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12/31/19 6:56 A

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Like most skills, it becomes easier with time, study and practice. Make each small step, one day at a time. Don’t expect it to be enjoyable, especially right away. Enjoyment will come in its own time if you keep plugging away. Just my own two cents. Wishing you success and health!!

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12/30/19 1:22 P

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Lots of good suggestions. Surely some will help you. emoticon

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12/30/19 10:26 A

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How do you clean the toilet, wash the dishes, take out the trash, do laundry, change diapers or clean up pet waste? Do you let it build up for a few days, focusing on how awful it is to do and huff your way through or do you just do it and move on? Vent every now and then if you need to, but don't focus on how awful and unfair something is while you are doing it. It's a little on the angsty teenager/toddler side of reactions.

That's not to say that your feelings aren't valid and that you don't get to grump a little every now and then. But imagine someone you know and respect grousing in the same way that you do about cleaning the bathroom or some other basic care sort of chore. Is it a becoming reaction? Write a letter/journal, use it to focus while wii boxing, look for other ways that you can use that little fire inside of you for something good.

Starting to track everything is hard and it takes some time. That being said, once you get your favorites, your staples, some common ingredients in and you get used to it, the level of effort really goes down. To start it is a lot of learning and a lot of data entry, which can be time consuming and not really engaging. You also have to figure out if you are a notepad with you all day where you write everything down sort of person or if you are a track as you go person or if you are a plan out the day before person or some other variant therein. One method is probably a little more intuitive for you and that is the one that you should use. You might have to try out all the others before you figure out which one works best for you. It's also going to take some time to figure out the easy way to measure as you go. Tare out the measuring cup, add the ingredient, note the weight and then physically dump the measuring cup into the bowl or keeping the whole bowl on the scale and taring out as you add each ingredient are easier than transferring ingredients in and out of containers trying to figure out how much is there. You can also weigh the whole ingredient container before and after taking out what you need for the recipe to get what you are actually using in the recipe. You'll also find that there are some places where accuracy doesn't matter as much. If your recipe calls for zucchini and you have yellow squash this time, you can probably just use the entry that already has the zucchini in your tracker, even though you are using the yellow squash. With practice you can learn what you can let go a little and what you need to carefully measure.

The other thing that you should know is that there are recipes out there which are healthy and tasty. Yes, they take time and effort to find. The slow cooker salsa chicken here at spark seems to be an easy and popular favorite of those who eat meat. You don't have to stick to steamed tofu and sprouts and cauliflower, though steaming them, adding some ginger and five spice and udon noodles sounds fairly tasty to me. We have a family recipe that called for something like 2 sticks of butter for a nine serving yield. We have cut out a stick and a half of butter and it's just as tasty, only a little less greasy to eat. There are tasty recipes that you can find. It is okay to try a healthier recipe, not like it and find a new healthy recipe to try. There are ways to modify the recipes that you already love. It does take some time and work and effort in the short term.

Activity is another thing and you just have to find what works for you. Your local pool may have a synchronized swim team, you might prefer walking around the block after dinner, you could love spin classes with a friend, dance classes, weight lifting, or the adult kickball league in your area. You could help coach soccer, do yoga/pilates, or get a little trampoline. You could rollerblade, swim, ice skate or row. You could rock climb, start doing 5ks, go horseback riding, do walk away the pounds videos or go out and hike. You could take up clogging, softball, skateboarding, tennis, squash or shuffleboard. Are there really no activities that you like? Have you tried all of these activities and found them all wanting? Another thing is to get together with people to do some of these activities. Many running stores and bars have meetups to run or walk. My local bike store has weekly rides and monthly we have Critical Mass. My local newspaper has an activity section where groups can advertise and many of the activities are free. I see gardening classes, ballroom dance classes (free if you live in the city, small fee for those outside city limits), clogging, tai chi, line dance, tap dancing, karate, walks, exercise for those with parkinson's, a dinner and dance, a skywatcher clan meeting, square dancing, race walking and stretching classes, and that is just the physical activities stuff. You keep trying things until you find what you actually like to do, even if that happens to be hula hooping in your livingroom for twenty minutes a day.

