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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 30,549
7/25/19 11:22 A

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" I was just wondering if anyone knew if taking a multi-vitamin would count towards my calcium amount per day or if it has to come from food."

OF course the calcium in that multi-vitamin counts, but it might not be enough (especially if you are older and a woman). My vitamin only provides 15% of the RDA.

It is best to get it from food/drink, but I have a dairy allergy so I can't.
On MD recommendation, I take an additional 1200mg everyday. And I have the bone density of the average 30 year old, even though I am in my mid-60s.

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LE_SIGH's Photo LE_SIGH Posts: 2,868
7/25/19 10:36 A

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I like Citracal which has calcium citrate in addition to magnesium, zinc and D. While I eat a ton of green leafy veggies and some Greek yogurt I do not drink milk or fortified OJ so I have a hard time hitting my target. I’m sure there are some foods that don’t have appropriate info in the database here but I don’t use a lot of entries by others and I always enter the whole label myself so I figure better safe than sorry.

PAMBROWN62's Photo PAMBROWN62 Posts: 16,082
7/25/19 4:34 A

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Calcium was also a problem for me. I try to get it from the foods I eat but have not always been successful. My doctor recommenced I take a calcium supplement, even though I eat a, mostly, healthy balanced diet. So I do a take 600 mg tablet daily.

Of course the natural sources are best but I was just unable to get the amount I needed. This way works for me.

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7/24/19 11:59 P

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A lot of foods haven't got calcium (or most other nutrients) included in the Nutrition Information. SP Data base does, but if you have had to enter foods mannually, odds are that they won't have. because of this it is quite likely that you are consuming more than you need.

If you are still concerned, I would suggest talking with your Dr and perhaps also asking for a referral to a Registered Dietitian. If they have any doubt, they can prescribe (or suggest) what to get. There are warnings for those who use Calcium supplements, as well as some others, if they aren't needed. I know my Dr reduced my calcium supplement because studies have shown a strong correlation to the supplement and heart conditions.

The best source of any nutrient is always food first, so if you doubt you are getting enough, try increasing the consumption of the sources it comes from. With regard to calcium, think dairy; canned salmon/sardines with the bones in; brazil nuts/almonds. Below is a link to an article which you may find helpful:


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7/24/19 11:38 P

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I am finding that I am having a difficult time getting in some of my nutrients every day. Calcium being the main one. I was just wondering if anyone knew if taking a multi-vitamin would count towards my calcium amount per day or if it has to come from food.

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