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11/4/19 10:59 A

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You certainly have a lot going on related to your diabetes! I am impressed with how you are trying to be proactive and wish you all the best. You might try checking out the Managing Diabetes Group! SparkTeam:


It looks to be a fairly active team and you may find others in a similar situation. I hope that helps!


~ Merle

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."
Edward Everett Hale
JILLINOIS1 Posts: 36
11/4/19 9:56 A

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Hello emoticon

I'm diabetic, and struggling with blood sugars after a lot of years- post-diagnosis I wasn't on meds and could manage things with diet alone. Then progression hit and I ended up on insulin. Then chemo for leukemia which REALLY messed things up. Now, it's a cluster.

My doc is NOT proactive (docs and medical care here are abysmal, and I'm essentially housebound, so no traveling), and says that since my A1C is below 7, it's all fine. NO it's not- it's going the wrong direction ! I've been an RN since 1985 (disabled now). I'd been below 5 for a long time. I have complications. I won't do dialysis if things come to that. I NEED to keep blood sugars OK. Doc also won't refer me back to the endocrinology center I'd been going to. But he's very detached, so I feel screwed over with this. I don't have a lot of options for docs- I need an internal med doc for a PCP, not family practice... I'm way beyond 'simple' problems with my health. Only primary care provider in internal medicine is a nurse practitioner- which I have no issue with, but am hoping not to have to change AGAIN (doc of 8 years left town last year, and I've been to 3 PCPs since her).

I generally "don't play well with others' being housebound, and socially isolated (FB was my main source of interaction until the announcement that lies in political ads are okee dokee with Zuckerberg). BUT, I do need some help. I may be a nurse, but also very open to learning. Diabetes is something I've dealt with in patients since 1985, and myself since 1995.

If there is another thread, I'm fine going there- didn't see one.

I generally eat decent food (only one here, besides dog, so no 'group' to cook for). I often do meal preps, and with some places on DoorDash or Grub Hub, the options are decent (tandoori chicken, Subway 1/2 of 6" ham, steamed Chinese veg, etc).

My insulin situation, on Medicare part D is getting the old school stuff, as it's too expensive to get the current forms with the copays being $4K per year as a COPAY, and I have other meds and over the counter stuff, as well as CBD for joint and disc disease.

I might not eat a typical breakfast for breakfast (easier on GERD if I eat a lighter dinner, like steel cut oatmeal and a scrambled egg). This a.m. I had some tandoori chicken (small leg/thigh), 0.35 serving of basmati rice (Uncle Ben's pouch), and some fruit- 50 cal. Do I have a 'cheat' food periodically? Yep- but only if my blood sugar is OK, and I cover it with insulin. I use sugar free condiments, and the occasional (less than weekly) SF Russell Stover chocolate.

FBS this a.m. was 242, which is 3x what my pre-cancer sugars were. I've done the 3 a.m. checks, and no lows. I generally have FBS in the 130-150 range, which is not acceptable. I might be diabetic, but I aim for 'normal'. SHOULD be doable with food choices and insulin.


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