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  • 10 miler - done!

    2/24/2020 8:30:16 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    So I finally managed to get my long run in yesterday!! We got home from church around 2:30pm and I was out the door by 3. It was absolutely gorgeous out, at almost 60, which is a treat in Iowa in February. I just barely skimmed the 2 hour mark, but there are lots of puddles to dodge with things ... Read more

  • Are you ready to say Hello?

    2/23/2020 10:22:41 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    It’s a brand new day! Time to make it your own! ... Read more

  • Happy Sunday!

    2/23/2020 9:52:53 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    Happy Sunday everyone! It's another gorgeous day in Iowa. Our high today is 55!! We also have sunshine which really helps the outlook. I have a 10 mile run planned for today. I had some complications that wouldn't allow me to run it yesterday. We have a long day at church today as well... Read more

  • Are you ready to say goodbye?

    2/22/2020 11:49:03 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Last month and I blogged about having lunch with the girls. My favorite time of the month. At our last lunch, my friend Tina wasn’t there. Though she had come to my house for a visit on Monday, she wasn’t in jewelry class on Tuesday, or lunch Wednesday. Hmmmm. Wednesday night her son in Col... Read more

  • Struggling

    2/22/2020 10:46:09 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    I have been struggling with stress, which is then making me struggle with decent rest. I have been anxious a lot recently, mostly with the stress of adding a dog to our home this week. I know this too shall pass, but this week was tough. It doesn't help that my period showed up too (sorry not s... Read more

  • Welcome home, Daisy!

    2/17/2020 4:20:13 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    Wow I really haven't been on SparkPeople for a few days. We have been so busy. I also haven't run for a few days either. Sadness. However, we picked up Daisy, our new puppy on Saturday so it's all good! We left home at 4am on Saturday and drove down to KC and back all in one day and we were ho... Read more

  • Some Sunshine on a rainy day

    2/16/2020 11:48:08 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Finally back to losing again. Body Feels better too. Don’t know for sure what kicked me out of ketosis about a month ago, but i knew if I stuck with the my good plan, it’d turn around again, eventually. So, now to get rid of the 4 pounds that came back out of no where, which will put me... Read more

  • Another Valentine funny

    2/15/2020 12:50:33 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Thought this was cute...... ... Read more

  • What a Week...

    2/14/2020 12:38:11 PM, by SOUTHERNMOMMA74

    This week has been a blur of appointments, activities, and errands... all while trying to balance homeschool lessons and activities and DD14's job. We have an appointment to go to today as well. DD14 sprained her ankle last Friday and is now in a boot. Her employer has been wonderful, working wit... Read more

  • Valentines funny

    2/13/2020 10:55:43 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    ... Read more

  • More Snow

    2/12/2020 10:10:57 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    It's snowing again. 425 425 425 Hopefully we won't get much. I love snow, but I'm kinda over winter now. I want spring. I need running weather that doesn't require multiple layers and insulated running tights. I did get 2 miles in today, probably took me longer to get dressed than it did t... Read more

  • No energy at all

    2/12/2020 5:00:54 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, the low energy (sometimes no energy) is back. No matter if I do take iron pills and B12 pills or not, I am tired. As we speak, I am REALLY tired. I had plenty of sleep last night (a little over 8 hours of sleep) . I know that I am not depressed (if I am, it's not even a 1 on the scale) because... Read more

  • Being over 40

    2/12/2020 10:21:22 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    In case you missed it on 60 Minutes, this is what Andy Rooney thinks about women near or over 40: “As I grow in age, I value women near or over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman near or over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, 'What are you thinking?' ... Read more

  • 18 today!

    2/9/2020 11:16:48 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    My daughter, my youngest, turns 18 today. (I'm in shock - I don't feel old enough to have a 21yr old and an 18 yr old!) ... Read more

  • BBQ

    2/8/2020 9:49:08 PM, by KWAKELAND

    BBQ baby back ribs were my downfall today.......... Read more

  • Health Challenges

    2/8/2020 10:26:01 AM, by KALEWINE

    I want to offer an explanation to where I've been and why I'm going to be scarce a little longer. I went to Disney World with my mom, my sister and her family for my nephew's 4th birthday the last week of January. I got back to my parents' house last Saturday with severe abdominal pain and ended u... Read more

  • This Weekend's Long Run

    2/8/2020 10:20:35 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    So normally I run my long run on Saturday, but last weekend I ran on Sunday because the weather was so nice. It looks like that will happen again this weekend. However, if it's raining and only in the 30s tomorrow then I will utilize my treadmill, but I am so happy to have so many options. ... Read more

  • Struggling on Getting Started

    2/8/2020 12:30:19 AM, by SOUTHERNMOMMA74

    I just started this journey- as in Thursday- and it's been a bit of a struggle to get started. Thursday was busy, and today was worse. I still haven't gotten to go to the grocery store, either! Between appointments, a sick family member, and now tonight spending 2 hours in the ER with my youngest (... Read more

