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  • 1-17-20

    1/17/2020 5:39:29 AM, by ELRIDDICK

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  • Talking to myself

    1/16/2020 11:01:45 PM, by CHRISSYMACD66

    Hey there Universe. It's been a while. 2019 is over...and I survived it. By "survived" I mean I subsisted mostly on chocolate and puffy peppermints for the better part of 2 months. It did wonders for my stress levels (hello dopamine). It also wreaked havoc on my HBA1c. Yeah...so that's a thi... Read more

  • Lose 60 Pounds = Blood Pressure 117/72

    1/16/2020 2:04:11 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I had a pleasant surprise at the doctor's office yesterday when I went for my prescription renewals. Because I take BP meds, she checks my blood pressure. She said you must be very relaxed your BP is 117/72. Beg to differ Dr. I think losing 60 pounds helps. I was first aware of my BP 25 years when I... Read more

  • 1-16-20

    1/16/2020 5:29:42 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Lost 60 Pounds on SparkPeople!

    1/15/2020 11:28:20 AM, by KALISWALKER

    I did it! Today when I saw the number on the scale I was happy to see my losing trend has continued and I am 2.6 pounds away from my next milestone when my BMI changes from obese to overweight. It's taken me years to get here but it's not less thrilling to achieve a 60 pound weight loss. In the last... Read more

  • 1-15-20

    1/15/2020 5:42:53 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Life is a bumpy road

    1/14/2020 7:09:08 PM, by LOPEYP

    ...... and eventually you learn to drive on it. I have turned back to me and what I need to get back to my super healthy life. I did so well to get to Lifetime status on WW but the past several months I have been hanging on by a thread. Lots of stress, I guess, is the case. I recently was ta... Read more

  • Getting Healthy is Going Well

    1/14/2020 7:56:31 AM, by SHELLYMCPHAIL

    Well, fourteen days into the new year and things have gone well. I am still getting in a workout at least three to four days a week and my 5:2 plan is still going well. I find that I am not starving the morning after a fast day and I actually feel a little energized. Now, my motivation to work on pr... Read more

  • 1-14-20

    1/14/2020 5:47:37 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • That Good Advice (You Just Didn't Take?)

    1/13/2020 12:56:22 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I am in a Facebook weight loss group. Today someone posted that his weight loss has stopped and he wants suggestions on how to start losing again. I have tried a lot of things over the years so I wrote to him. Things to try to see if they work for you. Eat dinner later, go to bed earlier, soak in th... Read more

  • 1-13-19

    1/13/2020 5:37:40 AM, by ELRIDDICK

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  • 1-12-20

    1/12/2020 10:27:51 PM, by ELRIDDICK

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  • To do list

    1/12/2020 2:42:44 PM, by CTUPTON

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  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals for BLC42

    1/12/2020 2:02:01 PM, by LIONESS627

    Long term - reach 150 pounds (goal weight that I discussed with my doctor. This is at the high end of the BMI range for my height of 5’6”) Short term - lose 12 pounds by the final weigh in of BLC 42 - April 1, 2020 (signed up for a DietBet, so these should help me to reach my goal withou... Read more

  • 1-11-20

    1/11/2020 8:32:55 PM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Day 1 of Winter Challenge.

    1/11/2020 12:23:34 PM, by KALISWALKER

    249 381 274 388 534 535 280 67 298 218 464 502 Our Living the Good Life (LTGL) theme – As your personal challenge, choose one thing you will do each day that will bring you the success you deserve. What habit will it be – walk daily, get up earlier - don’t hit the snooze button, exe... Read more

  • Trying to get new hearing aides.

