:19:47 PM, by DONDAIN

    I truly love my job. I get a deep satisfaction that I am helping people. I love my family and friends as well. I am very happy and content with my life... Read more

  • Biggest losser

    2/6/2020 10:35:09 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    This show is back on I watched that show religiously dreaming about if I could lose weight like that the tings I would do ! What I learned watching was if you get out of your own way you can do anything... Read more

  • Master plan

    2/6/2020 11:44:30 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    It’s near the end of the first week. Every time I think I got this some unknown pops up. One of my supports shows me I can’t depend on them . It shocked me but I will not let it break me . Some folks will not be there for you for the whole journey the blessings is for the part that they were.🙏🏽 ... Read more

  • I am

    2/6/2020 7:46:17 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Let you be the best you. Every morning I wake up as To know me is a blessing enjoy my light... Read more

  • Be your best you

    2/5/2020 11:36:41 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I know I have a good one of these can’t let anyone change that. Thrives in the temple... Read more

  • First week is going well

    2/5/2020 12:31:11 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    As I adjust to juicing again I focus on letting people around me know my plans.must watch out for negative people in my life one I don’t even know why I deal with even today I told her how I was doing she is quick to point out that the gr apes I am eating have a high sugar content. Alwalook to rain ... Read more

  • I’m on that juice

    2/4/2020 5:52:20 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    being I am out to stop the cause of my pain... Read more

  • Lean on who

    2/4/2020 12:26:05 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    No one will understand you or your passion completely. So don’t be surprised if people are not there when you need them . Stand on your own as you become strong you won’t need anyone .they will offer but you won’t need them remember those that are there through your journey ... Read more

  • Today

    2/3/2020 6:39:46 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    What I did today was take a step in the right direction towards reaching my goal The hardest part of today is I got $100 in my pocket gym dues payed I worked out then this is in my in box... Read more

  • Life is Full (of ups and downs)

    2/3/2020 3:15:00 PM, by DONDAIN

    Life is full and in general I am very happy. I now have 3 dogs because my husband allowed me to keep the dog we rescued and fostered in November. It was a Christmas present. I love him for it and I am grateful that he loves me to make me happy in this way. Work is going well. I have been there over ... Read more

  • No day like today

    2/2/2020 7:31:56 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I have issues one of them is food one of my favorite is hot wings this might as well be hot wing day I’m drinking juice . Auhhh proving to myself that I am strong is a daily test today is test day I want change big change how bad do you want it ? Gym time 1pm get your mind right... Read more

  • 13 week

    2/2/2020 5:59:10 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Day one 557 in the morning.gym time 1pm water water every where keep drinking... Read more

  • To be different you have to do things differently

    2/1/2020 9:34:25 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    This is before let’s look and see how much I will change Today I will start writing a success story about a twisted little guy that learned how to love himself... Read more

  • It is not rocket science

    1/31/2020 10:35:08 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I can count on me. If I stay focused committed I will be successful. Some how I lost faith in myself. I knew I was indestructible this past ten years took things from me I was broken. That was then I am a blank slat ready to be stronger faster better ... Read more

  • new goal

    1/31/2020 8:28:30 AM, by DEBORFUL

    Going to try to make one new recipe a week if an effort to add a healthy but tasty meal to my food choices.... Read more

  • Woke up early

    1/30/2020 6:56:09 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I woke up early as I usually do around 5am check sugar ,not bad blood pressure on point thinking’s about my day.listening to the news they mentioned the super bowl and said people will spend a lot of $$ on food then I thought yeah nachos wings beer. Now I have ordered things this week wall calendar ... Read more