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  • Babe

    4/2/2020 12:40:50 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    In 1995, Babe charmed his way onto the theater screens. This is the story of the little pig that could (not to be confused with Charlotte’s Web)The little pig was the prize for guessing the piglet’s weight @ the county fair. Farmer Hoggett won him, making thoughts of roast pig dance in the the Farme... Read more

  • Happy April 1st

    4/1/2020 4:16:29 PM, by IMEMINE1

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing good and staying safe and healthy. In March I had set some goals that weren't met. I had a terrible sinus infection that kept me pretty inactive the last part of the month. I am feeling so much better now and I plan on setting my goals for this month. ... Read more

  • Wish I had this for this crisis time period.

    4/1/2020 12:55:42 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • April Fool

    4/1/2020 6:14:42 AM, by IMLOCOLINDA

    Floyd is thinking "Can't believe I fell for that" Personally I think this is worse than the next one with the Krispy Kremes! And it is really snowing out there after 2 60° daze?!! Joke's on Mont... Read more

  • The Princess Bride

    4/1/2020 12:14:46 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    The Princess Bride tripped into theaters in 1987. Based on a 1973 book of the same name by William Goldman. The book cover gives credit to ‘Morgenstern’ , by says this book is abridged “for the good parts”. Goldman worked on the screen play for the movie. The premise of the movie has a young boy, ... Read more

  • Poltergeist

    3/31/2020 12:49:36 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Poltergeist spooked us in the theaters in 1982. It was produced by Steven Spielberg, who was directing E.T. @ the same time - a clause in his E.T. Contract prohibited him from directing another movie @ the same time. The premise is a typical American family. Mom & Dad Freeling, Diane & Steve, were ... Read more


    3/30/2020 4:31:52 PM, by LADYPJAY

    Hello, Pink Flamingo Teammates and other Spark People Friends. I hope you are doing well, emotionally and spiritually and physically. This has been quite the month, and I can apologize for being a bit MIA, but maybe with all that the world has been going through I was not even missed. I wrote a b... Read more

  • My own current mindfulness strategies

    3/30/2020 1:52:04 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am very poor at this. Especially when I want to eat. 24 After the 24 weeks of the daily NOOM program, I have come to try to apply this: NOOM TAUGHT ME: MINDFULLNESS BEFORE EATING. • BREATHE • WHAT AM I FEELING? H?A?L?T? HALT This is "emotional hunger") • BODY... Read more

  • E. T. - The Extra-Terrestrial

    3/30/2020 1:34:05 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    E. T. - the Extra-Terrestrial flew into the theaters in 1982. It was produced & directed by Steven Spielberg. This was a science fiction film, with humor, tension, spooky men in silhouette, a lost creature, unlikely friendship & redemption. Premise: A UFO lands in the mountains near a small Califo... Read more

  • Safe Travel Destinations!

    3/29/2020 10:18:21 PM, by IMLOCOLINDA

    535 "Hmmm...where is my next destination? Las Kitchenas? Santa Bedroomes? Puerto Backyardo? El Recliner de Rojo? St. Bathroom? La Rotonda de Sofa? Costa de Patio? Just so many choices for travel! " One of my Facebook friends posted a meme with a few "travel suggestions" for the ... Read more

  • The Towering Inferno

    3/29/2020 12:34:03 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    The Towering Inferno flashed into the theaters in 1974. It was the second highest gross earning movie that year Blazing Saddles earned a bit more, like &3 million’ Typically, there was a star-studded cast, starting with Paul Newman as Doug Roberts, was the architect of the Glass Tower in San Franci... Read more

  • Sharknado

    3/27/2020 11:18:29 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    OK, for the last week or so, I’ve been blogging on disasters. Leading off with Outbreak, which we kinda have now, to tornadoes, asteroids hitting the Earth, space aliens, volcanoes, fires, floods, etc. This one, I can guarantee will NEVER, ever happen. The SyFy channel has a history of cheesy movie... Read more

  • these trying times

    3/27/2020 7:26:58 AM, by SMIDGON

    This is Day 8 of self-isolation. It's on the caution side. I have Stress induced Asthma. And, I'm in the hi-risk group. Almost 80. Only hubby is in and out. He's being cautious. He has to get out to go for Dialysis. Only thing that keeps me going is SADIE MAE. I eat as hea... Read more

  • The Poseidon Adventure

    3/26/2020 10:09:55 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    The Poseidon Adventure sailed into theaters in 1972. A soon to be retired luxury cruise ship was on her last hurrah. On New Year’s Eve, the party is in full swing. The captain of the ship reluctantly has the ship running @ full speed, as directed by the arrogant ship owner’s representative. Therefor... Read more

  • On my own advice, I just collected my reusable grocery bags to wash.