  • Snow Day Swimming

    2/7/2020 1:45:49 PM, by DBALZER

    My youngest son (14 yrs old now) has decided to follow my lead in losing weight and getting healthier. Today, the school had a snow day so he was home and we decided to go swim at the gym for an hour at lunch. It really motivates me when he joins me and I am so happy seeing him make better choices... Read more

  • Feeling better & Dog Rescue

    2/7/2020 8:20:41 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    I woke up feeling lousy yesterday, rescheduled a dental appointment and just sat around the house all day. Thankfully I am feeling better today! I wasn't around much yesterday on the boards and I realized I hadn't posted a blog for a few days. We are attempting to adopt a 2nd dog from a rescu... Read more

  • Time to get Serious

    2/4/2020 4:11:02 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    So I came back to SparkPeople in December, with all kinds of lofty goals to get back on track in 2020. However, while I am working out regularly, I just can't seem to get away from the munchies and junk food. My kiddo works at Starbucks and brings home day old pasteries all the time and now we ... Read more

  • Half Marathon Training

    2/3/2020 5:41:27 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    Well, I am 10 weeks out from Half Marathon #10 and training is going very well. I ran 10 yesterday. It wasn't my best time, but I contribute that to the fact that I spent most of it walking around on the muddy, snowy sides of sidewalks to avoid the huge puddles, some of which covered large areas o... Read more

  • Consistency

    2/3/2020 2:22:54 PM, by DBALZER

    I've been working on my new lifestyle for one month now. You know, the one that will allow me to be around for my family and allow me to grow old with my wife. I've done this all before and not going to make excuses for what derailed me in the past. I am however trying very hard not to burn with ... Read more

  • Hello February!

    2/1/2020 10:05:55 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    It's a New Month! Hello February!! I thought I would start out the month with jotting down my goals for accountability...so here they are.. 1. Run 60 miles (last month I had 47.2) 2. Cut out the evening munching in front of the tv 3. More strength training & yoga on the days I don't run ... Read more

  • Rebounder......

    1/31/2020 8:37:32 PM, by KWAKELAND

    I put my new rebounder together today all by myself.......I'm 61, 4'11", 136 lbs. The instructions recommended needing 3 strong men to put it together. So, I asked God for strength, then proceeded to put it together, using a full upright freezer for assistance. Perhaps God strengthened me as he d... Read more

  • Not Feeling well & tooth pain

    1/30/2020 3:38:27 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    So many years ago I broke a tooth while eating conversation hearts (a good clue not to eat those!) and I never had it taken care of because of no dental insurance. Well, I finally called today and made an appointment. Today it's causing me pain. I am also not feeling well. I just feel sort of... Read more

  • Switching doctors

    1/30/2020 8:29:34 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I had to switch 2 of my doctors. Not due to bad care but due to insurance. My insurance and the hospital that 2 doctors work for doesn't have a contract. Both new doctors are an hour away but at least I have a doctor to go to. The two that I had to replace was my gastroenterologist and my pulmonolog... Read more

  • New Books

    1/29/2020 4:59:01 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    I love it when new books arrive! I ordered these the other day, and bless Amazon and their 2 day shipping :) A wonderful resource for learning how to take your thoughts captive and live how God wants you to live! My daughter suffers from Anxiety so I bought one for her too. When you rec... Read more

  • Lunch with the girls

    1/29/2020 1:18:15 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    My favorite time of the month.... the last Wednesday.... lunch with the girls. The girl lunch was started years and years ago when my sweet neighbor “little” Betty and her friend Betty were volunteering at our tiny local library. They kept saying “we have to get together for lunch sometim... Read more

  • Where is your treasure

    1/28/2020 3:18:22 PM, by DJ4HEALTH

    But God said to him, “Fool! This night your soul will be required of you; then whose will those things be which you have provided?” So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God. Luke 12:20-21... Read more

  • A message to my Sparkfriends

    1/28/2020 11:45:43 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    I cannot seem to navigate to your spark pages to thank you for the many words of encouragement. I work primarily from my iPad and for some reason it does not Give me an active link that works to your spark page. Your kind words, goodies, etc. have been such a blessing, always, but espe... Read more

  • Keep on.......

    1/27/2020 5:00:09 PM, by KWAKELAND

    Keep on keeping on............ Read more

  • Happy Monday!

    1/27/2020 9:52:51 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    It's a new week. A new beginning. What happened last week is now in the past. Did you not follow the plan? Did you eat too much? Put a few pounds back on? Don't worry about it and don't let that hold you back. The week is a fresh start. Make some new plans for this week. S... Read more

  • So tired

    1/26/2020 6:06:09 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    I didn't sleep well at all on Friday night, and it's catching up with me today. I hope to be in bed early tonight. I'm so tired right now. I probably should have taken a nap this afternoon. Oh well. I slept like 9 hours last night so I am really hoping that I can get another 9 tonight. That ... Read more