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    9/10/2020 3:49:09 AM, by HWNHMMBRD

    Back in April, I found a 3 to 4-week old kitten on my way home from work. I had planned on finding a foster for it, as I am not really a cat person, and I am mildly allergic to cats. My parents, with whom I live, are not crazy about cats, either. I had her tucked into my hoody, both for warmth an... Read more

  • Here comes fall

    9/9/2020 11:15:17 AM, by URBANAUDREYE

    Fall is nearly here. The kids all start back to school this week. Colt started Pre-K yesterday and had a good day, though he didn't want to go today. The girls start back on Friday. All 3 kids will actually been IN SCHOOL. A first since they've been out because of COVID-19 for SIX MONTHS now. I can ... Read more

  • Another short hike

    9/6/2020 7:29:17 PM, by SUEFROMRI

    Just 2k. Why am I measuring in kilometers? Because I was playing Pokemon Go, of course. lol. My ankle is sore, my shoulder is sore. But all and all, I'm doing well and meeting my goals. We will see what happens when school starts Tuesday. ... Read more

  • Swelling is Down Went Hiking

    9/5/2020 9:07:26 PM, by SUEFROMRI

    I brought Hercules for a walk. It took a while to get there! I wanted to go to one place, but I was passed by several ambulances and firetrucks (over a dozen from two towns!) That is not good for a town under 20,000 people. I don't know what was happening but the road was closed about 100 feet... Read more


    9/1/2020 11:29:09 PM, by HWNHMMBRD

    I had my 3-month post-op appointment yesterday. I seem to be progressing well, all my labs are within normal limits and I have lost 50% of my excess weight. My highest recorded weight was 218, and I am now down to 158. I haven’t been less than 160 since before my second pregnancy (1992). I am al... Read more

  • ouch

    9/1/2020 10:33:31 PM, by SUEFROMRI

    I worked packing stock and loading the van. Over 6 hours of overdoing it. My ankle gave out on the stairs at home and I fell forward. I landed on the shoulder that is recouping from major surgery. I didn't have such a good day today and just needed to whine. I hope you had a much better day tha... Read more