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  • Freedom and Happy Birthday Mom

    1/20/2020 6:25:07 PM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - Martin Luther King Jr had a dream speech impressed me with song “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”. My Mother 90th Birthday 🎂 would be today. So I made Piilsbury sugar free Chocolate cup cakes with sugar free chocolate icing. ... Read more

  • Taking Tests

    1/19/2020 8:37:11 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - I am taking more medical and professional education tests this week. I ask for your prayers.... Read more

  • book sale

    1/18/2020 9:58:06 PM, by IMREITE

    picked up some books at the library sale. i also picked up kids books for my nieces and nephew for when they visit... Read more

  • found the bags... and a leak

    1/18/2020 12:10:34 AM, by IMREITE

    we are going out of town on sunday, i went into the storage room to find the suitcase and carryons. i took a side step to the other corner and i heard squich and my foot was wet. i called my dh and ge helped find the source: the water pump was leaking. probably started late last night. of course i ... Read more

  • stretching

    1/16/2020 11:19:36 PM, by IMREITE

    my goal this week was to focus on stretching. i have done pretty well so far.... Read more

  • Annual Physical Tuesday 1/21/2020

    1/16/2020 6:40:14 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫- annual physical with labs coming up this Tuesday 1/21/2020.... Read more

  • cleaning out the fridge

    1/15/2020 9:02:19 PM, by IMREITE

    i am going out of town on sunday till wednesday. i want to eat my produce that may go bad... Read more

  • the munchies

    1/14/2020 11:34:18 PM, by IMREITE

    ive had the munchies lately. at least i have a lot of fruit i can eat, but i have been wanting chocalate and carby items. i bought some smores flavored trail mix . it wasnt a huge container, but i still finished the whole thing with a couple hours of when i got home.... Read more

  • Exercising with children

    1/14/2020 2:17:13 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friend👫 - in the San Antonio Texas area, during our police 👮‍♀️ Officer during his meal break (off time-choses to play a short game of basketball with local children near their homes when they are out playing basketball.... Read more

  • Exercising with children

    1/14/2020 2:17:08 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friend👫 - in the San Antonio Texas area, during our police 👮‍♀️ Officer choses to play a short game of basketball with local children near their homes when they are out playing basketball.... Read more

  • plank challenge

    1/12/2020 11:19:09 PM, by IMREITE

    i already can do 30 second planks without a problem. so i am starting at week 4. https://www.runnersworld.com
    to-get-stronger-from-head-to-toe/... Read more

  • nephew visit

    1/12/2020 12:18:30 AM, by IMREITE

    he is 10 weeks old and getting bigger. my brother and his wife only live an hour away so this morning we went it and played with a happy baby. he was in a good mood till he wanted his bottle but them he was happy and played till nap time... Read more

  • Weight loss

    1/11/2020 12:37:52 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - lost 1 pound USA and .435 kilograms this week.... Read more

  • loong week

    1/11/2020 12:14:27 AM, by IMREITE

    dont know why but this week dragged. i did get plenty of physical activity and ate my freggies. i think i needed more sleep.... Read more

  • getting my steps in

    1/7/2020 11:15:23 PM, by IMREITE

    i think i have my new step tracker set up correctly now. it is fun seeing the 10,000 again each day.... Read more

  • little guava

    1/6/2020 11:24:28 PM, by IMREITE

    last week was gold kiwi, tonight it was little guavas. i think i had it years ago when i was in costa rica but i dont remember. i want eat more freggiesw then i have to try more of them and buy them more often.... Read more

  • new kiwis

    1/5/2020 11:23:39 PM, by IMREITE

    i like kiwi but the other day at the store i found yellow kiwi. Sungold Kiwifruit to be exact. the were so good. a little sweeter then the green but a nice snack.... Read more

  • and the winner is

    1/4/2020 8:31:40 PM, by IMREITE

    ok it does not get a prize. but the first thing i made in the instant pot was salsa chicken, i ended up with a lot of liquid so i drained it off and am going to use it to make rice later tonight.... Read more

  • what to make

    1/3/2020 11:48:46 PM, by IMREITE

    there are so many videos showing things to make in the instant pot. i went to the store and bought macaroni noodles, chicken breasts and took some burger out of the freezer. i am debating on mac and cheese, chilli, chicken and rice, salsa chicken or maybe hard boiled eggs (but i rarely eat them in... Read more

  • Home made pizza

    1/3/2020 7:53:25 AM, by AOKDIET21

    A bit more healthier- lots of veggies red pepper onion olives and provolone cheese... Read more

  • in a good zone today

    1/2/2020 8:12:54 PM, by IMREITE

    some mental distractions but this afternoon i realized i was actually getting a lot of stuff done. we stayed steady at work, sups panicked a bit but day went well.... Read more

  • New year new attitude!!!

