Walking Guide
Walking Guide
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3/14/18 12:28 P

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Like many, I don't "eat" my calories. I have had my RMR (resting metabolic rate, simular to BMR) medically analysed and I am very LOW. I stopped paying attention to the SP "You need to eat more" flags and try to stay within 1100-1300, but this is under medical guidance and supervision. I do use a Chest strap HRM (Polar H10)and the Runkeeper App for cardio. I pay attention to my HR to gauge the intensity of my workout and to avoid over exerting, and Runkeeper syncs to SP, so it adds the activity automatically. I have used MMF in the past, but RK has a Stopwatch mode that lets you time treadmill and other exercises that are stationary. I agree with the people that say find the calorie range where you are losing at a comfortable rate and can go with out being hungry.

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3/11/18 7:14 P

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The calculated burned calories from my Fitbit is ridiculously high. According to info I've found online, for my weight and age and walking speed, I burn approximately 200 calories for a 45 minute walk, so that's what I use.

3/5/18 12:19 P

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The accuracy of whatever tracker/device/estimator you are using will depend on the information that device has available to it. Does it know your weight, age, heart rate, distance, level of exertion, etc.? I would guess that your GPS tracker says you burn more calories than SP, and that is because it probably has "more" information about your workout. If you are going up and down hills, the GPS "knows;" meanwhile, SP thinks that you just "walked 2 miles in 40 minutes," assuming your path was completely flat. Maybe one of the devices doesn't know how old you are or how much you weigh, and that could affect the accuracy of the read. Of course, a GPS device could also have false information, as I have found when I've used it in a big city -- something about the skyscrapers seems to make it really inaccurate, and it thinks that I walked WAY more than I did. Of course that was pretty obvious when it said I'd walked 3 miles in a half hour!!

I would say whether or not you should just throw all the active calories out the window depends on just how active you are. If you are working out long enough that there is a 200-300 calorie DIFFERENCE between calculators, I have to guess that's a long workout, and burning a fair amount of calories. If SP is telling you to eat 1200-1550 calories (the lowest they will allow a woman) and you don't have any activity accounted for, and you are eating on the low end of that but went on a one hour jog, you will certainly lose weight but you could be hungry and tired from not consuming enough calories.. which could then backfire and end in binging. You may just have to experiment.

3/3/18 6:22 A

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I agree with what has already been said here. Calories burned calculators are a wild game of numbers and nothing more than that. It's impossible to know the actual amount of calories burned without knowing exactly what your metabolism rate is and since that varies for everyone and is different on every given day, you'll never know for sure the actual calories that are being burned.

When it comes to running, you can estimate APPROXIMATELY 100 calories burned per mile and that varies depending on how light you are and how much easier running has become. It could be 89 calories per mile or it could be 106 calories per mile etc. If you're going to track your running, for example, why not track the minutes spent running...and see if you can stick with your goal amount...or track the distance you ran..so many miles per week. This can be applied to most exercises...except the estimated calories burned varies depending on the effort used...running uphill is harder than say stationary biking.

A lot of people end up over-eating because they don't know they are eating more than they were actually burning off.

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3/2/18 4:44 P

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I use a chest heart rate monitor as well and I can tell you that weather along with altitude changes are a key factor. Walking into the wind is a bigger workout than walking with the wind, etc.

Many of the GPS apps do not factor in altitude changes and can be very inaccurate in calculating distance. My wife and I walk together and her GPS never matches my GPS walking distance.

Read and record numbers with a grain of salt.

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3/2/18 4:23 P

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I use a chest HR monitor along with an app where I choose the type of exercise (to help avoid the wrong type of calculation) along with all of my stats.

Since I've started using this system, my counts seem to be pretty accurate. I'm not actively trying to lose weight, instead I'm recomping. The scale has held pretty steady, while measurements have steadily shrunk. I eat back most if not all of my exercise calories, and my numbers are staying where they should.

That being said, I'm working out pretty intensely for 2 hours, 5 days a week. That can actually add up to a pretty massive number of calories. If I try cutting back too much, my workouts and my overall energy levels plummet/suffer, so I'm pretty much on target.

I'm in a very, very slight deficit, eating up to maintenance for my "goal" weight. According to my weight trend app, I'm right on point with a very, very slow general downward weight trend, of about .2-.3lb/week.

This has me pretty happy with this monitor/app combo (Polar H10 + Polar Beat app)

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3/2/18 8:12 A

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In my experience the calories burned is just an estimate and mine get calculated with my Garmin. some days when I'm really working hard it shows almost no extra cals burned and others days it is way over the top. I don't "eat back" my calories so it doesn't really matter. What I pay attention to is whether I'm maintaining in my goal range and if so, then cals in vs cals out is in balance.

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3/2/18 5:34 A

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You've made an excellent, sustainable decision by not factoring your "burned" calories into your plan. As others have shared, we can't out-exercise a bad diet. We can make good food (fuel) choices every time we eat, so that we have the energy to power through our days. Making lifestyle changes that we can live with for the rest of our lives (along with having to tweak them every once in a while) is something we can do, too.

When I started my journey, I received wonderful advice to not "eat back the calories I burned" and that has served me well the 5 years I've been a Sparker. I also don't commit to exercising more in order to get additional calories.

Here's to you figuring out what works best for you in your experiment of one!

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3/1/18 11:36 A

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Honestly, not factoring in calorie burn is actually not a bad idea for precisely that reason. Truth is that your body is going to burn calories differently than someone else's due to metabolism, body composition, etc, so there is no real accurate way to figure out how much you are burning except in a research lab. As the saying goes "you can't out exercise a bad diet". Exercise should be used to build lean muscle (which helps you burn calories better), improve cardiovascular health (which helps your body become more efficient at using oxygen, and therefore burning calories better), etc. Don't ever use doing a workout as an "excuse" to "cheat" because you will often end up "cheating" way more than the exercise is worth, calorie wise.

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2/28/18 6:48 P

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Yep - calories burned is pretty much a best guess situation.
I just use the numbers on SparkPeople to have a semblance of consistency.

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2/28/18 4:46 P

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I've noticed that my calories burned amount is never accurate. I exercise outside running/jogging/walking. I use the MapMyWalk app to gps track it. After I workout I enter the time and pace from my app into SP. I get wildly different calorie burned amounts (I'm talking 200-300 difference for a long workout). I've tried different apps and different trackers and it's never consistent among any app or tracker. Anyone else have this issue? It's to the point where I just don't factor burned calories into my plan at all.

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