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Walking Guide
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2/14/18 2:37 P

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I always spare ice cream boxes, and I can pack my oatmeal + fruit anywhere I go.


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2/12/18 7:29 P

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I fill whole wheat pita pockets with scrambled egg and a slice of thin sliced cheese (1 slice = 1/3 serving) and sprinkle on a few drops of hot sauce. If I have lunchmeat (turkey ham or turkey bacon already cooked) I'll add some of that too. I'll make several at a time and wrap them as breakfast sandwiches.

These can be nuked at the office and, if I'm feeling adventurous, I can add some avocado slices before I eat!


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2/10/18 7:28 A

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This is one of my new favorite breakfasts:


The change I made is to use 3 whole eggs and 6 egg whites. I also found premade wild rice packets at Target which run about $2.50 per 2 serving package and I can use 1 packet for 2 times making this recipe.

I usually eat 3 for breakfast and add a couple of servings of vegetables.

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2/10/18 6:08 A

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I take breakfast with me and eat it at work. My latest favourite is cottage cheese with apple, ground flax, cinnamon, and some sunflower seeds. I eat 2% cottage cheese because I can't stand the non-taste of the lower fat stuff. I package up a half cup of cottage cheese in separate containers on Sunday night and add a generous shake of cinnamon. Each morning I will add the fruit, flax and sunflower seeds. My latest favourite fruits are frozen blueberries or apples. By the time the apples get mixed in the with cinnamon and the flax you can't really tell if they've gone brown when you eat them. They just taste delicious! The great thing about this is you can use other nuts and seeds to adjust your fat, protein or fiber up or down depending on what you want.

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2/9/18 11:52 P

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Suggestions really depend on whether you prefer sweet or savoury, whether you want typical North American "breakfast" foods, and what kind of calorie / nutritional mix you are looking for.

Personally, I like to mix things up, prefer "breakfast foods" for supper (and vice versa), but always look for around 300-400 calories with close to 20g protein, and a goodly amount of fibre. With that in mind, some of my usual breakfasts are:

A "cake" like this one: recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?

A beef or chicken stew, with barley and lentils and at least 2 servings of vegetables

A creamy soup with barley and lentils and at least 2 or 3 servings of vegetables

A mix of cooked lentils and other "cereal" grains or seeds (quinoa or bulgur or amaranth or barley or oats), with some cooked spinach mixed in, and some cheese, and some meat or chicken or beans, and either a mix of other cooked vegetables (onions, mushrooms, carrots, peas, whatever) or a mix of chopped fruits (butternut squash, apples, pears, apricots, plums, etc.). With this, I batch cook the grains and pulses separately, and just randomly mix them up the night before and cook in my choice of vegetables and fruits. It's a great meal either warm or cold, and it's easy to get a great variety, especially when you add in a flavourful sauce.

Left-overs from the night before stir-fried together and tucked in to a wrap (either a whole-grain one if I can use the carbs, or a low-carb one if I figure that I've got enough of them in the rest of the meal).

Mix of roasted vegetables tossed together with some protein and cheese or nuts and a zingy vinaigrette. I really enjoy mixing a bunch of rather bitter veg (brussels sprouts and broccoli, for instance) with some really sweet ones (caramelized carrots and butternut squash) and some dried fruits and nuts --- add in some beef slices and it's a great mix of flavours and nutrition.

Of course, there is always the sandwich as an option, especially with a veggie bowl or a cup of soup.

Keep an open mind about just when to eat, and follow your hunger cues. Changing up your schedule can leave you more tired and hungry, and you'll need to keep on top of that in order to maintain concentration during training.

Good luck, and have fun!

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2/9/18 9:37 P

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These two are something that I often do, and in fact, have just sat down having made one of them for 3 days' worth of breakfasts.

Poha (flattened brown rice flakes, but you can get flattened white rice)
I add it to hot milk, along with some chopped dates and a little cinnamon. So long as you use enough of the rice, it thickens up considerably and becomes quite filling when cold.

This one I have just sat down from making:
Chia Seeds w/milk of choice, and pureed banana and other fruit if wanted (I used frozen blueberries) and a little honey or maple syrup. I also added some Greek yoghurt - a berry one to compliment the fruit I used. I used 1/2 cup soy milk per serve. The chia seeds thicken the mix up considerably - it is like a very firm smoothie.

I sometimes add a little almond meal to either of the mixes, too.

If you made them and containerized them in single serves, they are easily transportable to keep in a fridge or with an ice-pack.

Other things you could make ....
* Hard boiled eggs
* Sandwiches with fillings that ARE filling
* Healthy protein nut bar plus some fruit
* Soups - if you make them and containerize them single-serve, you can freeze them, then pull one out the day you want it and nuke it. Take a piece of fruit to have as well.
* I used to take frozen cooked rice and a little tin of flavoured tuna and heat them both. BUT some of the staff complained about the tuna LOL! If you don't want to take frozen rice, you can get prepared rice in single serve containers so you wouldn't have to worry about safe storage.

* Rice Stir-Fry using a variety of veges and chicken or pork. I have them in my freezer too, making a lot when I have a roast of pork or cooked chicken, because I live on my own so it makes life a lot more simple.

I hope that gives you 'food for thought' LOL!

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2/9/18 8:24 P

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I'm starting a new retail job. Orientation was today, but I'm going to be training Monday-Friday for the next three weeks.

My hours are going to be split between a 5 AM start time and a 6 AM start time. Since that means leaving my house at 4:30-5:30 at the LATEST, I know that breakfast before work isn't happening beyond a piece of fruit. I'm just not used to eating that early, and until or unless I know that I'm going to be working an early morning shift semi-consistently.

My work schedule is likely going to be:

5/6 AM- Start shift
7/8 AM- 15 minute break
10/11 AM- 30 minute break
12/1PM- 15 minute break
1/2pm- End shift

I'm not a snacker, and I don't want to rush lunch, so I'll probably only eat on my first break. For me, a 4-6 hour stretch between meals is typical, though I am not against having a small snack if I am extra hungry by the time my last 15-minute break comes around.

I would rather have my 30-minute break at 12 or 1, but that's not going to happen. Still, I think I can manage waiting an extra hour to hour and a half to eat.

I am looking for good, quick, breakfast ideas that I can prepare in the microwave or eat cold. I eat yogurt, but I'm not a huge fan of yogurt for breakfast. (My favorite brands are Siggi's and Icelandic Provision). I found these Oreida breakfast scramble things (you mix the ingredients, like bacon, eggs, and cheese) in the cup with 1-2 eggs and microwave). I may do some of these for breakfast at work, but I want other options as well.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Lissa Krisitne

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