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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 30,960
7/15/19 7:48 A

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"What would you suggest between a rowing machine and a stationary bike"

Whichever one you will actually use.

Try them both at at a gym for several weeks and see which one you like in real life.

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NITEMAN3D's Photo NITEMAN3D Posts: 22,260
7/15/19 3:21 A

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Well, you can read a book on a bike, not so much on a rower. We have a cheap recumbent bike that's at least five years old and maybe ten that's still functioning (Kmart?). We also have a Total gym and a Gazelle. All are less than top of the line machines, but all are several years old and still function fine. I never liked a rower and now that I'm older I stick pretty much with resistance bands and dumbbells every day, the Total Gym some days, but mostly the Gazelle on cold or hot days and nice days are outside for walking/hiking or fitness trails. Even when I do walk I still get forty minutes on the Gazelle every day without fail. Anyway, between the two you asked about I'd pick the bike. (But not the air resistance type with the big fan for a front wheel. The one we had was expensive and short lived.) Good luck!


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Dave A.- South Central PA, USA

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7/14/19 6:11 P

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I'm looking for something to add to my fitness routine that will be sustainable year-round, which means it needs to be something that I can do at home, that doesn't take up a ridiculous amount of space, and that I can do while watching TV/listening to a podcast/etc. I'm not unathletic, but I'm also not in amazing shape or anything; I want something that gives me a good workout, but it's not like super serious business over here, either.

Anyway, I can't decide between a rowing machine or stationary bike. I like that a rowing machine seems to target more muscles and be a better all-around workout. On the flip side, I don't want to have to put a lot of effort into focusing on getting the technique right, and when I tried to find some opinions (outside of, like, Amazon reviews) on what an affordable home rower might be, I saw a lot of "there is no such thing as a decent budget rowing machine. buy c2 or buy nothing!" kind of stuff out there. As for a stationary bike, I legitimately like cycling and I think a lower-body workout is something that meets my needs, but I also want to make sure that, again, I'm able to find something that is affordable (like sub-$250 would be great), doesn't take up a ton of space, and will actually give me a good workout. I've tried a bike trainer before, but I hated it because: a) it sucked to set up, b) it took up a ton of room, and c) it was really loud. So I'm not looking to substitute that for a stationary bike, either.

What would you suggest between a rowing machine and a stationary bike, and what would you suggest in terms of brands/models that are affordable but not garbage-quality? Thanks in advance!!

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