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9/27/19 8:24 A

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9/27/19 7:04 A

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Don't let a difficult situation become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's certainly more complicated with your situation, but you have options.

Mark Lauren is the author of You are Your Own Gym and Body by You. Both of these books require little to no equipment. There are also workout decks of exercises (kind of like playing cards) that are easily portable and apps like Freeletics.

If you are staying somewhere large enough to have a hostel, there are probably groups available for you to work out with. Meetup is an option, a group like Team RWB is another, and businesses are a third. In my area the local bike shop has meet ups as does a cafe. Another group does a giant monthly meetup of bikes. For runs, my local running stores offer paid programs along with a free weekly meetup and one even has a monthly yoga class. Several breweries also host weekly free meet up runs. My local newspaper has a section of events that covers everything from gardening classes to clogging. Some things are free, some things are paid for, but if you can't find anything then you are probably being a little too picky.

Once you find out where you are going, poke around online for these sorts of things so that you are prepared with options when you get there. Same goes for food. Search restaurants for new experiences and better options, know where the grocery stores with salad bars are and make some refinements on your traveling staples. Making refinements doesn't mean you never do what you're doing now, it just means that you find a few more things that work for you and work them in a little more often. They make dehydrated vegetables that you can snack on like popcorn. Applesauce cups, pearsauce cups and other fruits in their own juices are available shelf stable with minimal other stuff added. Your hostel probably has some sort of a grocery somewhere nearby, so planning your route to or from work by a grocery is an easy way to get a day's worth of produce if you can't stock up on it. It may also be worth asking if your hostel would provide something, possibly even for a small fee. I have found asking very worth the effort where hostels are concerned. Might not work at all of them, but it also might.

-google first. ask questions later.

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9/26/19 6:12 A

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Thank you. I plan to follow some of these tips when I go back East for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Being positive is a choice. My Mantra: “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." Each morning seek the positive and you will have a good day. Always remember, “Your only competition is YOU.”

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9/20/19 2:12 P

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emoticon Spark Merle has excellent ideas!

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9/20/19 12:04 P

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Hello and welcome to SparkPeople!

First, please do edit your post to remove the link. Our Community Guidelines www.sparkpeople.com/resource/motivation_ar
do not allow any promotion/advertising like that. Thanks in advance.

I used to travel a lot for work (although I didn't stay away for as long as you do) so I have an idea of the type struggle it can be. Here are a few suggestions that I used during my travels that really helped me stay on track:

- When I didn't have to eat with clients, I would go to a local market and buy fresh foods that I could just eat in my hotel room or as a picnic outside. This probably saved me more calories than anything else I did.

- When you eat out, I can only recommend that you really try to order fresh/plain foods without sauces that can pile on the calories.

- Track your food. Tracking may be a hassle at times; but, it really is the best way to help keep you honest with what you eat and, hopefully, help you make better food choices to stay within your recommended nutrition ranges.

- Walk, walk, walk whenever you can.

- If your hotel does not have a gym and/or if you do not like to workout in your room if you are sharing it, try to sneak in little bits of fitness when and where you can. Ideas for short bits: When in the bathroom, do some squats or wall push-ups. I made a habit of doing standing abductions and calf raises while I brushed my teeth.

- Pack an exercise band that you can use for some quick strength training in your hotel room. Don't have a band? You can use a towel.

Here is an article with additional ideas:


I hope some of this helps. Safe and health travels!


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~ Merle

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9/20/19 10:09 A

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Hey guys. So I am new here and I hope I am posting this in the right place.

So I am in a bad cycle.

And because of my lifestyle, I can't stay fit. When I am home I work out 5 -6 days a week. I lift weights and run. And get into great shape. But my job requires that I spend months abroad. I am often in hostel dorms, or shared rooms. And it is acquired to work out. It is also harder to eat healthy because I have to eat out every meal. Because of this I gain weight fast.

Then I come home for a few months and shed all the weight.

Has anyone been through this? Ideally, I would like to stay in shape all the time. Rather than this yo yo effect.

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