    1/2/2020 3:36:21 PM, by OPTIMIST123

    I’ve always been one to help others. Sometimes to a fault. Well last Monday I could no longer raise my arm over my head and had to see someone. I had hurt it on Saturday at work. I don’t want to do work comp but boss said I had too. Well don’t you think since that was the case she should stick arou... Read more

  • new instant pot

    1/1/2020 8:29:50 PM, by IMREITE

    my mom gave me an instant pot for christmas. wondering what i want to make first.... Read more

  • Steps total for 2019

    1/1/2020 2:20:21 PM, by CASEYSAUER

    Once again, I had made the resolution to keep track of my daily step via a simple stepper attached to my pants or placed in my pocket. I also still at 480 steps for every mile I bike (be it spin, recumbent, or riding the trails). So if the monthly totals seem outrageous, that's why. Also keep in ... Read more

  • Happy New Year

    1/1/2020 8:24:17 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Celebrate a new beginning ... Read more

  • next challange starts soon

    1/1/2020 12:27:35 AM, by IMREITE

    i finished my december january challenge tonight, i should have finished it last night but was too lazy. tomorrow i start real appeal level 1. its probably too easy but i want to do the full progression... Read more

  • medical bills suck

    12/28/2019 11:54:24 PM, by IMREITE

    i had 2 doctors appointments with general blood tests and we received about 15 bills. i went through them and it was aggrivating. the doctors office did some blood tests some others they sent to a lab. one of them had a service date when i was not even there,. so now i have a list so i can call them... Read more

  • Cleaning for New Year’s Day Party

    12/28/2019 8:19:08 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Cleaning 🧹 House today and tomorrow for New Year Day Party 🎉. ... Read more

  • Infusion Water bottle

    12/27/2019 11:51:15 PM, by IMREITE

    i told my mom that i am trying to drink less sugary beverages so at christmas she surprised me with a Savvy Infusion® Water Bottle. i already used it. it will be nice in the summer to make cold brewed ice teas.... Read more

  • Recalled car repairs

    12/26/2019 4:56:32 PM, by AOKDIET21

    Got 3 recall notices on my car - brakes, ignition and pcv valve. Got a nice loaner car. Unfortunately they do not have the new Subaru Impreza brake parts - so we hopefully will be repeating this soon!... Read more

  • alexa play baby shark

    12/25/2019 11:31:01 PM, by IMREITE

    my dad won an alaexa over a year ago. he likes having it play songs that my nieces will dance too. the 2 and 3 year old's current favorite ... "baby shark". it is cute the 1st half dozen times. after that it is tiring. the only benefit is that they couldn't say alexa. they would just yell "lexa bab... Read more

  • Merry Christmas & Resting

    12/25/2019 4:25:25 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫- Wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🎄. Worked hard, so like these 2 sweet cats - I will be resting this holiday! ... Read more

  • new niece

    12/25/2019 12:13:08 AM, by IMREITE

    my sister had her new baby around 3am this morning i am an aunt again. christmas at my parents was a bit off because she was not there but her darling 2 year old and exhausted dh were there.... Read more

  • suck it up and do it

    12/23/2019 11:46:54 PM, by IMREITE

    i wanted to do a lower intensity workout but i decided i needed to do the more intense one instead. i decided to suck it up and do it anyway.... Read more

  • Stay Healthy

    12/23/2019 4:31:17 PM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫 - Stay Healthy during the Holidays.... Read more

  • 2nd family party

    12/22/2019 9:22:24 PM, by IMREITE

    i slept in so i did not have a lot of time before going to my aunts for a xmas party. i had an apple and glass of milk for breakfast. my aunt made sliders and we had meatballs and dips. so it was nice to not have a huge meal. i still ate abunch. on the bright side i got rid of my 2 liter bottles of... Read more