    1/11/2020 10:35:42 AM, by CTUPTON

    I am frustrated my insurance company promises free hearing aides but getting the information from them has been very frustrating. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing! chris... Read more

  • Week One Progress

    1/10/2020 11:05:08 AM, by SHELLYMCPHAIL

    Well, I am happy that I got in my three workouts this week. I actually did four, but my fitbit did not count my Sunday walk. I completed my two fasts for the week and actually feel good. I was so happy that today I would have a piece of chocolate and when I did, I was disappointed because it didn't... Read more

  • My very FIRST day teaching Kids Yoga

    1/10/2020 9:42:36 AM, by LIONESS627

    Tuesday, January 7, 2020: This was my first time teaching kids yoga. I was prepared to teach MIDDLE SCHOOL students, but when I arrived, I was told I was getting guess who.....KINDERGARTENERS!!! 40 Had to scrap the ENTIRE lesson plan and didn’t have much to work with because I didn’t even think tha... Read more

  • 2019 accomplishments

    1/10/2020 9:30:26 AM, by LIONESS627

    To keep my focus OFF of the scale, I set 3 mini-goals each month in terms of trying NEW things in the way of 1) activity or a class at the gym, 2) new food or recipe, and 3) behavior or read a self-improvement book. I’ve been doing this the past couple of years and it really has kept me motiva... Read more

  • 1-10-20

    1/10/2020 5:45:55 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Goodbye thyroid!

    1/9/2020 2:29:29 PM, by TIKITAMI

    Starting weight 312 Current weight 246 Goal 165 Loss/gain this week - 1 This week there was a very nice NSV that came into play when I ran out of clean clothes. I pulled out a pair of jeans that I haven't had on in almost a year, they are back to being comfortable and I'm able to wear ... Read more

  • 8 - Triggers & Red Light Foods

    1/9/2020 12:19:29 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I am slowly been working my way through the Winter 5% Challenge Countdown Activities. I have put a lot of thought into what I commit to and how I will accomplish it. What triggers you to overeat, defined as eating and drinking more calories than you need, causing you to gain weight. Trigg... Read more

  • 1-9-20

    1/9/2020 5:37:00 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • 1-8-20

    1/8/2020 5:42:14 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • 70 Days and counting......

    1/7/2020 10:03:15 PM, by TEEZIE

    340 My cousin just reminded me that we are going to be on our family cruise in 70 days, That means I really have to step up my game! 403 Legs are burning from my walk today. Beautiful 65 degree day.... Read more

  • Drum Roll Please! I did it!

    1/7/2020 7:30:40 PM, by KALISWALKER

    In December I lost 7.4 pounds. At the TOPS meeting today I was the biggest loser for the past month, so 'Star of the Month' and won the fruit basket. I was also number one for losing weight over the holidays. After the meetings I go for lunch with some friends I've made in the group. We were talking... Read more

  • 1-7-20

    1/7/2020 5:39:56 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Bought a bag of air...

    1/6/2020 6:57:42 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Optimistic About My Next Weigh In!

    1/6/2020 5:32:24 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I had great motivation this fall. “Anything that happens in the 10 weeks before New Years, on average, takes about five months to come off,” said Prof. Brian Wansink of Cornell’s business school. I know that's happened to me many times! Rather than make a New Year's resolution to lose weight, I... Read more

  • 1-6-20

    1/6/2020 5:40:00 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • New Year Big Changes

    1/5/2020 9:45:24 PM, by TEEZIE

    Going to be going through alot of big changes this year. #1 My youngest will be graduating high school in May! Whew I will finally become and empty nester! #2 I decided to stop drinking sodas. Back to just water. For years that is all I would drink. Only drinking soda when we go out to eat. Then l... Read more


    1/5/2020 9:09:54 PM, by GRACIEC

    BLC42 SMART GOALS Wednesday, January 1, 2020 BLC42 SMART GOALS Long term goal - get into a healthy BMI range Short term goal - Lose 15 pounds I will reach my goal by: NUTRITION PLAN - staying in my point range - eating a minimum of 3 veggies a day - eat... Read more

