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10/8/19 3:35 P

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Oh boy, can I ever relate! I won't buy them because if they're in my kitchen i WILL eat them. Like an addict, I crave sweets even if they AREN'T around! My only victory has been giving up ice cream; I was able to quit that cold-turkey, and even though my husband insists on buying cartons of cookies-n-cream, I can keep away from it. It might be because he showed me a horrifying video about how inhumanely dairy cows are treated -- fueled by the demand for ice cream.

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9/18/19 11:34 A

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Similar here.
I buy one or two single serving items, or only allow treats outside the home.

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9/12/19 7:16 P

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Yes I have the same problem, I can't just have one! My DH on the other hand can have one or two cookies and not look at the cookies or candy for a few weeks, Meanwhile the bag is calling my name every night.

I replaced the temptations by having treats just for me. Find a sugar free substitute for yourself.

Kathleen in PA
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9/10/19 1:22 A

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I had that problem, but since I have diabetes, I stopped buying treats. Husband has the treats he likes and still buy but what he likes, I don't.

You CAN do it!

Robin from New Hampshire

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9/6/19 2:46 P

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Hi there,
Yes, my husband and I both have that problem! So, like you, we don’t buy it. If we’re out and a dessert is available (at someone’s home, not restaurants) we enjoy it. I make a lot of “healthy” muffins that satisfies my love of baking, I keep them in the freezer for breakfast or a snack.
Good luck!

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8/19/19 4:54 P

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I am 77 and happy to be alive. Had problems with weight all my life and 2 weeks ago decided to give healthy eating another try. My biggest problem--treat challenged. Can't eat just one cookie or one of anything else. The bag or package calls to me even if I hide it. Soooo, I have decided to leave treats in the store, in the wherever but not at my home.

Anyone else have my problem?

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