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  • Day 2: Trying not to get frustrated already

    12/3/2019 8:39:19 AM, by MICHELLE3417

    I started off Monday full of enthusiasm. After a few weeks of depression, I felt I was finally getting back into the swing, then obstacles out of my control got in the way. It wasn't too bad I suppose. I did get my workout in. But plumbing issues in my apartment lead me to have to eat out unexpected... Read more

  • All I did in November was read and run!

    12/2/2019 10:40:08 AM, by CINCMAC

    I switched from road running to trail running in September after a friend talked me into doing a 12-hour endurance run with her. I've found a new love. After 10 years of running off and on -- quiting becuase I'd get bored and then missing it and starting back -- I have truly found a passion for run... Read more

  • Day 92: Back to Day 1

    12/2/2019 7:17:50 AM, by MICHELLE3417

    November sucked. I got frustrated by a lack of progress. I got frustrated with my budget. I got frustrated with everything. I spent the last two weeks wallowing in my depression and eating everything gross I could get my hands on. I am not sure what the specific thing was that snapped me out of it.... Read more

  • Frustrated / Lost Vision

    12/1/2019 10:04:21 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    I'm having a hard time finding my Why lately. I thought my Why was to be more attractive to women. Now that women are finding me attractive (surprisingly, the old adage was true, in that they like me for my personality and physique is just a bonus), I'm struggling to get to the gym and get more than... Read more

  • Small Business Saturday 2019

    11/30/2019 1:33:44 PM, by HOT_MAMA_13

    So much has changed since I was here last October! I've been focusing on myself as much as I can, in positive ways. I completed the Hot Chocolate 5K last year and loved it! I found out a few days before the 5K that another friend of mine was going to be there so she and I found each other and w... Read more

  • First Blog

    11/29/2019 6:49:28 PM, by CHAVAH11

    I am not really much of a blogger, I never even kept a diary when I was a child. But here it goes. Since June I have lost 19 lbs of the 45 I want to loose. I have been using Noom and weight watchers. I do have problems with not eating enough, I frequently only eat about 800 cal a day. Thus, I d... Read more