    3/26/2020 1:39:29 PM, by CTUPTON

    I have never thought about washing them before! Thanks for your encouragement, 24 chris... Read more

  • SP article on Mindfullness 24 Short Mindfulness Practices for Your Sanity

    3/26/2020 1:23:28 PM, by CTUPTON

    . The article has actual links to each of these 24 techniques! www.sparkpeople.com/resource
    2608 Do you use any of these???? 20 135 With a regular mindfulness, you can improve your mental fortitude and find balance. Before you accept unpleasant fee... Read more

  • video link How to handle groceries and other things brought into the house to prevent spreading COVI

    3/26/2020 10:22:10 AM, by CTUPTON

    TE5WsBq-XIMQw sure seems like lots of time and effort. But I was actually thinking about this myself. I just had groceries delivered to me and also a month's supply ... Read more

  • Firestorm

    3/25/2020 10:34:49 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Firestorm burst into the theaters in 1998. Howie Long (the American football player) starred as smokejumper Jesse Graves. The opening act had Jesse & his mentor, Wynt Perkins (Scott Glenn), in Wyoming. They rescue a woman trapped in forest fire, but Wynt is injured & forced to retire. Some months l... Read more

  • Instead of a "to do" list....

    3/25/2020 6:25:12 PM, by CTUPTON

    ...write a DONE list. It feels much better.... Read more

  • The Day After Tomorrow

    3/25/2020 1:12:23 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    The Day After Tomorrow, 2004. Denis Quade as Jack Hall, a palioclimatologist & 2 comrades are drilling ice core samples for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The ledge they are working on collapses. Soon after, Jack addresses a UN conference in New Delhi, warning global warm... Read more

  • Armageddon

    3/24/2020 12:18:20 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Armageddon, 1999 - A science fiction end of the world scenario. A hugely huge asteroid is approaching the blue planet (or as we usually say, Earth). The massive rock will hit in 18 days - “It’s what we call a planet killer”, bigger than Texas.“(Trivia: It’s estimated that the asteroid that is belie... Read more

  • Earthquake

    3/23/2020 12:53:49 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Earthquake, 1974, another movie destroying Los Angeles, CA. What is it about poor LA? OK, there are a lot of faults in & around LA, & a fair amount of tremors ... anyway, an early morning earthquake hits the LA area. A staffer @ the California Seismological Institute determines a major earthquake i... Read more

  • +canvas bags great for groceries--but wash them

    3/22/2020 8:39:06 PM, by CTUPTON

    ree-health-matters.html... Read more

  • Twister

    3/21/2020 11:28:58 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Twister blew into the theater in May 1996. Just some info first. There really are “storm chasers” that try to get as close as they can to tornadoes. Tornadoes are rated from F0 (zero) to F6 on the Fujitsu scale. In this movie, storm chaser & meteorologist Jo, lives in Oklahoma. She leads... Read more

  • about grocery bags and viruses.... I never heard this before!

    3/21/2020 2:04:29 PM, by CTUPTON

    from FB Amanda Whatley Cotton itself rips the virus to shreds in a couple of hours, due to hydrogen bonding interactions between the cellulose fibres and the structure of the protein. Same for wood. Materials like plastic, metal, ceramic and glass will let the virus remain viable for lon... Read more

  • Volcano

    3/20/2020 11:34:27 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Volcano, 1997, another catastrophe movie (this is how I’m distractingly myself from the pandemic). Tommy Lee Jones played Michael Roark, the director of Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management. Roark is on vacation with his daughter Kelly when an earthquake hits LA. He comes off vacation s... Read more


    3/20/2020 8:57:50 AM, by SMIDGON

    ENJOY ! FROM Sadie Mae to all my Friends HAPPY SPRING! GOD HELP US ALL, JANET 😁... Read more

  • Independence Day

    3/20/2020 1:19:51 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Independence Day, 1996 movie. The alien invasion started quietly & ominously. Huge (really, really huge) saucer shaped space craft appear in our solar system on 2 July. A swarm of hugely huge spacecraft hover above most large cities. No one knows why they are here, & they aren’t responding to any a... Read more

  • videos from Georgia Aquarium--so relaxing to watch!

