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  • Consistency ~ My 90-Day Challenge

    2/16/2020 8:04:00 PM, by MAMADEE016

    MamaDee's Blog ~ SP Day 5050! Today is Sunday! Today is also February 16, 2020. Exactly three weeks since my last blog. AND.... Three weeks until we return to DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! (I really dislike changing time back & forth - but of the two, I like 'springing forward' one hour best!... Read more

  • Age Progression Software ? Nope. The real thing.

    2/1/2020 4:15:59 PM, by --KREN

    No software involved. Just years of happy living. Me 2007 Age 59, almost 60. I was at my goal here, which at the time was about 155. Me 2019 Age 70, about 2 months before my 71st birthday. I'm at my goal here which is now 145. ... Read more

  • New Setback

    1/26/2020 12:12:07 PM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE'S BLOG: SP ~ Day 5029 HARD TIMES will always reveal true friends! Tough times don't last, TOUGH PEOPLE DO! And now, we have a NEW setback!!! 39 Friday afternoon, just before 4pm, my daughter Jessi & I were in a car accident! We were t-boned on the passe... Read more