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  • We knew this day would come

    2/21/2020 1:51:05 PM, by MEADSBAY

    My dear younger son Patrick, 49, was diagnosed (at 46!) with stage IV colon cancer... lost his colon, half his liver, has spots in his lung, and has been getting chemo every other week for 3 1/2 loooong years. The chemo (which he has tolerated remarkably well and has actually been able to go to w... Read more

  • My ‘Rest’ Day?

    2/16/2020 4:18:59 PM, by MEADSBAY

    Hahaha...I have been so busy this past week that I was soooo looking forward to a day of rest. At home. Alone most of the afternoon (D took the kidlets to a basketball game). 334 So...up at 7:30ish...been sleeping so well lately I rarely sleep in anymore. Made myself a pot of tea and ... Read more

  • I went downstairs..

    2/12/2020 10:40:39 PM, by HODGEPODGEPANDA

    ..to get my wallet. Forgot why I was there, and ended up eating. This happens all the time! LOL... Read more

  • Why do I wait so long?

    2/12/2020 9:30:34 AM, by MEADSBAY

    To blog, I mean. 198 Then I go on and on...not today! 521 So, pounds are slowly melting away...ten pounds this year so far. 9 Four weeks from yesterday to our vacation in Jamaica. 47 DS Patrick still has not decided to retire on disability or continue to cut his hours down. ... Read more

  • Scotland.

    2/11/2020 2:58:00 PM, by IPA-RAY

    706 278 57 295 I'm planning a trip to Scotland this May. I'm registered for the Edinburgh half marathon on May 24. I will be in Scotland for 8 nights and will be doing some hiking in the Highlands. I also hope to play golf while there. My maternal grandmother was half Scot so there is an ances... Read more

  • Progress

    2/5/2020 6:19:48 AM, by RAETOP

    Hit my first goal of getting back under 200 today! Next goal is 11 pounds to get my BMI out of the obesity range. Feeling really good about my progress in the past month. Built some solid habits in January (at least 72 oz of water a day, packing lunch for work, and cooking meals at home) and now I’m... Read more

  • Never mind!

    2/1/2020 10:21:07 AM, by MEADSBAY

    My Ketosis strip has been light or dark pink for a few days now...I think I had been using it at the wrong time of day..who knew that mattered? That means my body is burning fat as no carbs are available. Hence the weight loss in January. Powerfully motivating! 9 But never mind all th... Read more

  • 29 Days

    2/1/2020 8:30:16 AM, by DOGADILEMAN

    Extra day for fitness this month. Make use of it!... Read more

  • January review

    1/31/2020 2:10:05 PM, by MEADSBAY

    My dear readers must think I am sort of bipolar by the wide mood swings in my blogs this month! 198 Maybe that has been my life lately.... yours, too? 38 But, anywho, after a warm and wonderful Christmas, with all of my family gathered, my husband agreed to a Caribbean vacation in mid-March (d... Read more