-google first. ask questions later.

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12/30/19 6:32 A

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Initially, it is a chore but it gets easier. I bet you have certain recipes and meals you eat regularly. Once you get them entered into your nutrition tracker and saved, tracking gets easier.

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12/30/19 4:12 A

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I don't find it a chore to weigh all of my food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker. In fact, I find it quite enjoyable. You know why???? It's because I then have FULL control and don't have to rely on guess work. It gives me the power to tweak my intake as and when necessary. It allowed me to reach my goal after having been overweight for about 30 years. I reached my goal (well, my Dietitian's goal) a few years ago. I STILL weigh all of my food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker to ensure that I stay where I need to be. IT WORKS!!!!

I have the added benefit of now no longer being borderline pre-diabetic.

My Cholesterol is now totally normal after having very low HDL (good cholesterol) and high LDL (bad Cholesterol), and high triglycerides and ratio.

It has reduced my severe back pain (from arthritis of the spin and scoliosis) - along with Mat Pilates to strengthen my core.

It has normalized my weight after losing 60lb so I can now go into a clothes store and not have problems trying to find something that fits.

I am now no longer self-conscious about my size.

Those are MY positives from weighing all of my food and entering it into the Nutrition Tracker. Without that, I would never have succeeded.

There are some little tricks you can use to make it less of a chore. I bulk cook the protein part of my meals, and apart from roast meats, they always have some veggies in them, including meat loaf.

I also bulk cook:
*polenta and freeze single-serve for yummy crispy polenta

*Meat Patties for burgers or with cooked veggies.

*Gravies (including pureed veggies and lentils as well) from my roast brownings.

*Veggie Mornay

*Savoury Vegetable Slice



*Mashed Potato w/cheese, parsley and mint

*Corned Beef/Mashed Potato hash

*Home-made very healthy Pizza (about 32 serves per time)

I containerize them single-serves, and then freeze them with date/contents/calories on them. I save that to my Groupings. Then when I use it I just go to the Groupings section and add it in one click.

It frees up a load of time, and allows you to have variety and by having a good supply, you can choose to do it when you feel like it rather than feel 'pressured' into cooking. It will also save you money!


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12/29/19 9:39 P

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Hello BlueTabby,
You have my empathy in being told you must lose weight. It is an advantage to want to lose weight and have the motivation to claim the healthiest you possible.
Looking at this journey as one of self respect in honoring yourself with the choices and yes the work to create the healthiest most thriving you possible. After tracking for nine years the habits did become ingrained as to which food is the best for fueling my body. Maybe if you take a long view of building healthy habits and developing tastes and cravings that will make your life more enriched in more ways than you may now imagine is the way to go.
Truly it IS worth the work. Maybe you could make a list of all the positives of how your life will improve at your optimal weight. There is also reward in the power you find in the discipline of the work.
Go for it! Do post with how you are doing and any specific strategies you may chose.

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12/29/19 8:39 P

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You have to change your mindset and inner dialogue. You may never “enjoy” it but think of the positives and the wanted results. Start with small changes first. It is very difficult to do it all at once. And don’t beat yourself up if you slip. Just get back at it. Everyday is a day to start over. emoticon emoticon

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12/29/19 4:04 P

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I’ve started, again, trying to lose weight after just not trying at all. But it’s gotten away from me and I am at the highest weight I’ve ever been. So I don’t really have a choice. My doctor and I concluded that losing 25 pounds by Labor Day seems a realistic goal at my age.

So I was grousing about what a hassle it is tracking everything in a recipe every time I want to eat anything. My husband remarked that I was setting myself up to fail by making the whole thing — exercise, diet, etc.— a miserable chore.

I gave him a blank look. It IS a miserable chore. How would it be anything else?

I don’t know how to look at it any other way. How do you find a positive in all this?

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