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4/12/19 8:18 P

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I don't know if this will help, but I read a book long ago that suggested to never say you can't have a certain food. You can say to yourself, I can have that anytime I want as long as I plan for it. Hard to handle trigger foods are eaten in restaurants only so it is gone at one sitting. Cake at a party is planned for by eating a bit less a few days b4 the party. Things like that.

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4/4/19 2:36 P

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Ha, ha, well I DETEST doughnuts, and would rather eat raw liver than a doughnut any day! (I hate all pastries, in fact.)

But I know what you mean because for me it's french fries or potato chips. I haven't ordered fries in over a year, and I want to cry sometimes when I see everyone else eating them because they are permanently off my diet - except for a few I'll snitch off someone else's plate now and then.

I don't "resent" seeing other people eat them, though, because I am making a choice not to eat certain foods to protect my health. Just knowing it is a CHOICE, and not imposed on me, is why I'm not resentful. Sure other people can eat fries and chips (or doughnuts), but the negative effects on their health are the same as they would be on mine - other people might be willing to accept that risk, but I choose not to. So don't be resentful, be proud of your decision to forego junky foods that you know aren't good for you and remember that you are being an example to others by passing it up.

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4/3/19 1:36 P

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Instead of feeling resentful and focusing on not having the doughnuts... change your perspective and become excited about the great things your new ways of eating are doing for your body and health! Choose a different sort of treat that fits your plan and still makes your day special. My favorite is to indulge in some fresh raspberries or blueberries...and I've even been known to toss in a tablespoon of chocolate chips. And, I can Enjoy as Much As I Want totally guilt free!! emoticon

My other strategy is to console my Inner Child by reminding her that "Doughnuts will always be there" so I can choose them another time perhaps. Ya know what; after 12 years of really not having doughnuts: Yep, they are still in the bakeries and store shelves---but I'm much happier not wearing them around my waist!

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
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4/2/19 2:23 P

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Resentment and deprivation are not sustainable. Our minds have an incredible ability to trick us into undermining our weight loss goals. If you feel deprived or resentful about the donuts, you may end up feeling like you "deserve" a treat of some sort for your "good behavior." Frequently, you will see someone say something like, "Well, I jogged for half an hour, so I can get this piece of cake."

A couple of thoughts.
1. Usually the first bite is really good, but the 10th bite, not so much. Be mindful. If you decide to eat the donut, make sure you ENJOY the donut. As soon as it is not absolutely fabulously delicious, throw the rest away.
2. Do you really want the donut, or do you just want to feel free to eat it? I was at a pot luck, and I took some cookies that looked good. I wished I had taken a minute to think about what I really wanted, which was actually more lentil salad. (I know. Weird, right?) Again, it's the mindfulness thing. Think about what you really want. It may not be what you think you want.

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4/2/19 12:31 P

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To paraphrase Freud,"some times a donut is just a donut".

One thing I've learned from my own journey is that I have a choice. Some days I may choose to eat a donut and other days I choose to skip it.

Losing weight isn't about eating right 24/7. it's about learning to make healthier choices, most of the time, not all the time.

4/2/19 10:46 A

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I have resentment: Hit traffic outside a doughnut shop, ran into a supervisor bringing doughnuts to a meeting, passed by the work cafe selling wonderful things like tater tots, muffins, and you guessed it -- doughnuts. I'm feeling a tiny bit resentful of doughnut eaters today.

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