    3/19/2020 7:50:16 PM, by CTUPTON

    NrCx-LARwn-sAtaAp-3w3-cbCUm-uyOg... Read more

  • hand areas missed after washing

    3/19/2020 2:00:31 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Fun--Jazz Hands Music and Dance video- for kids and big kids like us

    3/19/2020 1:10:12 PM, by CTUPTON

    v=xuPSIbABYVU... Read more

  • First Day of Spring Not a Spring Day!

    3/19/2020 11:28:54 AM, by IMLOCOLINDA

    Went out to my cousin's to see the new calves. She doesn't start lambing until mid-April! Still working on my "40 Bags in 40 Days" Spring/Lenten Challenge. Feels great to be letting go of things that are no longer useful or beautiful so they can go bring joy to someon... Read more

  • Outbreak

    3/19/2020 1:07:58 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Outbreak was a 1995 movie about a pandemic. Parts were butt clenching scary, while others were just “Really? There was a prototype cure all along? How fortunate.” Does anyone NOT know of the story? Syopsis: Deep in the African jungle, the natives eat what they call “Bush meat” (meat from tropical a... Read more

  • Let's share something good!

    3/18/2020 9:29:56 PM, by 3VEGGIES

    Name a healthy food. I'll kick this off: Flax seeds... Read more


    3/18/2020 7:56:15 AM, by SMIDGON

    HEAVEN HELP US ALL! THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I DECIDED I would send some light harted pics yesterday. I took the pics, but, when I started to send them, something different happened I lost all focus so, I decided I better just back off. That was 7p.m.. I woke up at 9p.m.. I gue... Read more

  • Waking Ned Devine

    3/17/2020 9:40:58 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Waking Ned, or Waking Ned Devine for USA folk, is a marvelous, funny, quirky Irish film from 1998. I wanted to do an Irish tv show, but, couldn’t find one I liked. And I loved this movie! The premise is the winner of the National lottery is one of the 52 residents of the small rural village of Tulai... Read more

  • COVID-19 and Stress Eating

    3/17/2020 8:44:23 PM, by 3VEGGIES

    Well....in my previous blog I said this is the opportunity to form new habits. I absolutely want to find something good with this virus that is turning the world upside down. I believe that human kind can unite and work together across the world. We need to work together as friends, coworkers, neig... Read more

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day

    3/17/2020 5:44:21 AM, by IMLOCOLINDA

    Why would you EVER find frogs in your underpants? That frig of mine does need a good cleaning! Can you read smarty pants dog Floyd's comment "Talk about your sagging finances?" I'll bet my dogs say the same smarty pants things about me! Where... Read more

  • Iron Horse

    3/16/2020 11:49:27 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Iron Horse was a 2 season show on ABC 1967-68. Dale Robertson played Ben Calhoun, a gambler who won a railroad company in the 1880’s. It wasn’t completely built when he won it, but he tried very hard to get it completed. I don’t remember the show, probably because I was in my mid-teens, & lets just... Read more

  • Paris Museums put items up so you can see them!

