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PEGGYR9's Photo PEGGYR9 Posts: 103
4/29/20 12:25 P

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Quick hello, I have been doing intermittent fasting and healthy keto for over a year now. I have lost 70 pounds since Feb 5, 2019 and have tried other eating plans with the IF. I eat two meals a day, first meal depends on when I had my last meal, so basically, its between 10 and 12, since I will eat supper between 5 and 8. Occasionally, I will have a snack of peanuts or pork rinds in between meals but in order to get the benefits of fasting I hardly ever snack. I am after the growth hormone that will burn fat, tighten your skin and other benefits that come with fasting beyond 12 hours. I think eating healthy keto is the eating plan that works best with IT in order to not get hungry. Obviously, the less calories you consume the more you will lose. Fat and protein calories will stay with you longer and keep you from getting hungry. Healthy fats include eggs, avocado, olive oil, butter, ghee avocado and coconut oils, nuts, meat fat in moderation(includes bacon and beef). For example, first meal (breakfast because I love the breakfast foods) 2 eggs, ham, bacon or sausage up to 4 OZ. 1/4 avocado, 1 slice of keto toast (I make it or buy thinslim zero carb bread), pat of butter. Drink minimum 64 oz water plus take vitamin, magnesium and potassium supplement. Green tea, coffee, regular and decaf. Second meal is 4-6 ounces of protein, 3 cups salad or cruciferous vegetables, I like rice cauliflower or smashed cauliflower with cheese and almond milk in place of potatoes. Full fat dressings no more than 2 C per serving of 2 T. I have dozens of recipes from on line at drberg.com, and a few other websites, blogs I subscribe to. Recently I have added vshred fat loss extreme workouts to my walking regimen. I think you could use weight watchers new purple food plan with IF and make that work for you, however, they want you to eat 5 small meals a day every three hours to avoid getting hungry but you could start eating at 10 and end at 6 and eat all your meals in that 8 hour window since two of the meals are actually snacks. Check it out, it lets you have a lot more carbs but mostly they are vegetables and whole grains so not too bad, just depends on what works best with you. Still lose about 2 pounds a week. Hope it has been working for you. Good luck.

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LAKEGIRL6516's Photo LAKEGIRL6516 Posts: 10
6/7/19 10:50 A

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I'm sorry I don't have any results as I just started the 16 Hour Fasting yesterday. I do have a suggested eBook. My Holistic Practitioner wanted me to read Dr. Pompa's "Cellular Healing Diet". In particular, the section on Intermittent Fasting. It is suggested to add MCT or other oils such as ghee to coffee, tea or water in the am then eat lunch/dinner (particular foods) between 1 and 8 (I'm changing to 12 to 7). I did end up reading most of the book. I've read about the Bulletproof coffee but way too much fat/calories for me. He suggest 1 T. Anyway, I'm trying it out too. Day 1 - I wasn't hungry before lunch. Good luck!

5/31/19 12:29 P

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I started a 1500 calorie diet using frozen dinner entrees and fasting off breakfast and it's been no problem for the first 5 days, but now I'm hungry in the am. I was wondering, outside of it being a way to decrease the time between meals if it actually really helps weight loss. does anyone have any feedback for me?

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