  • Have to Take Control

    1/5/2020 1:27:57 PM, by LASARRE

    Hi all. Sorry it’s been a long time. We have been through it. My son with Aspergers got involved with a girl who is Bi Polar. She just released herself from a mental facility. She’s 21 with a baby. Long story short, my son went off the rails, hurt his father and we’ve had to change the locks. She wo... Read more

  • 1-5-20

    1/5/2020 9:40:16 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • 1-4-20

    1/5/2020 1:57:38 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • 2020 Positive Actions

    1/4/2020 3:09:58 PM, by KALISWALKER

    1) I am weighing in often 2) I joined a Spark virtual walking group 3) I checked my status on walking4fun.com 4) I checked my status on worldwalking.org 5) I walked with hubby & our dogs along the ocean & dog park 6) Walked 12,841 steps yesterday 7) Joined a strength exercise group with ... Read more

  • flu preventative Have you used black elderberry ?

    1/4/2020 11:12:06 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Walking resolution

    1/4/2020 10:40:06 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • 1-3-20

    1/3/2020 5:27:09 PM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • 1-2-20

    1/2/2020 9:33:40 PM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • I'm a happy, happy loser.

    1/2/2020 8:32:30 PM, by TIKITAMI

    Starting weight 312 Current weight 247 Goal 165 Loss/gain this week - 3 Well I never thought I'd be so excited to see a weight in the 240s again but here we are. I'm thrilled. In the last four weeks I've lost 11 pounds and I'm working hard to keep the momentum going. Having my husband on ... Read more

  • 1-1-20

    1/1/2020 10:23:58 PM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Welcoming Myself Back

    1/1/2020 8:31:27 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    I've been on and off SparkPeople since I met my goal. My intention is to always stay current but life happens and I don't. Many of my Spark Friends 220 are not on anymore either. I want to stay connected because this is really a wonderful site, full of resources and great people. Whether looki... Read more

  • SMART goals for BLC 42

    1/1/2020 7:46:27 PM, by BECKYSKEL

    My SMART goals are to: - Lose 12 pounds by the end of this round. To do this, I will - - track my food a minimum of 5 days a week. - drink 72 ozs of water a day. - exercise a minimum of 140 minutes a week. - do some type of strength training at least 3 times a week.... Read more

  • Happy New Years and Resolutions

    1/1/2020 2:59:57 PM, by SHELLYMCPHAIL

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing evening yesterday. I lost sleep from the fireworks and keeping my dog calm because of the noise. During this time it had me thinking about resolutions. I can honestly say that for the last 20 years, my resolution has been to lose weight. At the beg... Read more

  • Went you take your eyes off the road...listen to Henry Ford

    1/1/2020 2:21:36 AM, by JVANAM

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  • 12-31-19

    12/31/2019 10:42:42 PM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • 2019 My Best Weight Loss Ever!

    12/31/2019 3:42:20 PM, by KALISWALKER

    This morning I weighed in at my lightest in 20 years! What a great way to end the year and start 2020. I weigh 30 pounds less than my driver's licence weight! I weigh 4 pounds less that my New Years Day goal weight today! I weigh 35 pounds less than this time last year! I have officially... Read more

  • 12-30-19

    12/30/2019 11:28:40 PM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Well the cat has taken over...

    12/30/2019 11:41:42 AM, by CTUPTON

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  • 12-29-19

    12/29/2019 10:24:42 PM, by ELRIDDICK

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  • Ready to Hit the Ground Running in 2020

    12/29/2019 7:30:16 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Today in anticipation of the New Year I made a point of looking at things I have on hand that will motivate me to walk more. It was more time consuming than I expected as I had to reset my passwords. 1) My walking4fun.com account. It's a fun and free walking fitness program. It tracks how much ... Read more

  • cont. SP article about controlling cravings

    12/28/2019 11:41:36 AM, by CTUPTON

    1.Take the apple test. "Check in with yourself, and ask yourself if you're really hungry or if the craving stems from something else, like boredom, stress or anxiety," Rumsey says. To differentiate between true hunger and a craving, ask yourself "Would I eat an apple right now?" (Feel free to substi... Read more

  • Craving for cheese? SP article says this is the reason

    12/28/2019 11:29:36 AM, by CTUPTON

    29 24 198 Cheese: There's a place for cheese in every (tolerant) diet, but if you're finding ways to slip it into every meal and most snacks, it may be time to reassess your relationship with the creamy dairy food. Serious cheese cravings can sometimes be triggered by a calcium deficie... Read more

  • Down 5 Pounds in December! Best Christmas Gift!