    3/16/2020 8:57:32 AM, by CTUPTON

    YBrBTB5Mx0TfPUrSay-bP0... Read more

  • St. Paddy's Day 2020

    3/16/2020 2:14:26 AM, by IMLOCOLINDA

    We got 8 inches of snow over the weekend and had below zero wind chill temperatures. It's supposed to warm up this week! Schools have been closed for the next two weeks statewide! The St. Paddy's Day parades have been cancelled. Not sure if the senior center will close. Not sure if the community cor... Read more

  • COVID-19 Information from Infectious Disease Expert

    3/16/2020 12:01:42 AM, by IMLOCOLINDA

    This is great, factual information on the COVID-19 virus. It's a 15 minute video with Dr. Michael Osterholm who is an Infectious Disease Expert from the University of Minnesota. There is a much longer interview/podcast you can find on YouTube! One of the risk factors for this is OBESITY! https://... Read more

  • Ripcord

    3/15/2020 11:03:02 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Ripcord, about the the new (at the time) sport of skydiving. It ran from 1961-63.There we’re 2 jumpers, Quoting Wiki : “This series starred Larry Pennell as the handsome, headstrong, youthful, colorful, audacious, intrepid and brave skydiver Theodore (Ted) McKeever, with Ken Curtis as his inseparabl... Read more

  • Spring into Fitness - Biggest Loser Challenge SparkPage Contest Winners

    3/15/2020 10:45:43 PM, by KPACE7

    To kick off the Spring into Fitness Biggest Loser Challenge, members decorate their SparkPages to reflect their challenge team. There are so many GREAT SparkPages, it is hard to award only one first place. Selecting finalist is NEVER easy. Every participant completed the Spring into Fi... Read more

  • Don't Miss a Golden Opportunity

    3/15/2020 10:01:44 PM, by 3VEGGIES

    Wow! Well life can change so quickly can't it? I see the changes being implemented in our society as an opportunity to make constructive changes to my habits. 224 #1. The temptation to go out to a restaurant or grab something to bring home or eat on the run is gone. 226 Now there is... Read more

  • Hatfields & McCoys

    3/15/2020 12:08:14 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    The Hatfields & McCoys tv miniseries, shown on the History Channel for 3 2-hour episodes from 28-30 May 2012. It was based on the actual feuding between the 2 families on the West Virginia/Kentucky borders, after the Civil War. The families were friends, but began feuding over the results of the war... Read more

  • Solution to a problem of mine. MEETUP groups.

    3/14/2020 1:12:37 PM, by CTUPTON

    I just learned about MEETUPS. There are hundreds of small groups of people getting together for whatever floats your boat. I joined one WNY Excursions--maybe excursions is the wrong word. There is an age range listed. I am going today to a nearby nature center. An indoors activity: ma... Read more

  • More deep thoughts with cookie monster

    3/14/2020 12:42:03 PM, by CTUPTON

    WWW.imgur.com/gallery/EgRbt... Read more

  • Just a bit of an update

    3/14/2020 10:11:47 AM, by IMEMINE1

    Good morning everyone, First, I hope everyone is doing well. Yesterday was our last day of school until the 30th. (But it might be more) So I have no work til then. I am thinking of asking my boss if he needs help in his Restaurant. Second, My DH had an implant in his retina yesterday. It is... Read more

  • Forever

    3/13/2020 11:39:32 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Forever was a one season show on ABC from 2014-15. It was billed as a fantasy crime drama. ABC said it didn’t have enough watchers, but refused to count those who recorded it for later watching.(I had quite a few shows I taped, since I worked 12 hour night shifts.) It did well in France & Spain. P... Read more

  • 30 min. flexibility workout that I just might do! You need FB.

    3/13/2020 9:18:52 AM, by CTUPTON

    6P7hLmyirihTW-d1xR_WyoLvy9... Read more

  • Friday the 13th

    3/13/2020 4:04:52 AM, by IMLOCOLINDA

    I have never been superstitious. I believe in the power of positive thinking or "what you think about, you bring about". I am saddened by the panic caused by COVID-19. Amused and amazed by toilet paper shortages. So enjoy your Friday! Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands!... Read more

  • Gold Rush

    3/12/2020 10:55:07 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Gold Rush, a reality show, has been on Discovery Channel since 2010. The first season was called Gold Rush: Alaska, then just Gold Rush. There have been so many ads about it recently, I finally watched a few episodes. The back story has a group of 6 men that, because of the economic downturn, decid... Read more

  • Reminder to myself to disinfect

    3/12/2020 12:43:11 PM, by CTUPTON

    from webMD if you want a larger image... Read more

  • Monk

    3/11/2020 11:54:18 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Monk, the OCD, multi-phobic brilliant detective from San Francisco, CA. It ran on USA network, from 2002-09. Partly police procedural, part comedy, some tragedy. I have no idea what he would do in these times of pandemics. Probably have his disinfectant wipes delivered on a fork lift, pour some disi... Read more

