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  • 18/11/19

    11/18/2019 5:41:36 AM, by COLLARANDCUFFS

    so i have been looking at my numbers again .. in my never ending quest to find the magic number that lets me lose weight i have put my food tracker back to changing for exercise tracked and i am trying the tracker set to lightly active.. it was set to active but it seemed awfully high i mean... Read more

  • 17/11/19

    11/17/2019 4:15:20 AM, by COLLARANDCUFFS

    off to work .. 10 til 4.. i have to say not working weekends is the only thing i miss about working in schools.. well that and the holidays.. so basically the time off 246 feeling pretty good considering the time i am up today went to bed just after midnight last night which is early for me ..... Read more

  • 16/11/19

    11/16/2019 7:21:58 AM, by COLLARANDCUFFS

    just a quick one as i have to go to work soon.. running late because of sorting out the dog's medication online expensive hobby feeling quite achy today .. in my hands and the only thing i have had that i don't usually is pineapple so i guess that is off the menu for good now working on visua... Read more

  • 15/11/19

    11/15/2019 5:26:12 AM, by COLLARANDCUFFS

    yesterday was a busy day dentist in the morning .. after walking the dogs... therapy in the afternoon follows by retail therapy it is so annoying that tesco have stopped selling a lot of free from stuff at our closest store.. i had to go across town to the bigger store to get my wraps and fish... Read more

  • 14/11/19

    11/14/2019 5:12:37 AM, by COLLARANDCUFFS

    so today i have my first therapy session in 3 weeks (her holiday) i am looking forward to it as i have the stress bubbling away in my belly and throat.. my chest is feeling tight again and i very nearly had a full on melt down at work last night we have to take bikes upstairs at work which obvi... Read more

  • 13/11/19

    11/13/2019 5:43:15 AM, by COLLARANDCUFFS

    today is my son's 29th birthday.. gosh i am not old enough to have a kid of 29.. i am only 21 i am sure of it .. until i try and do something.. you know like move.. then i feel closer to 90 getting used to the new tracker and the new numbers.. i have decided to use google fit move minutes, spar... Read more