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MISSLORI5's Photo MISSLORI5 Posts: 14,480
7/15/19 10:04 P

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There will be days you struggle, but my advice is to give yourself a few days of tracking to see what you should be eating compared to what you are. After that, stick to healthy, even on the over days. Good luck!

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,680
7/15/19 5:39 P

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Undereating tonight could mean priming yourself to overeat tomorrow. Don't just have a yogurt, eat an actual meal (or meals if that is what you usually have). Don't try to eat a Bloomin' Onion all by yourself or anything like that, but try to make better and filling choices for the rest of the evening.

You do have to remember that finding out that you are overeating is actually a good thing. If you are hitting your ranges for the day by noon, that actually means that there are a lot of easier swaps that you can start making. Hitting your numbers spot on from day one usually means a significantly greater amount of work trying to figure out what is the issue (medical issues for example) and then going from there. Being pretty off in the first place is like your tire pressure light coming on and you find a nail smack in the middle of the tread. It's easy to find and easy to fix. If you don't have a nail it might take a lot of diagnostics and poking around to find your axle is bent and it is destroying the tire and it's going to be very costly and time consuming to fix that and the five other issues it caused.

You also have to remember that you start tracking for data, to see what you are doing that works and what you are doing that doesn't work. So you don't cut yourself off if you hit the number, you try to make a better choice for the rest of the day. You then go back and look at what put you over in the first place. Not to beat yourself up, but simply to brainstorm some better options for the next time. You could learn that maybe you need to try to not eat out for breakfast and lunch. Or if you have to eat out for both of those meals you need to revamp what you are choosing when you are out.

-google first. ask questions later.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 30,954
7/15/19 7:42 A

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" I'm over my calorie limits but like Scarlett once said..." I won't worry about that today, no, I'll worry about it tomorrow"."

Better yet... do NOT worry about it at all!

Own it, log it, then do better.
Progress, not perfection.

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7/15/19 3:11 A

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If you're hungry, eat. Let your body set it's own limits. As long as you are eating REAL food, your appetite will adjust to meet the amount of energy you're expending.
The problem lies in people polluting their bodies with non-food edibles.

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7/15/19 1:07 A

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"Day 1" - you are at the beginning of your journey, so you shouldn't be making a lot of changes all at once. You are better to gradually reduce HOW MUCH you eat, and gradually change WHAT you eat. If there are a lot of changes to be made rather than a few little tweaks, this could take 2-3 weeks or more.

People who make a lot of changes all at once are more inclined to fall off the wagon and go back to their old ways. The slow changes are the way to trick the mind/body into thinking that THAT is how it always has been, so the transition to a healthy lifestyle is much easier.

A warning about dropping a lot of calories all at once - you could be setting yourself up for:

* Poor Sleep
* Extreme hunger pain (as opposed to hunger pangs)
* Nausea
* Light headedness

I know this from personal experience and I only dropped from 1650-1850 calories per day to 1400 calories (no range) I had to go back up and work down.in small increments every few days. I lost a lot of weight and have been maintaining now for a few years.

I suggest that if you aren't already, weigh all of your food for increased accuracy. This is great for the start because it shows exactly where your calories are coming from and also shows where/how to tweak to meet the nutritional goals SP or your Registered Dietitian has given you. I STILL weigh all of my food and enter it all into the Nutriti5on Tracker. I am determined that after having been overweight for about 30 years, that I am NOT going back there.

ETA - don't skip meals or eat a lot less than you should just because you 'over-ate' earlier.

Good luck

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7/14/19 8:16 P

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It’s a long hard road. If you base it on one day, you’ll lose. Trend.

There is no bad food, only bad cooks.
7/14/19 7:24 P

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I decided after lunch to start tracking my food intake. I'm already over my limit and I guess ill just have a light n fit yogurt and tonight I'll omit the granola. I'm over my calorie limits but like Scarlett once said..." I won't worry about that today, no, I'll worry about it tomorrow".

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