  • Superstore

    3/11/2020 1:22:47 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Superstore is a sit-com which has been shown on NBC since 2015. The show has been renewed for a 6th season. It is about the follows a group of employees that work at a big box store l(like Sam’s Club or Costco), that sell everything). The store is Cloud 9 in St. Louis, Missouri. America Ferrera pla... Read more

  • Wishing we had a word like instead of "death"

    3/10/2020 6:49:26 PM, by CTUPTON

    Bernie Siegel 23 hrs · The term used to describe death in Judaism is histalkut, which does not mean death in the sense of coming to an end; rather, it is an elevation from one level to another. When one completes his or her mission in life, the departed person is elevated to a higher plane. ... Read more

  • People of Earth

    3/9/2020 11:21:53 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    People of Earth was a comedy/science fiction show on TBS. It ran for 2 seasons, 2016-18, was approved by TBS for a 3d season, but cancelled after the 2d season. Bastids! I liked it. I’ll bet not many people watched, since it wasn’t one of the big 3 channels. Anyway, the show covered a support group... Read more

  • Madame Secretary

    3/8/2020 11:50:41 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Madam Secretary aired on CBS 2014-19. Tea Leoni starred as Elizabeth McCord, a prior CIA analyst & political science professor, & the Secretary of State. The first 5 seasons had “Bess” McCord navigates the national & international policy waters, making history. The personal lives of Bess & her famil... Read more

  • Spring Forward!

    3/8/2020 1:33:43 AM, by IMLOCOLINDA

    I don't think anyone likes DST! My mom saves the jobs of changing the clock on the stove and in her car for me! I do love those long summer nights up here on the Montana/Canadian border! and I don't mean the veggies!!! ... Read more

  • Blindspot

    3/7/2020 10:27:08 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Blindspot is a crime drama on NBC. It has been on air since 2015, this is supposed to be the last season. Premise: A naked, heavily tattooed woman is found in a duffle bag in Times Square by the FBI. She has total amnesia. They name her Jane. FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller’s name is found on one of ... Read more

  • Hello March

    3/7/2020 9:12:49 AM, by IMEMINE1

    I just want to say that I hope we all have a good March. I plan on getting myself motivated to work harder on my exercises, and eating more and more plant strong and continuing 8 to 10 glasses of water (which includes tea) daily. My exercise includes walking-12,000 to 15,000 steps a day Yoga-d... Read more

  • The Gong Show

    3/6/2020 11:44:40 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    The Gong Show, in my opinion, was one of the worst shows on TV, & it ran from 1976-80 on ABC. Chuck Barris was to blame, er, I mean he was the host. Amateurs compete in a talent show. Three celebrities would judge them. If the act was just too awful to listen to anymore, the judges (or Barris) would... Read more

  • Baretta

    3/6/2020 12:01:51 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Baretta was another detective show, starring Robert Blake as Baretta. It aired on ABC from 1975-78. The show was sort of a spin off from Toma, a one season show about a real life NJ police officer, David Toma. The star of that show quit after the first season. ABC retooled it to Baretta. Tony Barett... Read more

  • Kojak

    3/4/2020 11:55:25 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Kojak aired on ABC from 1973-78. Telly Savalas played Lt. Theodore Kojak, a Greek-American NYC cop. He was bald (no coverups for him!),incorruptible, & constantly sucked on lollipops (actually Tootsie Pops - Savalas was trying to stop smoking). Aided by his like-minded band of cohorts, they fought... Read more

  • Starsky & Hutch

    3/3/2020 11:39:21 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Starsky & Hutch showed on ABC from 1975 - 79. It was a buddy cop show, where they drove a bright red Ford Torino, blasting around (fictional) Bay City, CA. (Remember when we thought that was totally normal?) Anyway, Starsky (Paul Michael Glazer), the dark haired, came from Brooklyn, so he was‘stre... Read more

  • Happy Birthday!

    3/3/2020 11:52:24 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more