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NOWACKY's Photo NOWACKY Posts: 21
12/20/19 3:24 P

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Pasta is my downfall. I started trying new plant made pastas such as those made with lentils and cauliflower. They satisfy my cravings but I have to do a lot of planning so it's ready in a pinch.

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6/7/19 5:18 A

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I have to be very careful with carbs so I need to really use portion control here. Hubby likes pasta 3 times a day and 7 days a week(If he could). LOL He used a premade tomato sauce, but likes to eat tomatoes out of the can so I think that I will try to make my own sauce with plenty of spice and veggies.

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4/2/19 10:28 P

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Spaghetti Carbonara (eggs and cheese),
arribiata ( crushed tomato and red pepper flakes)
al brodo (in broth)
al limone ( with lemon)
prima vera (with spring vegetables)

Make a vegetarian tomato sauce.

BARBWMS's Photo BARBWMS Posts: 2,523
4/1/19 8:27 P

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Whole grain, lots of veggies.... I love it very simply with roasted cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese.

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9/25/18 1:46 P

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For company I use Catelli smart pasta. Has 8 grams of fibre but looks like regular pasta. When I add a sauce it is a light tomato with lots of veg. I grate most of the veg. So it hides them. I love pasta with olive oil and spices. And a bit of grated Parmesan and lots of freshly ground pepper

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9/15/18 2:45 P

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you can buy pasta made from vegetables at wall mart

GABY1948's Photo GABY1948 SparkPoints: (935,979)
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9/6/18 4:24 P

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great ideas!

Gaye / Michigan


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ZELDA13's Photo ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (94,214)
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7/22/18 4:22 A

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I just made some meatballs and Italian sausage tonight to have with pasta tomorrow. I added chopped zucchini and portabella mushrooms to the sauce. I may add some chopped spinach too. I do like to have this type of sauce with spaghetti squash. It is so easy to prepare. You can use it alone, or add it to your cooked spaghetti.
You can add any finely chopped veggie to your sauce to give it that extra boost in taste and nutrients. I will also add some chia seeds as well as flax seed. You don't even notice these. You can also add beans to the sauce.

Be creative. You can add any veggies you like to your sauce. If you're not sure about it, serve it on the side and add it to your dish. I like anything with marinara sauce.


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URBANREDNEK Posts: 11,536
7/19/18 3:22 P

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Honestly, it depends on which definition of "healthier" you personally go by!

If you are fine with carbs, prefer to keep saturated fats down, and want more nutrients and fibre, then some of the ways to have "healthier" spaghetti would be:

- stick to tomato based sauces, or just olive oil and spices

- make your own sauce, keeping sodium down and including lots of vegetables in the sauce itself (onions, mushrooms, celery, a few different tomato types, carrots, etc.) - you can either finely dice the veggies or puree them in the finished sauce to make it thicker

- go with whole wheat pasta, or try black bean noodles, or chickpea noodles, or any of the other noodle variations out there (or a blend of them) --- but keep it to a single serving (usually no more than 45g dry - or about 1/2 cup cooked)

- mix in some form of vegetable "noodles" for a larger portion (spaghetti squash, zucchini noodles, or any other vegetable that you can use a spiralizer on!)

- if you want ground meat in the sauce, then use the leanest ground beef, or try different meats such as ground turkey, ground chicken, ground lamb, ground pork- or any blend of them --- or try some of the vegan plant-based meat substitutes

- be careful with the amount of cheese, and choose smaller quantities of really flavourful varieties to suit the chosen pasta / sauce

If you are on the low carb side, then actual grain based noodles just aren't going to be considered "healthy". Some ideas for a "pasta-like" experience would be:

- spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles (or, again, any low carb vegetable that you can use a spiralizer on), either alone or mixed with shirataki noodles (which are supposed to be zero carb)

- cream sauces or lots of olive oil and garlic (tomatoes can be quite high in carbs, so be careful with amounts if you choose to go that route)

- go with the higher fat meat choices or a blend of them

- lots of cheese grated on, or mixed in with the sauce

From my own perspective, I personally prefer to enjoy small quantities of freshly made traditional durum wheat pasta with either a thick tomato-based sauce or with a fresh alfredo --- but I have it rarely, as an indulgence. I fill the majority of my plan with "healthy" options and ensure that I get in all necessary nutrients, so I have room to enjoy some "not-so-healthy" options that are purely for enjoyment and flavour.

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): "...there are no essential foods—only essential nutrients. And humans can get those nutrients from diverse and eye-opening sources. "

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APEJAZ78's Photo APEJAZ78 SparkPoints: (944)
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7/19/18 8:56 A

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Hi emoticon

I looooove pasta. Spaghetti especially. I haven't had it in a while and I was just wondering if there was a way to make it healthier. Maybe a sauce you make or something? Any tips would be awesome. Thanks a bunch!

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