    12/28/2019 11:17:59 AM, by KALISWALKER

    Happy Dance! Down another pound! The scale loves me this month! It's the gift that just keeps giving, the best Christmas gift ever. I am at my lowest weight in 20 years! I weigh 29 pounds less than my driver's licence weight! I weigh 5 pounds less than my husband now! I weigh 3 pounds le... Read more

  • 12-28-19

    12/28/2019 7:29:17 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Happy New Year 2020

    12/27/2019 10:09:00 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • video make ginger tea for colds and flu relief

    12/27/2019 10:00:21 PM, by CTUPTON

    lu-remedy... Read more

  • 12-27-19

    12/27/2019 8:19:29 PM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • I am Leader of Me Against Myself, where we do 100 reps of something

    12/27/2019 5:15:37 PM, by --MAY--

    Though I have not been a very good leader! I have challenged myself, to do the last four days of December 2019. December 27th- I will do 100 Jumping Jacks December 28th- 100 Squats December 29th-100 elbow to knees December 30th-100 Arm Circles each arm December 31- 30... Read more

  • This will be me sometime next year!!

    12/27/2019 11:29:26 AM, by --MAY--

    Sorry should have put I am 5’ 7 and 1/2” it really does make a difference. Thanx Birkbitten1234 I love this website! I took pics all the way down to 136.2, but I am thinking 136.2 is too thin! I will be happy with 146.2! This is @136.2, do you agree with me that 136.2 is too thin, please b... Read more

  • 12-26-19

    12/26/2019 6:41:11 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!1... Read more

  • 12-25-19

    12/25/2019 10:44:56 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • The 12 Days of Christmas

    12/25/2019 2:22:46 AM, by JVANAM

    Merry Christmas. Now let's get back in gear and for the next 12 Days try these 12 Moves of Christmas. Report back to YOUR SparkPage your progress. https://www.sparkpeople.com/as
    istmas690.pdf... Read more

  • 10 types of depression

    12/24/2019 5:03:18 PM, by CTUPTON

    I have not even read this yet--I will when I get a chance. But I did not want to lose it. chris https://www.webmd.com/depres
    m8vXdsfPKOt6Bhy-FP4C1IEBVZLB7HmcDUl-RNReg... Read more

  • 12-24-19

    12/24/2019 5:39:58 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • 12-23-19

    12/23/2019 5:53:45 AM, by ELRIDDICK

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  • 12-22-19

    12/22/2019 9:30:08 PM, by ELRIDDICK

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  • 12-21-19

    12/21/2019 11:09:36 PM, by ELRIDDICK

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    12/21/2019 12:37:05 AM, by GRACIEC

    BLC42 - WINTER ROUND - REGISTERING NOW! The Biggest Loser Challenge (also known as the BLC) is a 12 week challenge that was INSPIRED by, but not based on the TV show of the same name. We have been around for 10+ years encouraging HEALTHY weight loss and fitness by helping you on your journey... Read more

  • Holiday Check In Down Another Pound

    12/20/2019 11:26:24 AM, by KALISWALKER

    Happy Dance! I am one pound under my January 2nd goal weight. I am 9 pounds away from my next interim goal when my Body Mass Index (BMI) changes from obese to overweight. I am 29 pounds lighter than time last year. When I started tracking my weight I was 242 pounds with a BMI of 41.1 and now at... Read more

  • 12-20-19

    12/20/2019 5:45:38 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more