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3/30/19 2:06 A

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Well said. It sure helps to know the calorie and nutrition facts of what you're eating! emoticon

All things are possible.

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3/29/19 6:45 P

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As one Spark member used to say "Guilt burns no calories" So consider it a lesson learned. Resolve to do better in future.

3/29/19 2:47 P

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". . .avoid saying "I'll have what she's having" unless "she" is Meg Ryan emoticon

SHOAPIE's Photo SHOAPIE Posts: 30,358
3/29/19 1:50 P

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Consider it a lesson learned.

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3/29/19 11:25 A

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One indulgent meal will NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. There are going to be days you eat more than others. As long as this doesn't happen every day, everything really does work out in the long term.

Here's my related story.

I go out to lunch with a cousin usually once per month. He is morbidly obese with some health issues. Our family brought us up to "clean our plates". You didn't waste food. that type of thinking contributed to the both of us being overweight.

The difference is that many years ago, I decided enough was enough and I started living a healthier lifestyle. He hasn't made that jump yet.

Which means when we go out to eat, he will order a ton of food. In past, when we were out, I would over do it. I didn't beat myself up over the one indulgent lunch. it just meant I needed to be more mindful for the rest of the day or weekend.

a while ago, I decided to stop "cleaning my plate" when we ate out. I've been nudging him towards healthier lunch options and he has been receptive. I don't nag him about his weight. he's an adult. He'll lose when he's ready to lose.

Flash forward. when we eat out, he will make better choices such as ordering extra veggies or skipping that extra slice or two of bread. Maybe that's something you can do with your friend, Jewel. Perhaps, if your friend sees YOU making better choices that they might be more mindful too.

That's the good thing about eating out with my cousin now. He eats a bit better with me. YAY !

3/29/19 10:34 A

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Something I have noticed about my friends who can "eat whatever they want" is that often, they don't finish their food. (In fact, I used to finish it!) Or, they work out a LOT. In a couple of cases, it's because they had some sort of terrible bowel disorder.. if your friend can't have gluten or dairy, this meal was LOADED with both things and could have made her quite sick.

I agree it's a good idea to stick to your own choices, but there's always more to the story than we realize! :)

MLAN613 Posts: 22,930
3/29/19 6:35 A

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Yes, I think the important lesson you learned is to figure out what to order ahead of time if you can.

But I also encourage you to drop the guilty feelings. Yes, you went over your daily caloric needs for one day but you enjoyed the delicious food and time with your friend.

Honestly, one day of an unintentional over consumption of food shouldn't break your healthy lifestyle. We all have overeaten, whether we were working towards our weight goals or have hit the goal. It happens.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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3/29/19 5:55 A

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Hi folks,
My name is Jewel, and I have a little story to tell. I have a friend (we'll call her D), and she is a tiny 90-pound petite woman. D can eat most anything and not gain weight or get unhealthy, so long as she avoids gluten and dairy. Now, the other day I was at her house with my hubby and her step-mother. We ordered Cook Out and I ordered what she ordered: Cajun cripsy chicken wrap, onion rings, and a banana pudding milkshake. I went waaaay over my caloric intake in that meal alone (we're talking 400 calories over the daily caloric intake). The food was delicious, but I felt very guilty afterward for having blown my healthy eating routine with delivery food.

Well, I'm here to say: Don't eat what your friend is having! If you have a friend like D, who is able to eat most anything she wants within reason, avoid saying "I'll have what she's having" and research your meal choice! Stick to what you determined would be the best healthy choice before ordering and don't fall into the trpp of changing it to match your friend's order. Your body will thank you,and you won't feel guilty about going overborrd afterward.

Love to the World,

Love to the World ~Jewel
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