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  • Thanks LeanJean6

    8/11/2020 5:36:33 AM, by STDYNSLO

    After reading about LeanJean6 getting out of bed to get on the "dreadmill"....I got out of bed and got on the treadmill. I also started walking again and "hoofing" it up the road with Harley, as in dog not bike, Sunday. It goes to show that our Spark family does inspire us all. So don't stop blo... Read more

  • Cutting the fats

    8/2/2020 5:48:44 PM, by HAWKEYE1943

    I need to focus on cutting fats from my diet. It is surprising how much fat is in many of the foods I like. I will be trying to change some recipes to do this.... Read more

  • Might be looking for a new job and I'm scared

    7/26/2020 1:35:58 PM, by SWEETEMTB

    I might be looking for a new job soon. It has just become too dangerous to work at where I work currently. I have clients waiting outside to assault me. It's not because I'm rude to them. It's not because I cursed at them. It's because I made them follow the rules of our operations. I could take an ... Read more

  • So what are your favorite breakfast, lunch, and snack meals

    7/25/2020 12:14:51 PM, by SWEETEMTB

    I'm going to start off this blog post stating that at least I'm making an effort. My choices today were not the greatest but it's better than not eating anything at all. See I have this problem of not eating breakfast or lunch each day. Then in the middle of the day I will grab whatever I can get my... Read more